Vegas Style Twerkin’ Cool Down

Ah…spending the day at the Hard Rock pool Rehab as a Vegas first timer was quite the eye opener. With the drunken shenanigans taking place all around, I sealed myself in tightly with my two new gay besties, who happened to be sporting the best t-shirts of all time. A kitty DJ tee for one and a tank that read $uper Rich for the other.

Horsie head

My newly acquired Vegas besties. Kitty Cat DJ and $uper Rich as horse head.

While I sat back and drank (guzzled) poolside cocktails these two were busy twerking for any stranger that would stop and take a gander.

Twerk it

Over twerked and on the ground.

Of course all of this bouncing around will make one ultra hot. But instead of cooling off in the more traditional way of sucking down a pina colada, we though it would be way more fun to start the cooling process bottom up.


Twerked out? LOL.


We’ll be happy to help cool you off.


Step 1: Prepare for ice.


Step 2: Insert ice.


Step 3: Fill to brim.

Packi it up packit in

Step 4: Pack it up, pack it in.


Step 5: Allow no movement while ice melts.


Step 6: Enjoy the numbness that has overcome your lower body.

As you can tell, the poolside cocktails made us masters in the talents of a twerking cool down. Feel free to use our technique on your buddies this weekend.

You’re welcome Miley Cyrus.



24 thoughts on “Vegas Style Twerkin’ Cool Down

  1. Thanks for sharing the technique. Looking forward to sharing it this coming weekend πŸ™‚

  2. Haven’t read your blog in a while, being the boss lady doesn’t leave one with too much time! But I still love it so much and also your frequent use of the word shenanigans πŸ˜€ keep it up!

  3. SerachShiro says:

    Love your new besties I think they are a great party rockers and have a great style what depends of clothes πŸ™‚ !

  4. i live in vegas and i have to say you are one brave little lady. ive never been to rehab because i work in the industry but i hope you had a blast during your vegas experience. next time you come, youll have to message me so i can show you some awesome local spots. =)

    • Girl! I love your blog and if I’d have paid closer attention and knew you lived in Vegas I would have hit you up (much to your dismay most likely) while I was in town. So next time I roll in, look out because I am looking you up! Rehab was exactly what it looked like…a massive MTV spring break gone wrong for 30 somethings…! A one-time only stop for sure.

  5. stylentonic says:

    This is super fun! A poolside cocktail for me please!!! πŸ˜‰

  6. filbio says:

    What a fun wreck that pool party is. Gotta admit you rock a bikini!

  7. Lookin good in that suit, chicka! Hey, I can twerk but watching a 59 yr old butt do that is worse than watching Miley LOL

  8. Shut. Up.
    Too frickin’ funny for words – and that is quite the statement from a blogger!

  9. My pool is private… I’m just not much of a twerker. Why does that word look like a description of someone on drugs to me? Oh. Yeah. Probably because it looks a lot like tweeker…which I suspect one might have to be in order to voluntarily twerk at my poolside. πŸ˜‰

  10. Phil Lanoue says:

    This maaaaay not go over too well at our neighborhood pool I’m thinkin’. I’ll just stick with the drinking part.

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