Blood Dripped Digits

What better way to commence my favorite week of October than by upping my mani ante with a little blood splatter masterpiece?


Not your ordinary apple.

I got a tad ambitious in my manicure adventures but with a glass (or four) of wine, I found my inner confidence beaming through.

To achieve this look, you’ll need a clear, nude or white color of polish, a toothpick and your choice of a red hue.

Terrifying trio

Terrifying trio.

After applying Seche Vite base coat, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White Out.


Hopefully you’re better at staying in bounds than me. Wine makes my lines blur. Where’s Robin Thicke when you need him?

To create the blood drips, I dipped a toothpick into a bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Rapid Red and started with a single drop in the middle of a fingernail (be careful how much polish is on the end of your toothpick or you’ll have a large glob instead of a small drop – I’m speaking from experience).Β  Once you’ve dripped in your desired nail locale, use the toothpick to drag the red to the tip of your nail.

Dip baby dip

Dip baby dip.

After I had my drips appropriately placed, I added little dots of red for a splattered effect. Then, I did one thin swipe of red along the top of my fingernail (still with the toothpick) to tie everything together.

Dripped with blood...

Dripping digits.

Wait about 15 minutes before applying a top coat (I’m in love with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat), as the red globs need more time to dry and will smear if you don’t wait long enough (again, speaking from impatient experience).

While my talons have gotten a few raised eyebrows already today, a woman at the grocery check out line asked me why I painted my nails the way I did (because I F’ing wanted to, Lady – is what I wanted to say but refrained) this morning.

Devil made me do it.

Devilishly delightful.

I responded with,”the devil made me do it.”

*Insert evil, cackling witch laugh here.*



41 thoughts on “Blood Dripped Digits

  1. Love the nails! Wish I had both the aptitude and patience to do cool nail designs on myself.

  2. Ms B. BAD says:

    there is no way you did those after 4 glasses of wine?!! They came out sooooo good!! I should have tried this mani!

  3. Susie says:


  4. they look pawesome! =^.^=

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well at least you gave some dopey old bag something to talk about later with her husband… “You wouldn’t believe the nails I saw on this lady at the grocery store today! I think she is part of an evil cult. Oh, and I bet she drinks too.”

  6. You have too much free time, but this is pretty cool! Makes me wish I could paint my nails without being judged!

  7. Good God woman. I don’t do my manis. I keep my toes red. But I’ll stick around for a bottle of wine and watch you do yours. Only if you promise to take a long time. Champagne also works. And a lil oj. I’ll bring pjs for my house warming…

  8. Now your talking!
    Fantabooolously scary!!!!

  9. Molly says:

    You know what they say about idle hands! Haha! Love the look. Happy almost-Halloween. πŸ™‚

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