Cowboys and Crossbones: If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

My wine blogging buddy Oliver from The Winegetter asked me to special guest star on his blog while he is away vacationing his brains out with his lovely wife, Nina. Taking all of one second to think about being the star of someone else’s world for a moment was a no brainer (I mean duh, have we met?). The topic Oliver wanted guest posts to revolve around was “Somewhere Beyond the Sea,” whether it be a place one has visited, a wine from far away or new horizons. I was in the middle of my ultra fun, unexpected move and chose to reminisce about the wine glass that has been my best friend (DON’T tell Teddy) through all of my thick and thin and all of the tasty liquids it often contains. Therefore I chose to write about a new horizon, as moving has a way of cleaning your slate and grants you a fresh start (fingers crossed it does for me anyway). Cheers!

the winegetter

This is the eighth installment in my guest blogger series “Somewhere, Beyond the Sea”. Some of you may know the wonderful Megan, that runs the blog Cowboys and Crossbones. When I first stumbled across Megan’s blog, I almost went blind from the use of pink and all things pink. I soon discovered that Megan is a very entertaining writer, again with that mix of crazy and self-deprecating that I am realizing I really enjoy. Megan and her cat Ted embrace life and whatever it throws at them. Reading the blog will take you on a ride, and more often than not I find myself smiling or even outright laughing. You never know what to expect when you head over there, that is for sure…so go give her blog a try! Thank you, Megan!

If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

What would I do without wine?


Well, maybe I’m being a…

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6 thoughts on “Cowboys and Crossbones: If this Wine Glass Could Talk…

  1. just went over to the winegetter to check out the rest of your post…that.was.awesome!!!

    • Thanks Lady! It’s always fun to be challenged to write about something you’re not too familiar with (oh, who am I kidding, I drink wine all of the time and consider myself a wino BUT not an expert at knowing ‘notes’, ‘fragrances’, berry type, etc…I just drink what I think tastes good for under $20.)

  2. SerachShiro says:

    Have a very great weekend and I visit her lovely blog ! Xoxo )

  3. Cheers to your new horizon and fresh start!

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