How to Substitute Whipped Cream for a Mistletoe

Lovin' on Auntie CBXB

No mistletoe needed.

I became an aunt for the first time this year to the most adorable twins (I know, I know, I’m biased. But seriously – look at them). Immediately upon laying eyes on them for the first time, I understood why aunts get a bad rap for pinching cheeks because all I want to do when I’m around them is maul their brains out.

B and B laugh factory.

B and B laugh factory.

My nephew is a lover of a little boy, B – who wants to nuzzle right up into the nook of your neck, making you melt on the spot.

Somebody hug me, squeeze me - now!

Somebody hug me, squeeze me – now!

And then there’s my niece B – a little girl who loves you when it’s convenient for her (sounds like a true female, doesn’t it?).

Taking fun to a whole new level.

Catch me if you can.

One night while reading to my darling nephew, he leaned his head back, looked up into my face and puckered up for what is probably the best kiss I’ll ever get in my life.

Lovin' on Auntie CBXB

This was round two of kissing. And maybe the sweetest moment ever.

Of course, I wanted to get the same kind of lovin’ from my niece during my four-day Iowa stay but she had other ideas. Like flip-flopping around like a fish when I had her cradled on her back, going in for a big, wet smooch.

And then, a moment of sheer genius was mentioned by my sister (who apparently also has to coax affection out of her daughter from time to time)…

I'll get you my pretty.

I’ll get you my pretty.

One swipe of this sweet deliciousness on little B’s lips was all it took for her to forget that she was avoiding old Auntie CBXB’s affection like the Grinch shunned Christmas.

One dollop

Coming in for the kill.


Who needs a mistletoe when you have whipped cream?

While I felt a little sneaky, an aunt has to do what an aunt has to do and by god, I was getting a kiss!

Upon hearing of my impending trip to Iowa soon, here were the reactions of my little loves:

Come and get it!

He loves me.

Better bring the whipped cream, bitch.

She loves me not.

Can you buy whipped cream in bulk?



48 thoughts on “How to Substitute Whipped Cream for a Mistletoe

  1. Who say you can’t buy love. Obviously all you need is a can of whipped cream! Wait, that just sounds wrong…..

  2. Phil Lanoue says:

    Smart move too getting the Extra Creamy!

  3. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    What a sneaky Aunt! That is too cute.

    You know that whipped cream trick would work on me too. πŸ˜‰

  4. LifeOfBun says:

    That picture after you say maul their brains fits perfectly LOL! You’re an awesome aunt!

  5. Mitzie Mee says:

    Your nephews are gorgeous! Saw that pic with Santa and two screaming boys and laughed so much!

  6. VivBlogs says:

    Macking on the babies, are you? My favorite pastime. Wait until they are old enough for you to spray whipped cream into their mouths. That’s a good time!

  7. Beautiful, all round…

  8. REDdog says:

    Have the people at that whipped creme company contacted you yet? That photo would make anybody want some!

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