White Trash Wonder Women

No, this picture didn’t take place on Halloween.

It’s evidence of yet another fabulously trashy tip I picked up from my youth.  When there’s nothing on the three TV channels you have in small town Iowa, dress up and run around in your underwear (and diaper if you’re not yet potty trained) with your sister and conduct a photo shoot – creating your own fun.


Rescuing a ho-hum Friday night.

This photo captures many beautiful aspects from my childhood home. Multi-colored carpet (a gorgeous green, brown and a yellow mix that was sightly shag) in the kitchen (because it’s oh-so-easy to clean food out of fiber), a rotary phone on the wall (where my mom conversed with others in her ‘nice’ voice when we were in trouble, all the while pointing her finger and mouthing just how much trouble we were going to be in when she hung up), and the kitchen counter complete with a few Coors cans (now vintage style), waiting to be cashed in for five cents each (a recycling incentive that should be everywhere) at Cheese’s, the local grocery store.

By supplying us with Wonder Woman Underoos, my sister and I single-handedly created evening entertainment for the whole family (a burden we were more than happy to carry, if you can’t tell).

It’s like my folks came home after a long week and went down the checklist to ensure a smooth Friday evening:

Beer for us? Check.

Costumes (in this case Underoos) for girls to keep them busy? Check.

Beer for us? Check.

Camera to capture this precious moment forever? Check.

Oh, and beer for us? Check. Check. Check.

Looking back having so much fun in our fancy Underoos does seem to land on the white trashy side.  But we looked good doing it, right?




33 thoughts on “White Trash Wonder Women

  1. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    My grandma mailed me underroos for my birthday once. Spider man… They were ok, but for a birthday gift? LoL.

  2. Once a Wonder Woman always a Wonder Woman I say. I guarantee all of your followers are “wondering” about you right now.

  3. SerachShiro says:

    You both were really two Wonder Woman in underhoos …..hahaha ! This title is to funny and compliments for the magnificent vintage photo 🙂 !

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