What Happens in Vegas Gets Posted on a Blog

Finally recuperated enough to reminisce about my first trip to Vegas last weekend, I thought it’d only be fair to share shenanigans with you…

Holy shit!

This drink was free! I love this place!

Some of my gal pals were smart and rested up on the four-hour plane ride to Vegas…

Rest up

Visions of jackpots danced in their heads.

While my seat mate and I were busy hoarding every ounce of liquor possible to get a head start on fun.


We’re the smart ones, yes?!

We're heeeeere!

We’re heeeeere!

Upon landing we gathered our luggage and headed to the MGM Grand Casino.

It's grand, yo!

It’s grand, yo!

Having our complimentary casino cocktails in hand, we stood in a corner people watching where we happened to run into snazzy looking gents on a bachelor party. First impressed by their suits, upon opening their mouths we swooned, as they were from England and had that accent. *Sigh* Once the fellas started talking to us, one of our extremely intelligent ladies asked, “Are you guys from British?”

Smart suits

I don’t care if you’re from British or not, just look at the camera so I can capture this Kodak moment.

After the bachelor party carried onto do whatever it is bachelor parties do in Vegas (does one really have to wonder?), I got busy doing what I do best.

Photo bombing.


Oh, you wanted a photo without yours truly? I don’t think so!


This is a very hard hobby, but someone’s gotta ruin other people’s pics.

Very busy

Love what they’ve done with the background, don’t you?

While I was busy ass clowning around, our gal pal C Money went over to play some penny slots. And then this happened….



Just when you thought no one won on penny slots – BOOM! And, this was within the first three hours of our Vegas arrival.


Celebrate we must.

After crawling into bed at 8am the following morning, it only made sense for me to sit my ass at the pool all day. While on my way to act like a beached whale,Β  I took the liberty of introducing myself to what could only be described as my soul mate…I mean, he made his own mirrored jacket.

Shiny soulmate

Shiny soul mates.

Deciding which pool to lounge around proved to be a tad difficult…

Lazy river

How do you choose between four pools?

Naturally, I went for the most quiet, relaxing spot in all of the MGM Grand pools.

So relaxing. Bumper floats.

So relaxing. Bumper floats.

In between naps, this gentleman asked our group to pretty please re-pierce his ears. We happily obliged.


You can just keep that hoop, Bra. Looks better on you anyhow.

While I did not gamble one cent away in Vegas, I still had some good juju going on. I scored a free ticket to the I Heart Radio Music Festival at the MGM Grand. For a split second I thought about scalping the ticket, as they were going for $480 but thought better of it, as this was a once in a lifetime experience.

I heart radio!

A free ticket with no strings attached? Yes please!

Keeping my liver well hydrated was my main focus on this trip. Thank God we packed the moonshine, as this helped wash away all of the hours of sleep I wasn’t giving to my body.


Who needs sleep when you got moonshine?

Morphing into our best bad asses, we partied at the Hard Rock Casino with Motley Crue.

Crew at Motley Crue

Our crew at Crue.

Bad Ass 1 and 2

We know. We’re so bitchin’.

Hanging with rock stars Saturday night, called for some recovery time at the Hard Rock Casino pool – known as Rehab (which my mother nervously Googled when I told her I was headed to rehab).


Again with the quiet, relaxing pool day.

Horsie head

What is more serene than hanging out with a new crew – one sporting a horse head? Nothing.

Being one of the last few escorted (surprised? I just didn’t want the party to end!) out of the pool after sundown, I headed to my room to find my own jackpot left for me by one of my girlfriends…

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

As I rounded up the aftermath of my Vegas trip and tried shoving it all in my suitcases, I knew that this city and I had just consummated the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Can't wait

I can’t wait to go back.

But it’s probably wise to give Las Vegas a breather before hitting it like a sparkly, loud, sleepless, sort-of-inebriated, photo bombing Tasmanian devil again.

NashVegas will have to do for now.



55 thoughts on “What Happens in Vegas Gets Posted on a Blog

  1. You’re my kind of people, CBXB!

    There’s so much going on here that I wouldn’t even know where to start. I’m glad you made it home in one piece though. I’m exhausted just from reading this post.

    • I know you could hang with me in Vegas, as you’re my kind of people! All you’d have to do is simply follow the short, loud blonde that has on sequins. It’s impossible to get lost from me. My liver started aching when I sifted through photos last night. Poor thing.

  2. Crystal says:

    Seeing your Vegas pool pics makes me want to go to Vegas in the summer; was it horrible walking around though?? Both times hubby and I have been were in Feb; nice to get around but not warm enough for the pool. 😦 I admire your resolve to not gamble at all in that gambling mecca!

