Weekend Winks – Sparkly Seasonal Style

Shoe shopping, snoozing, and a sparkly pink Christmas tree accompanied by a little Whitney Houston rounded out my Nashville shenanigans this past weekend.

Leopard and zebra print go hand in hand, yes?

Friday night found the mall screaming my name and while there I fell in lust with sparkly, leopard print wedge sandals.Β  Pretty sure these were going to find a home on a shelf in my shoe closet, I still needed to give them a test walk. Problem was my skinny jeans were so tight that I couldn’t pull my knee-high socks off, which resulted in a look that will surely become the fashionable rage this winter season.

Hello fabulous.

Single-handedly starting a new trend.

As I pranced up and down the aisles, I came across a rather exhausted dad who was hogging the bench where I needed to rest my weary ass.

Snooze fest.

Teenage daughters are draining.

Gift with purchase

Gift with purchase? No thanks.

Since there was no room at the Shoe Snoozing Inn, I high tailed it to the nearest restaurant to rest my weary paws. Which of course included cocktails (how can one possibly rest without libations?).

Nashville’s most beautiful thirst quencher.

Ted and I were able to be lazy on Saturday morning, as we had no Hawkeye football to look forward to due to a bye week, although he was seriously underwhelmed by my computer’s presence in bed.

No emails, please.

Handy assistant snuggled down with emails.

My bestie from college has a rather unhealthy adoration of a Whitney Houston t-shirt. She wore this white top acquired from a concert in her youth so much, it appeared dingy gray when I first met her forever ago.

Oh Whitney

A once white Whitney t-shirt that’s now vintage…most likely causing Ms. Houston to roll over in her grave.

Said Whitney lover just had a gorgeous princess a few months back and much to my delight on Saturday, I received a pic confirming that the “Greatest Love of All” singer would be adored by the next generation.

Wanna dance

Like mother, like daughter … forced by mother.

Mr. Bear was able to move from the bed to his Pussy Palace where he thought the day would pass along quietly. And he was sorely mistaken.


Hanging out in the PP…literally.

What does a non-moonshine, football-less (i.e. no Iowa Hawkeyes or Tennessee Titans games) weekend mean for CBXB? Putting up the Christmas tree of course (what all normal gals do with their cat on a Saturday evening in November, right? And for all of you folks who are groaning that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, just chill). And Teddy had to inspect every. single. aspect. of this activity.

Every nook

Every nook of the box.

And every cranny

And every cranny of the lid.

Tedstar immediately took a front row seat to the festivities and refused to move, as I tried to construct the 6′ pink tinsel (be still my beating heart) tree. Such a helpful pussy.

Front row

Taking it all in while not lifting a paw.

My fur ball did get off his lazy ass when it came time to throw the lights on the tree.

I was hoping he didn’t join the fried pussy cat from “Christmas Vacation”…and he didn’t. Phew.

When it came time for ornaments, Bear was all smiles (well, as smiley as a cat can be) until he caught a glimpse of himself in a photo from our first Christmas together. When I so sweetly adorned him with a reindeer hat and scarf (you know, how all cats are dressed for Christmas card pics).

Who moi?


It took all of two seconds for remnants of embarrassment to get Ted’s heart racing, resulting in swift removal of my beloved decoration.

Not my best side.

De-ornamenting the tree.

He then decided to stand guard, ensuring that the mortifying pic would not make it back onto the tree.

Guarding for bad photo ornaments.

Over my furry body that f’ing photo will be displayed.

Feeling not at all bad, I thought it best to make up with the little furry love of my life. To no avail.

Room for me under the tree?

Room for me under the tree? Nope.

While Teddy sulked away his humiliation (he’s such a little bitch), I finished my pride and joy with a few Skinny Pirates assisting me.

Up and glowing.

Up and glowing.

And for all of you on the edge of your seats, worried about the status of Mr. Bear and myself…well, we kissed and made nice.

kiss and make up

After I got a very stern talking to…and almost lost a chunk of my schnoz.

I’m happy to report all of our body parts remain in tact today – although I’m guess I’ll be a few less once we take our Christmas card photo in a few weeks.

Happy Monday!



51 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Sparkly Seasonal Style

  1. Phil Lanoue says:

    Considering Ripley always eats Jack’s food he would be happy to share her with Ted I’m sure.

  2. That cat DOES NOT appreciate his photos displayed on Christmas trees.
    Coy much?

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Cats just love Christmas don’t they?!?

    Here’s Ripley T Kitten inspecting the lights from a Christmas past.

    • Ripley T Kitten and Ted need to get together and chew on some lights together, as it appears to be both of their favorite holiday pastimes! And Ripley T Kitten is one adorable feline!

      • Phil Lanoue says:

        Thanks for your lovely words about our white cat Ripley. She is, um, how can I put this delicately?…a bit on the chunky side. She weighs in at about 17lbs. She doesn’t miss too many meals as you can imagine.
        I bet Ted would love to snuggle up against Ripley’s warm, soft, fluffy belly on a cold day. There is plenty of room for him in there. πŸ™‚

      • Ripley is simply big boned. And a perfect match for Ted as he is all about snuggling (plus, with her white coat and his gray fur they would make a smashingly adorable couple). How will Jack feel about sharing Ripley?

  4. SerachShiro says:

    Happy Tuesday to you and your friend must be lucky to have that gorgeous t-shirt, I’m a Whitney lover too ! You are the first one who I have seen for the first time rigging his Christmas tree and what a lovely pink three, I think you are a true Christmas fan πŸ™‚ ! Does Teddy have a Christmas suit ?

  5. kellisamson says:

    Oh, oh, oh – I am chilling, all right. Your tree is awesome, but I am not there yet!!

  6. marisaporter says:

    OK I seriously thought the socks were part of the shoe and that they were super cool.

  7. I like those shoes and of course, the pink tree :).

  8. Wow. Those shoes were impressive! Had I tried to take a step in them I probably would’ve simply toppled over. πŸ™‚

  9. marisaporter says:

    Oh the sweater and the shoes and jeans just work!

  10. Correct me if I am wrong but while your friend was rocking the grey Whitney number, was that not a picture of you on your hot pink t?
    ADORATION of the HIGHEST LEVEL for the pink tree!!!!

    • Oh yes, my mug on my pink t – stuffing my face with bread sticks, which was made by my Whitney wearing friend for a birthday one year. She’s so sweet!
      And my tree is my second most prized possession (next to the Bear, of course). I’ve often thought of leaving the damn thing up all year, which because I live in the South, wouldn’t be that big of a deal!

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