Vegas Virgin

Yes, you read that right. I’m a Vegas virgin.

And yes, I know you’re ultra confused how a gal who loves any and all things gaudy, sequined, shiny, fuchsia, leopard, sparkly (you get the picture) could have lived a life thus far without visiting my potential mothership of a city. Well, wonder no more because I’ll be gracing Vegas with my prescence later this afternoon!

The hardest part about preparing to travel to Las Vegas was deciding which pieces of my always flamboyant wardrobe would be accompanying me.

How much gaudy is too much?

How much gaudy is too much?

Good thing I have my trusty sidekick, Ted, who helped me narrow down my sequins.

Good thing I have my trusty side kick to help me narrow down my sequins.

He leaned toward the pink. Surprised?

But Tedstar was beyond disgusted to see that I was packing my Aunt Nancy’s 1960s white mini dress – you know, just in case I meet Mr. Right Now and decide to get hitched after knowing someone all of one day in Vegas (I mean, it can happen, right?).

Disgusted to see I was packing a white dress "just in case" I meet Mr. Right Now and decide to get hitched Vegas style.

Mr. Bear was so disgusted, he refused to move off of the white garment.

Then the little love of my life laid down on my wedding mini, staking his claim by rubbing his scent and dark fur all over the place.

So he laid down on my wedding mini, staking his claim.

She’s MINE.

Of course after all of 14 minutes of helping me choose attire and throwing a tantrum over non-existent wedding bells, Teddy was exhausted.

And then surrendered to sleep, as he was exhausted after three minutes of helping me pack.

Surrendered to sleep.

Keep your fingers crossed that all of my bling makes it through airport security and that I don’t bring a Mr. CBXB back to Nashville with me.

Look out Vegas, here I come!



49 thoughts on “Vegas Virgin

  1. Nancy says:

    Have a fabulous time! I am soon to follow.

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    If you do end up getting hitched make sure it is officiated by an Elvis.
    That’s the only way to get married in Vegas.

  3. Love Vegas!!! Eat fabulous, go to at least one nightclub event hosted by a celeb, and put a few chips all on 27. All that advice has always worked for me! πŸ˜‰

    • Loved the advice! I did eat fabulously, I went to a pool part at the Hard Rock Casino hosted by R. Kelly (and the endless people watching could have kept me entertained for the rest of my life) and I watched a friend win $7,500 on the penny slot machines!

  4. Have you sufficiently warned them? It would only be fair…

  5. paws2smile says:

    Yay!!! How exciting for you! I think everyone should visit Vegas at least once in their life–there is just so much to take in! Make sure to take plenty of pictures and have fun! πŸ™‚

  6. Have fun! I’ve only been there once myself. I slept on a park bench until some cop told us we couldn’t sleep on the park benches…whatever! The only reason not to have a shotgun wedding is because a more traditional one will have a kickass open bar! Do that! THe open bar one.

  7. Have a fab time! But I agree with Ted, your all his! No shotgun weddings! hehe! =^.^=

  8. Beware of corners period!
    I turned a corner off an escalator and walked right into a FUR DRESSED PIMP! BLAZING BLUE TOP HAT AND SUNGLASSES. no lie.
    I was not sure if I wanted to walk AROUND him ….or work for him. it could work , ya know. They like sparkle…be aware. AND for God’s sake, drink up…I mean responsibly.

    We will be waiting for the all clear sign…when you are sober. Saturday maybe?

    • Sober Saturday is not in my future. Sunday, maybe. Just maybe there will be an all clear!

      As for the pimp in the blue top hat and sunglasses – hello! I think I may have asked him to call me. Kinda gross but so tempting…I mean, he was in a blue top hat for Godsake!

  9. Jolene says:

    Have FUN!!!
    beware of those men on the sidewalks handing out porn cards….seriously, they piss me off…… they are totally in your face and just watch who they give them to…..families with little kids in tow.

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