How to Get a Vegas Food Coma

My liver is doing much better after my Vegas trip, thank you very much. But my body is still experiencing a sugar, carbohydrate, grease and any kind of food additive you can think of detox.

After endless liquids entered my bod (and no, that’s not water) during my four day Vegas stay, it was only natural to crave the unhealthiest of foods, right?

Helping hand

Vodka at the pool = need for junk food.

So what’s a gal to do but stuff her face after sipping (guzzling, rather) cocktails by the pool all day on an empty stomach?

You must stuff your face, of course.

Nothing's sexier than a wide mouthed woman in sequins.

Nothing’s sexier than a sequined wearing, wide mouthed woman with a cheeseburger hanging out of her mouth. Am I right?!

Want some?


And what washes down a burger better than paella? Well, nothing.


First time trying paella at the Julian Serrano restaurant in the Aria casino. Heaven.

After all of that booze and stomach stuffing, there’s nothing more fun than trying to squeeze into a Vegas evening outfit.


I wish I may I wish I might squeeze it in and suck it tight.

Once the evening in your confined attire is complete, follow with a little midnight snack.

Supper of champions

Snack attack!

Because two people really need 14 pancakes, 14 slices of bacon, whipped cream, a tower of onions rings and buffalo wings (for dessert).

Bound and determined

I can’t wait to put my bathing suit on tomorrow.

I'll try this...

Why does food taste better at 1am?


I only ate half since I’m obviously watching my figure.

Because after all that, nothing is more fun the next day than feeling like a beached whale while laying here…


Starting all over again.

Anybody have any good cleanses I could start?

Of course, I can’t begin until after this weekend’s tailgate…



33 thoughts on “How to Get a Vegas Food Coma

  1. I agree with you food definitely does taste better at 1am

  2. filbio says:

    LMAO! I am a veteran of the Vegas food and booze comas. Must go into rehab each time I return home!

  3. Holy shit, that Vegas evening outfit is hot…damn, I hope I can sleep tonight…:) Still am very shocked by that pancake stash…

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