Weekend Winks – Crazy Style

Party Girl not pooped.

Party Girl not pooped.

After all of my Christmas partying shenanigans, I thought the weekends would calm down a bit after ringing in 2014.

Holiday gifts were being worn with pride.

CBXB nephew style

A little CBXB style for my Iowa nephew.

The goodbye to last year was guzzled away by yours truly.

Kiss my ass 2013!

Kiss my ass 2013!

New Year’s resolutions were promised to be followed.


I got this.

My gulping abilities were being mimicked by a new generation (my heart bursts with pride).

Milk chugging champ.

Milk chugging champ.

And Ted lazed the days away on his new favorite tissue bed.

Beauty sleep for the both of us

Lounging for the both of us.

But, like most of the country winter weather was headed Nashville’s way.

It's coming....

The snow was already falling up north.

Because winter weather makes folks in Nashville lose their sanity with even just the mention of frozen precipitation (I shit you not. The grocery stores were nearly out of milk and bread yesterday and local schools cancelled Monday classes by noon Sunday. Yes, you read that right), I joined in on the crazy.

It started by me taking in a soaking wet, shivering, hungry stray that sat by my door in 17 degree weather, greeting me upon my arrival home (and no, this isn’t the same stray I posted about last week. Someone is dumping cats in my apartment complex and if I catch you doing it, I WILL END YOU).  Knowing I couldn’t let the little guy freeze to death I scooped him up, dried him off and set up shop for him in the bathroom.


Hello? This paw is still wet.

The next morning I took him to the vet to be sure he didn’t have leukemia, kitty AIDS and got him vaccinated.

After he received a clean bill of health, I brought him back home – adding another cray to the notch in my already crazy cat lady belt.

Lost my goddamn mind

WTF have you brought into my house?

While I let kit cats sniff one another out, Ted was cautious at first glance.

Then New Cat started to explore the mini-manse.

Polite strangers

Perched politely.

Ted became quite the host after a few minutes, overseeing the little guy’s every move. Even in the makeshift litter pan I put in the guest bath.

Host with the most, even in the bathroom

Yep. That looks about right.

While Ted and New Cat never even uttered a meow, hiss or low growl at one another, our house guest made it extremely clear he would rather be outside in the zero degree temperature.

Let me the hell out of here!

Caged in the warmest of jails. Poor thing.


Spending the first day and night in a window, meowing the meow of his people to be let outside.

Of course this cat was forced to stay inside a warm apartment with ample food and water. The horror!

I am on the search to find him a home – anyone want a sweet little kit cat between one and two years old? I’d keep him but Ted’s got a food allergy (so low maintenance, just like his mama) and his food costs $60 per bag. Can’t swing that for two cats. So c’mon…who wants a new fur baby?

What better way to end a weekend than with football playoffs?  Even little B & B in Iowa couldn’t tear their eyes away from the Packers/49ers game.

Go Greenbay Go!

Go Green Bay Go!

After wrangling cats this morning, I was greeted with a slight dusting of snow, frozen shut doors and an engine that refused to start for 10 minutes.

No problem

No problem for a former Iowa girl.

While I poured a bucket of hot water down my driver’s side door to gain entry, here’s hoping I can open it when I want to go home from work tonight.

Hope you are finding yourself warm (with a pantry stocked of bread and a fridge full of milk) wherever you are on this winter day.




62 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Crazy Style

  1. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Crazy Cat Lady here you come! You have a really good soul. I would have taken him in too.

  2. SerachShiro says:

    Beautiful post and you had a great Christmas holidays I see 🙂 ! That little tiny cat is so sweet, hope that you will find someone who will care for him because you’re right that it becomes too expensive even if I think that Teddy wouldn’t mind to have some company ! 🙂

  3. CoCo says:

    omg someone is totally trying to turn you into a crazy cat lady!

  4. Congratulation on this latest step toward Crazy Catladyhood! You make crazy catladies all over America proud! The rest of us just chuckle.

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