Mini-Manse of Horrors

No plans for thee on All Hallows’ Eve?

Might I entice you to my monstrous mini-manse of horrors for a little hair-raising Halloween celebrating?

Upon arriving to my haunted house, you will be greeted by a semi-scary wreath (you can’t live below the Mason Dixon line without a wreath hanging on your door. I’m serious. It’s like a law down here).

Image 38

A skull bust and candles will acknowledge your arrival as you step into the entryway.

Image 18

Image 6

A Ghostess with the Mostess (you know, yours truly) will be your petrifying party guide for the nightmarish heyday.

Image 41

A party at my palace wouldn’t be complete without a ghoulishly gussied up Glamingo (compliments of my friend G).

Image 23

Turning into the cocktail lounge area, we’ll kick the eerie evening off with a mysterious martini after you select your glass from which you’ll be guzzling.

Image 19

As we pass by the buffet, selections of spine-chilling snacks will be stacked in the jack-o-lantern for your ghostly delight.

Image 4

Wicked wine is amassed in the corner bar if a mysterious martini isn’t for you (although you can have both. In fact, I encourage it).

Image 31

Image 44

We’ll then stock the bar cart with our favorite spellbinding spirits to wheel us through the rest of our twilight.

Image 24

Gory goodies reside in the lobodomized skulls (which will come in handy as the witching hour grows near).

Image 25

Turning into the kitchen a ghastly ghost of a lazy susan will welcome your entrance.

Image 21

You’ll get the chills when you walk by my under used oven, which has not often felt the heat of its own fire.

Image 10

Glitter flaunts itself in the form of a beastly BOO atop my kitchen cabinet.

Image 46

While eyeballs behind the glass will be watching your every move.

Image 39

If you try any terrifying tricks, you may meet the Grim Reaper. Or maybe end up oozing out of the freezer.

Image 40

A devilish crew will be there as you step into the bloodcurling bathroom.

Image 9

Skeletons costumed as witches will leer from their ledges.

Image 14


And my little furry warlock will howl when it’s time for a refill.

Image 22

As midnight draws near, we’ll make our way into my living room full of fear. (Disco balls and guitars are so damned terrifying, right?)

Image 30

Otherworldly orange hues will illuminate from the tower of the piano.

Image 1

And shadowy skulls will eye you from the coffee table.

Image 7

A petrifyingly polite Johnny Cash will escort you to your seat.

Image 32

Try not to be startled as this skull flickers red from within…

Image 50

Or when cat eyes glow your way as you settle in.

Image 47

Candles will be lit before the lights draw dim…


Image 49

To prepare you for the movie madness about to begin.

Image 36

No spells or potions can keep you away and being a no-show tomorrow is not a smart play.

See you around dusk then?

If not, heads will roll….

Happy Haunting!


52 thoughts on “Mini-Manse of Horrors

  1. vudragovich says:

    Glad to finally see your furry warlock! I thought he was that scrawny, dipped in black, back arched on table kitty!
    It would never do to make him that skinny!

  2. Wow, you really go all the way. I like the buffer area. You’re so creative.

  3. Amazing how you’ve decoirated your house! Very inviting! You must have had a wicked Halloween bash – or maybe still having…!? 😀

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    I fully expected to see Vincent Price come sidling over with a floating ghost or skeleton behind him! 😯 Yikes!
    Sorry I missed the scream fest this time, but I was busy cleaning up some petrifying, uh, I mean putrefying yack that was deposited on the rug. Talk about frightening!

  5. I came for the spooky flamingo, I stayed for the otherwordly orange hues! Excellent!

  6. The skull bust ❤ Can't get over it.
    Soooooooo impressive, so much effort AND attention to detail. Love your mansion : )

  7. breezyk says:

    This is awesome! I wish I was going to a party at your house! Also, I want that pick your poison sign 🙂

    • First of all, let me treat you to a birthday drink! Happy Birthday Girl – as if I remember right today is your day? I will even gift you my poison sign if you come all of the way to Nashville. Happy Haunting!

  8. stylentonic says:

    Happy Halloween gorgeous!

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