Weekend Winks – Titans Style

A Nashville weekend for CBXB complete with a little kit cat time, preseason NFL football and a whole lotta lazy in the sun.

Titans Mania!

The number of cups equals the amount of fun had at a Titans game, FYI.

Friday called for a little relaxation out on the patio of my mini manse.

Friday night chill night.

Fridays taste so good!

I was trying to unwind under my bright lights that annoy the piss out of my neighbors (someone had to be the Clark Griswold of the neighborhood!) but the incessant whining from some little furball inside made it impossible for me to concentrate on reading my People magazine and chug my Skinny Pirate. So I let the little whine calf out.

Under the lights.

Who wouldn’t wanna party here?

And I immediately regretted my decision as Teddy sprinted to the end of the deck, dramatically putting the front half of his body out over the ledge and meowed (what he surely thought sounded like a lion’s roar, but sounded like a sick goat) to announce his presence to no one. I thought, “Great. My family is going to have a heyday with this story when the apartment complex calls telling my folks that I broke my neck jumping off my second story deck to save my cat, Mr. Bear – who would of course walk away unscathed.” So instead of freaking the F out and yelling at him, I casually pulled him in and yelled “NO!” once he was back on all fours of the appropriate side of the deck.

Until my whine calf made it unable for me to enjoy

You go, I go you little shit.

Once every nook and cranny was checked out, it was time for tricks.


Acrobatic show off.

And while practicing his balance, TB acted as if he was doomed to be on the porch forever,  trying to claw at the window screen.

Outside Looking In

Outside looking in.

Once again yelling “NO!” (you see how scared Ted is of me?), he tight roped down the chair and settled in for a nice, long cat nap.

F You!

F You!

Too tired

Four minutes of curiosity makes a feline tired.

Worn out after the circus tricks of the prior evening, I hauled my lazy ass up to the pool on Saturday. Where I continued to be lazy. All. Day. Long.

Decompressed by the pool with a cocktail

All I was missing was a tan.

A spontaneous invitation to go to the Tennessee Titans game produced all kinds of fun with my First Mate and her hubs. Although, as I was rushing to get ready, she reminded me that you can’t take a purse bigger than your palm in to the stadiums anymore. WTF?! Where am I supposed to put my sunglasses? My bootlegged liquor? My lip gloss? My ticket won’t even fit into my purse without having to be folded! The horror!

NFL Rules be damned!

Teeny tiny purses didn’t deter from fun.

I was still able to mix cocktails in the bathroom bar by smuggling in my spirits.

I can still smuggle it in!

Can’t stop this classy girl!

Although, we were forced to be assholes wearing our sunglasses at night because we had nowhere to put them.

Started with out vodka and beer but

Yeah, we know we’re cool.

While we started out with our vodka and beer, First Mate and I HAD to have a glass of wine once we saw the container it came in.


Reusable AND it has a lid!



The mixing of liquor, beer and wine gave us a really good idea for a blog post. I’m going to try out to be a Titans cheerleader next year and First Mate will document my uncoordinated experience. You’re welcome in advance and I am not eating solid food until after tryouts next April (but I refuse to give up my Skinny Pirates).

Tryouts in April!

All I need to make the cut is fake boobs, three more inches added to my legs and the ability to make it through a cheer without giggling. I got this.

Parched as we were, a stop at our fave bar Dalts was required before calling it quits on a fun Saturday night. Can’t you tell Hubs was just having the time of his life?

Leaning tower of blonds

Leaning tower of blondes.

With the best of intentions of going to hot yoga on Sunday, I decided to sweat out the shenanigans of Saturday night by holding a day long savasana pose by the pool.

Perfect end to the weekend...

Perfect end to the weekend…while gaining a teeny tiny tan.

While I sat on my soon-to-be-a-Titans-cheerleader-dreams-dashed-hopeful-ass by the pool, I also studied pics of my niece and nephew practicing their favorite poses.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby.



Not only do they look cuter doing yoga than I do, it seems as if they have better form too. Show-offs!

Here’s a big cheers to a great week!



25 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Titans Style

  1. Your posts are always so much fun! I don’t think I could keep up with you an entire weekend.

  2. Okay, so I miss one thing about Tennessee. The pool. (Glad you got to enjoy yours).

  3. I think I’d rather hang with Mr. Bear than be forced to cheer for the Titans. Having said that, good alcohol goes a long way to making me more easily persuaded. (And I have 2 pairs of those sequined flip flops in Dallas Cowboys white and blue) 😀

    • Aren’t the sequined flip flops fabulous? Of curse you know – you have two pair! And, sometimes as a fan it’s hard to cheer for the Titans with the past few seasons they’ve had. With the right amount of liquor, anything can be fun!

  4. FreeUrCloset says:

    Do you ever stay in on weekends? lol. So jelly, I need a full-time babysitter (for the kids and the hubby) so I can party every weekend. And you’d kick ass as a cheerleader!

    • Stay in on the weekends? What’s that mean?! I actually thought I would be ‘taking it easy’ last weekend. But never seems to work out that way, being a spontaneous person. I never want to miss out on any fun! Let me know when you get the sitter and I’ll head down to your neck of the woods. Or maybe you two should come honky tonkin’ with me in Nashville!

  5. I love your posts! Big smile on my face! looks pawesome! Watch Ted I fell from four floors up when I was 6 months old (before I found my humans) and broke my leg! I think you’d be a fab cheerleader! =^.^=

    • No way – you fell four floors? Poor kitty! We’re so glad you recovered and your humans found you. 🙂 I will guard Teddy. He isn’t allowed out by himself and then I hover over him – it’s kinda like chasing a toddler, I’d assume. I’ll keep you posted on the cheerleading business. Wonder if they’d mind if I strapped Ted on my back for games? XOXO!

  6. Strewth, if you went to hot yoga on Sunday you’d be able to distill the alcohol as you sweated it out! 😉

    As a matter of interest, does Ted get a nip (‘Captn that is) every so often?

    • Oh yes, Ted is an avid Captain lover. He just gets one little lick every Friday night and it seems to get him through the weekends with me!

      My fellow hot yoga classmates would have killed me if I showed up on Sunday. Although, everyone might have been able to get drunk off of my fumes…

  7. kellisamson says:

    I love the posts when the First Mate’s hubster shows up – he’s a good sport, that one!

  8. marisaporter says:

    Forced to wear your sunglasses! I know that feeling. 🙂

  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    I love the reaction when you shout “No!” at a cat. Well, there basically is no reaction. Same goes for the dreaded BK (bad kitty) announcement. It’s possible the no reaction effect comes from the fact that the cat has just gone deaf at that exact moment. Amazing how that happens.
    You had a fun weekend for sure!

  10. Your cute nephews are so flexible. I think I’m ready to purchase some yoga sessions 🙂

  11. SerachShiro says:

    Awesome post, and you both had real fun :), by the way you looked very good with that lovely trendy hat and with your beautiful tanned legs you can be really a Titan Cheerleader for the next season 🙂 !

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