Bibbysiter Avaleable

Know anyone searching for a childcare provider? I ran across this posting on Craigslist … this man may be for you.

Bibbysiter Avaeleable (cuntry area of Nashvul)

Lookin for a sumbuddy to kinda watch yur cids while you have a gud time? Plese considr me.

Look kids, no hands.

Look, no hands.

Need a gurl’s nite out?

Time to partay.

Kitty, Muffy and Ellie Mae on the prowl.

Or do you want to sneek to the lake and shotgun som buhr?

Who cares about the kids? They're in good overalls.

Who cares about the kids?


They’re in good overalls.

Possubley a nite out on maine strete with yur boyfrund of the weke?

Flavor of Week

Fun with mason jars.

My name is Daryhul and I am very gud at watchin babees. I cud rock them on my bales of hae.


Expert at rocking babies on straw.

I wud evun let ya bring yer cids to my hous.


Every child’s dream playground.

I wul evun let them swam in the puhl.


Baby pool.

Plese cal me or send me a leter. Im avaleable most daes and nites.


I wonder if this dude also pet sits? It really doesn’t matter, Ted would hate his overalls.



29 thoughts on “Bibbysiter Avaleable

  1. […] (just for fun!) If you are just tuning in and did not catch last week’s episode, click here! […]

  2. kellisamson says:

    Laughing, laughing, laughing! I will send my girls on a plane straight away to Nashville. I think they could use some time with your Pa :).

  3. Kev Ollier says:

    I think I’d need to see him without the baseball cap. My kids don’t like men in hats and they’re 26 and 19 respectively 🙂

  4. Does he look after teenagers?

  5. vudragovich says:

    a) I am concerned about the color of the liquid in the jar in the first picture b) the other pics are pretty good and c)do not do that to Ted! Moe Roxy and Zak would have to come out and help rescue him! (as they put their paws together) “KITTEN POWERS UNTIE…OH SHINY!”

  6. Lol, where I live, this wouldn’t be an unusual add.

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    That last photo looks again like an episode of COPS.
    “But officer I only set ’em down in the pool for a minute to go in and fetch another beer.”
    I strongly suspect Ted would back up, lift his tail, and spray the legs of any unfit pet sitter.

  8. We’ve used worse to save a few bucks. I do wish we was in Nashville thow naw bekaws he sound fun.

  9. aliciabenton says:

    Hahaha!! He looks like a cheap sitter… I may just have to hire Daryhul!

    P.S. – I don’t even know how you managed to purposefully misspell all that without going crazy first!

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