Moving Mani

You know what is fun about moving? Nothing.

But I thought I should have some cute nails while starting the process this weekend, as polish seems to keep nails a bit stronger (and god forbid I lose one in this seemingly never-ending relocation process) and here’s how the polish endured…

Already chipping

Chip resistant? False advertising!

By the end of day one, I looked like I was trying to eek a manicure out for two weeks …

Nails at the end of day one...

I was embarrassed to sign important apartment papers with these piss poorly painted talons. The horror!

By Sunday evening, I was sporting a look only a trailer trash loving honey would love…

Nails at the end of day two...

Nails at the end of day two…

Apparently I am destined to be move of a “pointer” for moving purposes – such as, “that goes in the kitchen” with my finger extended in the direction of my culinary center. I mean, my nails are jewels, not tools after all.



28 thoughts on “Moving Mani

  1. marisaporter says:

    So sad to see one of your lovely manicures spoiled by the moving! I would be depressed, too. Because when I’m in a situation that needs confidence and sanity, I tend to turn to things like pedicures, shoes and manis, too. In your new home, after you’re all moved in, you should treat yourself to a spa mani and pedi! πŸ™‚ Keep your chin up. πŸ™‚ Maybe Teddy would appreciate some skinny pirates, too? Haha!

    • Teddy NEEDS a skinny pirate to calm his nerves. And I think we’ll both get treated spa pedis and manis (of course I’ll be doing Teddy’s) once I’m a little settled and in no situation where a nail can be chipped!

  2. How’s Mr. Bear handling the packing?

  3. My nails always flake off. But it’s a cool look while it lasts!

  4. rebecca2000 says:

    I hate moving too. That’s why last time I hired them to move us and pack us. Saved me lots of time and money. Your poor nails.

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Ummm…trailer trash honeys… :drool:

  6. This post “nailed” it!

  7. Oh dear, welcome to my world :(. In my life time, so far chip resistant nail polishes have been a total false advertisement.

  8. At first I thought that was your nail torn – looked painful! I am so glad it was just the nail polish.

  9. adinparadise says:

    Oh dear! Not a pretty sight. Maybe just stick with the natural look for now. πŸ™‚

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