Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

Rising up, back on the couch

Did my time, ate my cat food

Cat Food

Went the distance, now I’m back for a nap

Just a cat and his will to survive.

Cat Nap

So many times, it happens too fast

I trade my napping for eating


Meowing my head off for a full bowl of food

I must fight just to keep my belly full


It’s the eye of the tiger

It’s the thrill of the my spite


Rising up to the challenge of the weekend

And the last known survivor

Cry Baby

Cries for food late at night

Just to interrupt my mom’s beauty sleep…’cause I’m a tiger.


Face to face, comfy in A/C

Acting tough, always hungry

Face to Face

Staring Mom down ’til I get what I want

From a cat with mad skills to survive

Stare Down

It’s the eye of the tiger

It’s the thrill of my life


Rising up to the challenge of my weekend

Incessant meows, driving my mother to down yet another cocktail

Forgetting that she already fed me


And I’ll eat to my furry heart’s delight….

‘Cause I think I’m a tiger.

Eye of the Tiger

I’ve got the eye of the tiger…

And have Mom right where I want her…



41 thoughts on “Eye of the Tiger

  1. I love and enjoy all your posts, but this one deserves to go VIRAL!!!!

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    That is hysterical! “Did my time ate my cat food” That’s gold!
    I cleaned up yack three times yesterday so any songs I would write about Jack would not be at all flattering as this time. 👿

  3. Pawesome! Love your version better tiger ted! =^.^=

  4. Mitzie Mee says:

    *lol*, great rewrite!

  5. Lol! I want to hear you sing it to the Tedinator!

  6. spadamoda says:

    These canines gave up fear kkkk

  7. Good Lord, woman, we need to get you laid or something! Oh dear, can I say things like that on your family friendly blog?

    • I just pissed my pants over your comment! I can’t believe you don’t see Ted as a man magnet. And yes, you can say ‘get laid’ on my blog. I use profanity all the time here and I assume no one thinks I’m a virgin – although I’m sure you’d beg to differ after all of my cat posts.

  8. I found myself singing to this…
    Funny as hell!!!

    I may need an eye for the tiger…come winter….heeeeyyyy.

  9. Janie Bengard says:

    I love that tiger!!!

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