Weekend Winks – Laborious Loungin’

A long Nashville weekend with no definite plans AND college football season kicking off? Hello Heaven.

Herky Rules, you drool.

Herky rules, you drool.

Oh yes, that’s right. Herky the Hawk is my boy toy of the football season.  I cheer on the Iowa Hawkeyes (unfortunately for me, I’m sure you’re thinking) which is going to be pretty brutal this season after viewing Saturday’s game. But I had to proudly wear my college colors on Friday, as it was “Celebrate College Colors Day,” and I pretty much look for any reason to jump on a celebration band wagon.

Catch up

Friday fun night.

A gang of happy hour folks welcomed the long weekend with open arms (and Fireball, Skinny Pirates, beer, vodka and gin) as we waved goodbye to summer. I kept having to tell inquiring bar minds reading my shirt that yes, the Iowa Hawkeyes are a college football team (there really are other conferences outside of the SEC) and yes, my boyfriend is a bird. Jesus. What is it with people?!

Ted was SO over me not coming straight home from work and fawning all over him that he pretended to be going to bed as I arrived home around 7pm.

You don't see me...

I’m just going to turn in five hours early, since I now hate you for hanging out with your friends for a whole two hours.

I coaxed the Bear out of his bed and let him watch me try on outfits for game day – and he could barely glance my way without the look of pure, utter annoyance all over his furry face (that or he thought my skirt was hideous).

Game day

Would you acknowledge me in public?

The start of football season also means tailgating food. Holla! To say my mom’s taco dip was devoured on Saturday would be an understatement.

Taco dip

Tasty tailgating treat time!

We kept up with our tradition of doing a shot every time our team scored…



…which we kinda worried about when our Hawks hit 24 points.



But then we quit scoring after the third quarter and we were stone cold sober by the time we lost in the last ten seconds of the game. Boo. Hiss.

You wanna know who else was being a hissy face? His Royal Highness Teddy Bear was beyond irritated that I was going out on Sunday evening, as he sat perched on my hamper (yes, it’s pink AND sparkly) while watching me get all gussied up for the honky tonks.


Seriously?! You’re going out for the third day in a row?

What’s a holiday weekend without a PBR and Miller High Life at Robert’s Western World?

Honky Tonk Time!

Honky Tonk Time!

You’d think that going to the bar with your folks would be the best man repellent ever. But somehow, I still managed to get a marriage proposal and had the inability to shake a “will not get the hint” dude who kept wanting to dance. I should have just had my not-so-tiny 6’4″ dad stand up to shoo them away.


Do you have their blessing, Mr. Marriage Proposal?

Next time, I’m bringing Mr. Bear to fend off sweaty cowboys.

Saved you a seat...

I saved you a seat…why were you a no-show?

Arriving home, the feline in my life was once again pretending to be in bed.

Can't get situated...

I swear I’ve been here all night.

I coaxed the little monster out of his ‘slumber’ for some late night snacking and catching up on Dexter (Holy shit – so good. I can’t believe there are only three more episodes!).

Snack attack

Snack attack.

I enjoyed an entire pool (I have no clue why my neighbors don’t want to roast in the sun – it’s like they care about their skin or something) to myself on Labor Day (while trying to capture the photo, I almost dropped my phone in the water. The things I do for a post! I mean, how could you ever have imagined an empty pool without a photo with half of my face in it?) before the rain came to ruin my lazy, lounging fun.

Pool time

Pool photo fail.

And as I left for work today, someone had not moved a muscle through the alarm, shower, hair dryer, TV and breakfast shenanigans.

Tired Ted

Too much together time makes for one tired Ted.

It’s like he wanted me to leave already. What an ass.



34 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Laborious Loungin’

  1. filbio says:

    Gotta love the long holiday weekends and football season! Your cat’s bed is a trip. Too funny.

  2. vudragovich says:

    Ted’s bed is too cute!
    The yellow and black…well you could go under cover as a Stiller’s fan! Go Burgh!
    Marriage proposal?
    hmmm…maybe it is the bar, guys get crazy and are willing to properly appreciate you…!
    I got it! You need your gay guy from NKOTB to bring the other guy you want to marry there and WAMO!
    Proposal 🙂
    Congrats in advance.

    • Now you’ve got a genius idea going on! I just need to see how my gay NKOTB will feel about my getting married (after I track him down and force him to remember our kiss)!

      I used to love the Steelers as a kid because I thought they were in Hawkeye ‘outfits’. So go figure!

      And Ted’s bed…it’s a doozie. And now he won’t get out of it. I’m afraid I’ll have to carry it with me when I travel. Like his very own play pen. Cray cray cat lady right here!

  3. I love Teddy’s little bed, that is precious! I’ll bet you’re going to walk in one night and your hamper has been clawed to shreds. He’s going to start upping the paybacks.

    • You are SO right about the hamper…and I also see him eyeballing my leopard couch…

      And the bed is something he just warmed up to after several months of it being around. Now I can’t get him out of the bed – what a teenager!

  4. John says:

    The yellow -n- black outfit looks sweet, indeed I’d acknowledge you!

  5. Mitzie Mee says:

    That’s so cool! I once took my parents to a bar in Tokyo. My mom got so many compliments from strangers, my dad almost got jealous:)

  6. You showed up in my reader! 🙂

    Sweaty cowboys? Yuck!

  7. How could those sweaty cowboys resist? Let them sit next to you and start showing them cat pictures. That should work eventually.

  8. Phil Lanoue says:

    You left him for three nights in a row?!? You really like living on the edge don’t you?! I guess you are lucky he slept in his own little bed as opposed to leaving a fowl deposit of some sort on your bed.
    But you know what they say about paybacks…

  9. FreeUrCloset says:

    Ted has a bed? Oh my gosh..that must be the cutest bed I’ve ever seen.
    I don’t follow football much but alcohol and sweaty cowboys peaked my interest. Eye candy kinda cowboys? Do tell.

    • Well, do you watch Nashville? Or did you ever watch the OC? The guy who played Luke on the OC was at Robert’s dancing up a storm. Of course, he had a very beautiful gal pal with him but still – does that peak your interest?! 🙂

      And yes, Ted has a bed. And it took FOREVER for me to get him on it. Which now of course, he loves it but getting on the bed was ‘all his idea,’ you know?!

  10. LOVE the striped skirt. And you’re right…lots of good stuff about this weekend. Of course, I’m an Illinois fan…;-)

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