How to Make an Ass of Yourself Dressing a Kid

Kids are so effortless, even crazy aunts could be parents.

In this corner...

Yep. Even crazy Auntie CBXB could raise spawn.

And because everything about child rearing is beyond easy, I always lend a hand (and my expertise) when visiting my twin niece and nephew in Iowa.

Now as a case in point, I am going to reveal my ten step process on how to put pants on an adorable kid.

Auntie CBXB’s Expert Way of Dressing a Kid

*Starring adorable nephew, B*


Step one: Disrupt playtime to put pants on kid.


Step two: Wrestle kid to the ground.


Step three: Roll back over as they try to escape.


Step four: Incite tears.


Step five: Ignore tears.


Step six: Try to stuff one sausage leg into pant hole at a time.


Step seven: Ignore cries that have now turned into tantrum like howls.


Step eight: Laugh in kid’s face.


Step nine: Forget to pull pants up kid’s ass.


Step ten: Congratulate yourself on what you think is a job well done.

Think I nailed it?

Think my nephew kicked it the rest of the afternoon in his cozy little gray sweatpants?

Two for one....

Pants fail.

See how easy my ten step pants process can be?

Just as easy as having kids.



44 thoughts on “How to Make an Ass of Yourself Dressing a Kid

  1. “Ignore cries”, why girl you are a natural. You ought to be popping out a dozen of your own!

  2. Haha, adorable! You’ll be the cool auntie that they’ll want to go out drinking with 🙂

  3. rubyangel711 says:

    OMG, hilarious! Loved the tip about disrupting their playtime to change them. Classic! They are adorbz!!!!

  4. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    I bet you are the coolest Aunt!

  5. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    I try to run around pantsless myself whenever possible.

    So I’m totally with your nephew.

    And you have to catch me to make me put my pants on also!

  6. Ms B. BAD says:

    LMAO. No words just laughs.

  7. I’m SO gonna do that to my kids. They’re gonna adore me for this.

  8. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    Blog of the Year ambush nomination!

    Muahahahhaha. #Runsaway.

    The rootinest tootinest (especially after Thankgiving!) Cowboy east of the Mississippi.

  9. Was it harder getting him in pants or Teddy in his Halloween costume?

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