Weekend Winks – Chillaxin’ Style

I found myself with no concrete plans for the weekend and it worked out in my favor, as I caught up on loads of laundry, household organizing, football (with cocktails) and a wee bit of cleaning.

I said goodbye to the three adorable pooches I had been looking in on all week.

Three amigos

Three amigos.

Upon returning home, smelling like dogs I had to throw Teddy off of my cheating scent by distracting him on the couch with wine.


Cattails make suspicious felines confused.

I also wooed my kit cat into a fab mood by dressing up his eating space with Halloween decor.

Teddy BOO

Teddy BOO loves making a mess…and also loves his mummy martini glasses.

While on my fourth trip to Target this weekend (seriously, I go for shampoo and come out with $50 worth of merchandise. DAMN YOU TARGET!) I spotted some headphones that I must acquire. Except they’re limited edition – oh and only $250.00. Anyone need any Christmas ideas for me? I’ve been extremely good this year. Yes, $250 good.

Must needed phones

The perfect CBXB headphones (although they lack sparkle).

Trying to clean my mini manse proved to be a task, as Ted helped everywhere he could. He cock blocked my ability to throw anything away by refusing to step down from his new favorite perch, the garbage can (classy cat takes after his mother).

Garbage Man

Greedy garbage cat.

He inspected every single piece of clothing I put away after (what felt like) my 36th load of laundry.


I still smell dog!

And Mr. Bear also decided the toilet would not be cleaned over the weekend by hunkering down every time he saw me walking toward the bathroom with a toilet brush and cleaning gloves.

Potty Pussy

This shitter may be full but you aren’t cleaning it.

The 43 minutes of cleaning really wore TB out and he retreated to his new Juicy (Couture) Pussy Palace (thanks for the moniker reversecommuter) for the remainder of Saturday – all 23 hours of it.

Juicy Pussy Palace

The Bear in all of his Juicy Pussy Palace glory.

My beloved (and not so great) Iowa Hawkeyes had a bye week but I still got sucked into watching college football.  The Penn State vs. Michigan game went into four overtimes and had my heart beating in my throat even though I have no affiliation with either school.


Happy fans in Happy Valley.

Sunday came with all kinds of smiles from little B and B who are making the grandparent rounds in Iowa.

Great Gma

Great Gma is apparently hilarious.

My folks are in my home state getting to visit with my adorable niece and nephew (I am not jealous…AT ALL).

Gigi and B. Boo

Gigi and B. Boo

Gpa and Big B.

Gpa and Big B.

After getting all kinds of green with envy, all Ted and I could do the remainder of Sunday was lay on the couch and watch our Tennessee Titans lose yet another game.

Cat nappin'

Ted really gives a rat’s ass about football.

Here’s hoping your week is off to a fabulous beginning!




25 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Chillaxin’ Style

  1. I MIGHT love your cat.
    I’m not even a cat person.
    So fluffy, I’m gonna die.
    And guarding the toilet, hihi.

  2. filbio says:

    Ha! Love how Teddy gets distracted by wine!

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