    • Not gambling wasn’t too difficult, as I was like a raccoon attracted to anything shiny – so I didn’t have the focus to sit and gamble! πŸ™‚ And it wasn’t that bad walking around, although I did most of my walking after midnight….Go get you some Vegas in the summer, Girl!

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Has Vegas recovered yet from your full on assault?! I’m guessing no.
    Great job getting tossed out of the pool! I’m impressed!

  4. Those pool pics look like so much fun and you were looking good all glittered up :).

  5. HOLLA!

    personally, i think we should have a vegas blog fest… but thats just me…personally…

  6. whatwewear says:

    lol your pictures are great, love this!!
    Enjoy Vegas πŸ˜‰
    xx Vera & Rony

  7. Dang girl, you made ME tired and drunk just reading your post! Rest up for a bit. And here I’m up to my elbows in puppy poo and razor sharp baby teeth. Not sure I can keep this abandoned pup ‘cos I’m getting asthma, but I’m trying. PS Her name is Princess Zelda. of course.

    • Princess Zelda! Of course that’s her name. I hope that you can keep her – although that’s a bummer about your asthma! And I rested, rested, rested this weekend as there is still an imprint of my body on my couch. Back to normal now! πŸ™‚

  8. Did you ask the guy with the mirrored jacket what his bank account looked like? He might have made a good future ex-boyfriend or sugar daddy…just sayin’. Guys bold enough to wear mirrors are usually pretty loaded (hence the narcissism).

    • Ha! I didn’t even think about that! What is wrong with me? I was just so taken with the shiny mirrors on his jacket, all I could think about was, “I wish I had one of these jackets. I really wish I had one of these jackets. I really, really wish I had one of these jackets!” I was easily impressed in Vegas!

  9. LifeOfBun says:

    AMAGAD that looks like so much fun!!! o_o Guh life is so normal around here compared to that. *poors self a drink and covers self in early xmas lighting to try and recreate own vegas*

    • LOL! I am dying at the image of you drinking yourself in early Christmas lights, recreating Vegas. You know, that would be a pretty close experience to mine – although it will take way more than one cocktail! πŸ™‚

  10. FreeUrCloset says:

    Oh my…where to start. I think you jam-packed all of Vegas into one fun trip, which would prob take us three trips to accomplish (and a whole month to recuperate, lol). Next time..we’re most def coming with you! xoxo N&N

  11. You’re a party animal !! Good stuff!

  12. filbio says:

    Looks like you all had a blast in Vegas! Nice jackpot for your friend too! Gotta party hard in Vegas!

  13. Ms B. BAD says:

    Looks like you had so much fun! Cnat belive your friend won over 7 grand!! That is SO awesome! I love your photo bombing pics and the british boys!! Also how cool that you scored a free ticket to that show. Did you get to see Miley Cyrus and her nipples?? hahaha xo

  14. Great post!

    How’d you spend the 33 cents?

  15. I swear if I go and watch my DVD of the Hangover, I swear I’ll see you photo bombing in it, Captn’ in hand…

    Trust all is well for you, well, recovering anyway! πŸ˜‰

    • I kept asking my girlfriends if anyone would marker a tattoo on my face…but luckily for me, they declined! I’m sure you can see me jumping up behind Bradley Cooper somewhere in that movie – although you may have to squint to see me! I’ll be in the pink sequins!

  16. kellisamson says:

    Never a dull moment! What was your fave part of the iHeart festival?

    • Ooooh…my favorite part….I actually loved seeing Adam Lambert with Queen. I knew he was a fab singer but holy shit did he do justice to their classic songs (and he had on sparkly silver boots that I am still lusting over)!

  17. Susie says:

    Ok, next time you’re in Vegas I totally want to crash in! Love this!! How was the music festival???? And LUcKY on the penny slots!

    • The music festival was amazing! I got to see Katy Perry, Muse, Fun, Robin Thicke, Keith Urban and Queen with Adam Lambert – to name a few. And next time I go, I will let you know – it’s always the more the merrier. We’d have an unforgettable time, I promise!

  18. SerachShiro says:

    Yes Vegas is great fun and you had a great time there ! You were like a fish in the water and always beautiful, was it you in the black bikini ? πŸ™‚

  19. Mitzie Mee says:

    Looks like you had a great time. i really miss Vegas:)

  20. Such a fun post! : )
    Are you guys from British? had me literally, as in figuratively laughing out loud, like a demented something.
    Oh wow, jackpot!
    Haha, take care : )

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