While trying to turn my mini manse into a haunted house during October, I also like to show my spooky spirit by coordinating my nails to the holiday (yes, very grown up I know).


Candylicious coordinating.

For this terrifying twist on a simple mani, I started by applying base coat. Followed by two coats of black sparkle in Orly’s GOTH, one coat of glitter orange in Orly’s R.I.P. (better hurry, only 5 left in stock on Amazon) and one coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat (seriously the best you will ever use – I SWEAR).

Ghoulish Duo

A little sparkle and shine for Halloween talons.

Now I even match my witchin’ koozie (I know, I know. I’m cray about Halloween).

Miss matchy pants

A bitchin’ brew with a matching mani.

What more could this witchy, bitchy gal ask for?



40 thoughts on “Hallowmani

  1. OMG, I love them so much!
    Coordinating, be it nail, colour or whatever is always the right approach. Unless you’re a morgue attendant. (Wha…? Did I just? Yes, yes I did I think. WOW.)

  2. kellisamson says:

    I just remembered: Halloween is how we “met!” Happy October, girlie.

  3. filbio says:

    Very cool! Halloween is the best!

  4. …hey, come on, that ain’t no bitch’in brew, that’s good old fashioned Captn’, isn’t it!

    Nothing wrong with that mind you 😉

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Do you watch American Horror Story on FX? The new season just started and the theme this time is “Coven”. One character is a hot slutty little witch. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

  6. SerachShiro says:

    You just brought me in the hallo mood, beautiful nails 🙂 !

  7. Gorgeous mani – almost muted for you but eeerily appropriate for the season!
    You need to post a video tour of the haunted manse….

  8. st sahm says:

    If you plug a product I will try it!
    What are you and cat T going to be for Halloween?

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