Bunny Love

I have been accused of being a hoarder (when really I think of myself as a keeper of memories). But sometimes I can’t help falling in love with inanimate objects (just rereading that line makes me think I need to go to some kind of support group….”Hi my name is Captain and I love stuffed animals, shoes, my antique Coke machine….” Oh Gawd. Is it really a wonder that I’ve never been hitched?).

Not to be confused with the likes of folks on the A&E TV show but I tend to hold onto things that I love. FOREVER. I realized this ran in my family when my Grandma passed away and as we were in her basement, going through various items collected through her life I opened up a purse, finding it full of unused pencils (I mean, if the world comes to an end, you definitely need non-sharpened pencils…for weapons, possibly?). Finding her stash only validated my need to keep my childhood eraser (yes, erasers), sticker, stamp and rock (gravel, mostly) collections tucked away in boxes (I mean, my grandchildren (or grandpets in my case) will need something to look through once I cease to exist). Hello – someone needs to carry Grandma V’s hoarding torch (although you’ll be finding my purses overflowing with lipstick, not pencils).

Flipping through old pictures, I came across a few that shed light on the fact that I may need someone to call the hoarding show on my behalf – over a stuffed animal (and the various collections listed above). However in my defense, I’ve apparently had him by my side since my conception.

Meet Bunny…

Kickin’ it with Bunny (very clever and creative name, I know) after a long day at the zoo.

Bunny was extremely fabulous practice for my future cat ownership because all he ever wanted to do was nap with me (and my dad).

Rough life for a stuffed animal.

Bunny grew up with me in rural Iowa – riding in my baby buggy when I was a kid, watching me prep for junior high, easing my fears about attending a city high school after a move, comforting me when I was sick, absorbing tears from my broken hearts (those sessions never seem to end), staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live, accompanying me to college and finally, Nashville, where he sits on my bed today (I swear to Jesus that he sits behind a pillow and is the one and ONLY stuffed animal on the bed – see proof below. Although I am the chick with seven throw pillows – but seriously, I like to lay on them and watch TV and sometimes, just sometimes eat pizza while sipping a Skinny Pirate (or three) lay/sitting with my ancient pet bunny (and Teddy, of course) watching TV Land).

Now you see him….

What bunny?

I realize people have their own versions of Bunny – whether it be a blanket, pillow, toy – but it never dawned on me how much I f’ing love this stuffed animal (I almost broke up with a boyfriend when I saw him kick Bunny like a soccer ball. Which he immediately denied when I accused him of trying to murder what was left of my beloved childhood bestie) until I thought about the longevity of our relationship. Yes, I just realized that I referred to a relationship in regard to a cotton filled creature. Does anyone have the number to the nut house (or maybe in my case burrow)?

A very loved on, stitched up, raggedy assed, tired lump of stuffing.

Because of the comfort he always could give me while I was away from home as a kid, anxious and lost in college or lonely and scared when I first moved to Nashville, there’s nothing but love for Bunny. So call off the intervention.

Now go give your version of Bunny (I know you have one) some love.



47 thoughts on “Bunny Love

  1. We have little bunnies that were my sons’ and were/are part of the family.The boys played with them with their father way past the usual ‘bunny’ age, because the critters are small and went on adventures,(they flew in GI Joe helicopters and have planes and cars.) Now, the grandkids are playing with them,although now they are sometimes in doll houses,but I don’t think they mind.

  2. Adorable! Such a sweet story. I like that first picture. Those shorts are too cute!

  3. LifeOfBun says:

    Nice to meet you bunny, you’ve done a good job at protecting the fate of our fierce blogger! 😮 My Samson doesn’t have any hair left. But I refuse to throw him away as well.

  4. gimpet says:

    OMG, this was too cute and made my day. My daughter was cut from your stamp. While only 11, it is a huge tearful tussle to get rid of anything. Her poor beloved blanket must be gently washed by hand from the use it has had. Sadly it will not have the longevity of your precious bunny. He is adorable, and probably chock full of germs, but I wont rain on your parade 🙂

    • Oh he’s full of germs galore! But it still doesn’t deter my love (most likely because I kid myself that they’re mostly my germs…) for the raggedy stuffed animal. Too bad about your daughter’s blanket – maybe a piece will always remain in tact, so she can be reminded of her comforts. She and I are totally cut from the same cloth!

  5. Mine is Mr. Bear. He is about as raggety as bunny and just as loved!

  6. kellisamson says:

    Do you have sticker books? Do you have a dill pickle-scented sticker? I completely understand your love for Bunny. And my cousin (31, new mom, married) still sleeps with her old sweatshirt from when she was 3. It’s so raggedy. And kind of gross. But.

  7. aliciabenton says:


    Oh… and I totally just recently found my old collection of SCENTED erasers!! Shut up, right?!

  8. How cute is that outfit in the first photo?! Sweeeeeet!

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