Party Pooped

You’d think that I’d be the one in major recovery after spending four full days (which at this point, felt like years) in Vegas. Yet, while I am still trying to dry my liver out, my fur ball Ted acts like he danced on poles non-stop while I was away.


My Vegas stories exhausted Teddy, who apparently didn’t get his 23 hour nap yesterday.

Thankfully, I was well-educated and earned an additional degree in cocktailing (my mom is beyond proud) from the University of Iowa (ranked as one of the top party colleges in the country – much to parental dismay. But it’s actually the best of both worlds, really. I retained my education AND never miss a day from work due to a hangover. Thanks for the party schooling U of I!)

With the help of Pedialyte (thanks Nate and Al), consecutive hours of sleep (thanks Tylenol PM), greasy food (love you McDonald’s) and hair of the dog (Captain, vodka, wine), I’m feeling like a normal human again but still look like death warmed over.

Death warmed over...

Looking so good, I’ve been hiding behind my stage 5 clinger.

And while Mr. Bear can barely muster his little neck up on his shoulders, I’ve been forced to snuggle non-stop on the couch with him since my return.

party pooped

Is this vacay hangover finished yet?!

I hope you’re feeling better than Ted. And I truly hope you’re looking better than moi. I’m resting up quickly – there’s tailgating to partake in this weekend!

Cheers from the exhausted CBXB duo!


27 thoughts on “Party Pooped

  1. I think he may have hit the tiles himself during your absence

  2. vudragovich says:

    OMG! I clicked the link to the party school…was that blonde on the left you? How do you manage to find the time, jet setting from college party to Vegas and all?

    Also, NO on Tylenol when drinking, interacts w the booze and kills the liver (because booze by itself is so good for the liver) Use aspirin or ibuprofen.

    Do not want you going yellow on us!

    • Eeeewww! I don’t want to go yellow, either! Thank you for the Tylenol advice. Heard and understood.

      You know, it’s hard to jet set from college parties, to Vegas and then back to Nashville where my furry little monster makes it impossible to sleep a full night after I’ve been gone for a week. But there’s fun to be had and SOMEONE has to do it, you know?!

  3. Sounds like you had a wild time in Vegas. Mr. TB missed out on his cuddle time and making up for it.

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