Moving Mani

You know what is fun about moving? Nothing.

But I thought I should have some cute nails while starting the process this weekend, as polish seems to keep nails a bit stronger (and god forbid I lose one in this seemingly never-ending relocation process) and here’s how the polish endured…

Already chipping

Chip resistant? False advertising!

By the end of day one, I looked like I was trying to eek a manicure out for two weeks …

Nails at the end of day one...

I was embarrassed to sign important apartment papers with these piss poorly painted talons. The horror!

By Sunday evening, I was sporting a look only a trailer trash loving honey would love…

Nails at the end of day two...

Nails at the end of day two…

Apparently I am destined to be move of a “pointer” for moving purposes – such as, “that goes in the kitchen” with my finger extended in the direction of my culinary center. I mean, my nails are jewels, not tools after all.



28 thoughts on “Moving Mani

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Hahaha I couldn’t help it was so funny , your poor nails. My nails are exactly the same in one day they mostly are like this ! 🙂

  2. LifeOfBun says:

    Well at least you’re not a whimp that’s for sure! ;D

  3. silverkis says:

    ouch! I can see how that bottle of vodka…err… rubbing alcohol… comes into handy later on! I can never get my manicure to last either… thank God for gel polish!! Hope you’re nicely settled in your new hole… post some picts soon! xoxo

  4. vudragovich says:

    AlongWith Getting YouR Security Deposit Back They Need To GiveYou A Baby Shower Gift Of A Spa Day! You KNow: Sorry We Are Idiots And Breeding And F@Cked YouR Year Up, Didn’t Give You Proper Notice Or Was Nice About It So HopeYou At Least Get Some Kick Butt Sprinkle Studded Claws…Please Don’t Use Them On Us (Wimper Beg Wine…Er Whine) You Are Almost Out Of The Woods, Hang In There!

    • THANK YOU! Finally got my furniture in yesterday with some help from work buddies (who rocked!). And I completely agree …. a parting gift of a spa day for f’ing my year up (and causing major financial strain). Can’t wait to be completely finished with everything soon. I do appreciate your advice and help!

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