Weekend Winks – Crazy Style

Party Girl not pooped.

Party Girl not pooped.

After all of my Christmas partying shenanigans, I thought the weekends would calm down a bit after ringing in 2014.

Holiday gifts were being worn with pride.

CBXB nephew style

A little CBXB style for my Iowa nephew.

The goodbye to last year was guzzled away by yours truly.

Kiss my ass 2013!

Kiss my ass 2013!

New Year’s resolutions were promised to be followed.


I got this.

My gulping abilities were being mimicked by a new generation (my heart bursts with pride).

Milk chugging champ.

Milk chugging champ.

And Ted lazed the days away on his new favorite tissue bed.

Beauty sleep for the both of us

Lounging for the both of us.

But, like most of the country winter weather was headed Nashville’s way.

It's coming....

The snow was already falling up north.

Because winter weather makes folks in Nashville lose their sanity with even just the mention of frozen precipitation (I shit you not. The grocery stores were nearly out of milk and bread yesterday and local schools cancelled Monday classes by noon Sunday. Yes, you read that right), I joined in on the crazy.

It started by me taking in a soaking wet, shivering, hungry stray that sat by my door in 17 degree weather, greeting me upon my arrival home (and no, this isn’t the same stray I posted about last week. Someone is dumping cats in my apartment complex and if I catch you doing it, I WILL END YOU).Β  Knowing I couldn’t let the little guy freeze to death I scooped him up, dried him off and set up shop for him in the bathroom.


Hello? This paw is still wet.

The next morning I took him to the vet to be sure he didn’t have leukemia, kitty AIDS and got him vaccinated.

After he received a clean bill of health, I brought him back home – adding another cray to the notch in my already crazy cat lady belt.

Lost my goddamn mind

WTF have you brought into my house?

While I let kit cats sniff one another out, Ted was cautious at first glance.

Then New Cat started to explore the mini-manse.

Polite strangers

Perched politely.

Ted became quite the host after a few minutes, overseeing the little guy’s every move. Even in the makeshift litter pan I put in the guest bath.

Host with the most, even in the bathroom

Yep. That looks about right.

While Ted and New Cat never even uttered a meow, hiss or low growl at one another, our house guest made it extremely clear he would rather be outside in the zero degree temperature.

Let me the hell out of here!

Caged in the warmest of jails. Poor thing.


Spending the first day and night in a window, meowing the meow of his people to be let outside.

Of course this cat was forced to stay inside a warm apartment with ample food and water. The horror!

I am on the search to find him a home – anyone want a sweet little kit cat between one and two years old? I’d keep him but Ted’s got a food allergy (so low maintenance, just like his mama) and his food costs $60 per bag. Can’t swing that for two cats. So c’mon…who wants a new fur baby?

What better way to end a weekend than with football playoffs?Β  Even little B & B in Iowa couldn’t tear their eyes away from the Packers/49ers game.

Go Greenbay Go!

Go Green Bay Go!

After wrangling cats this morning, I was greeted with a slight dusting of snow, frozen shut doors and an engine that refused to start for 10 minutes.

No problem

No problem for a former Iowa girl.

While I poured a bucket of hot water down my driver’s side door to gain entry, here’s hoping I can open it when I want to go home from work tonight.

Hope you are finding yourself warm (with a pantry stocked of bread and a fridge full of milk) wherever you are on this winter day.




62 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Crazy Style

  1. I think you should have stayed home from work and monitored your kitties. No sparkle girl should have to work when it’s cold! I bet they are snuggled up together when you get back home. Actually, with the % of alcohol in your blood, I’m sure you’ll stay warm HA HA

    • Oh you got the reasoning for my warmth right! Hee hee.
      Couldn’t agree with you more on sparkle girls needing to stay home but since I can’t I’m hoping the couch isn’t shredded to bits when I return home. But the cats have been beyond polite to one another – fingers crossed it stays that way!

  2. markbialczak says:

    The new kitty looks a bit like a skunk. Easy mistaken identity after too much Captain or Moonshine, CBXB. Careful in the days until somebody adopts the little stinker from you. Happy New Year!

  3. I would definitely take the cat… Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near you and I don’t live alone.


    Happy New Year!

  4. Where to start?!
    You Tube-esque cut out or New Cat?! Well natch I’ll take the cashmere cutie pie sweater on nephew!
    New Cat will be wallowing in his fat free milk once it hits him that he was this close to the high life. 😦
    Sorry the snow found you – is it sparkly when it falls near you?!

  5. You’re like a cat magnet! These posts are funny up until there are 6 cats or more in the apartment, at which time I will drive to Nashville myself to intervene.

    • HAHA! Yes, it’s all fun and games until the cats start piling up…oh Lord. I’m already fully aware of my crazy status and collecting cats…just not a good quality. You may be packing a cooler full of BL Lime and headed this way before you know it. Just please bring a video camera so we can share with the world. Please.

  6. I’m constantly amazed that Nashville shuts down at the mere mention it MIGHT or MIGHT NOT snow/rain/sunshine.

  7. Strewth, forget the milk just make sure there is plenty of the Captain in the bar! πŸ˜‰

  8. Poor New Cat… thanks for taking care of him! Who can let a kitty out by 17 degrees?!

  9. Glad you were able to rescue New Kitty before he became a catsicle. No animal should be left out in this weather. It’s a wonder how so many survive! Sounds like the last week has been very eventful indeed.

    • I’m happy I was able to rescue New Kitty too. I don’t know how animals survive in such cold temperatures but somehow they do. Although a little wet cat wouldn’t have probably fared so well. I’m hoping my curtains are still hanging when I get home from work today, though!

  10. so im packing up the ol dell and headin to your place..should be there when you get home..ill be the stray with a computer..whats for dinner..

    • Oh fabulous! It’s the more the merrier at this cray cray cat ladies place. I’ll be serving dry duck and green pea food, as that’s what Ted can eat. Does that sound alright? I’m glad you’re bringing your own entertainment, however. We can blog together tonight. See you soon!

      • well..its a little cold to travel..and im still packing..seems i have more stuff than i remembered..might be there tomorrow..duck sounds good though..what the heck is green pea food..does ted really eat that..

      • Ted’s food is a combo of duck and green pea. But, his fave snack is frozen green peas mashed on a plate. I discovered this by leaving a warm bag of peas open on the counter and returned to see TB with his entire head in the bag…weirdo!

  11. You are fast becoming a kitty magnet; I have handed over the baton!

  12. Tracy says:

    Aw, I can’t stand to see an animal hungry or cold! Last year was the ONLY year so far we haven’t had dumped animals (thank goodness!). I even felt sorry for my birds as I ran out of bird seed. Hubby was so nice to stop and get some for me. Now the birdies are happy too!!

    • You and I are kindred spirits, Tracy. I had to run out and get bird seed as well yesterday, as I was out and worried about the birds. Glad you haven’t had any animals dumped lately! It just breaks my heart – and gets me so mad all at the same time. I’m glad New Cat picked my door for safe keeping!

  13. JMC813 says:

    Another great post. Glad to see T-Bear observing and showing New Kitty the ropes from above. One thing tho. As a northern Ca. boy (Insert laughter here…..Boy…HAHA) I must hope that even from Iowa your lil niece and nephew were secretly rooting for my Niners!!!!

    • Of course little B & B were rooting for the Niners. Our old Iowa Hawkeye kicker, Nate Kaeding, played for the Chargers, which being in California made us root for the Niners. Like the logic?!

      • JMC813 says:

        Kaeding was a hawkeye? I had him on my fantasy team one year. He had a good year if I remember correctly. And good. Glad those kids are being raised on the right teams. lol. And whatever logic would cause you or anybody not from here to root for the Niner’s I fully endorse.

      • Kaeding was one of the best kickers the Hawks ever had by far. I don’t think he had too many bad years in the NFL – pretty spot on. I like how you appreciate my logic!

      • JMC813 says:

        Apreciate it? HELL, it’s more like I feel I relate to it sometimes. lol. You’ve heard of six degree’s of separation? Seems our logic follows that principle as well. Where does Kevin Bacon fit in tho? LMAO

      • Hmmm…I’m sure I can find the incorporation of Kevin Bacon somewhere….

      • JMC813 says:

        Okay hopefully you have heard of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon and that didn’t come across as some really obscure random reference. LOL. I can be random but not THAT random. lol

      • Nope. I know all about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon!

  14. FreeUrCloset says:

    I bet if new kitty sticks around, he’ll be sleeping in Ted’s Juicy Couture bed in no time, no? πŸ˜‰
    The pic of your newphew and the dog peeking out…so stinkin’ cute!

  15. Aww congrats on the new kitty!!!! I can’t believe even the kitty cage is pink too. Hehehe. Stay warm!

  16. I love all the photos! Such a nice thing of you to look after the kitty πŸ™‚ Have a great day! xx

  17. markbialczak says:

    Hey funny lady, I have nominated you for The Lighthouse Award. Your posts always open my eyes, CBXB!

  18. kellisamson says:

    Oh, my! In the early 90’s I got stuck in Nashville during their “great blizzard” {which is laughable to anyone from anywhere else!}. I know exactly what they’re talking about. Be safe! Hope you can just stay home. xo

    • Wish I could just stay home! But thankfully I know how to drive in a quarter inch of snow. It’s so funny seeing everyone freak out. But it is cold for here, getting below zero. Hope you’re staying warm way up North!!

  19. LifeOfBun says:

    That… that’s a polka dot cocktail glass is it not? I need some of those to baptise our new home. (Happy late New Year!)

  20. Aussa Lorens says:

    That YouBoob costume is brilliant. And aw, the kitteh you spoke of! I love that he is yowling to be free… this reminds me of the one cat I rescued. Yep, that might need to be a blog post at some point. I hope you find a home for him! The photo of Ted looking into the carrier is hilarious.

    • Isn’t the YouBoob awesome? It was a Christmas present from good friends. I wish they knew me better.
      I can’t wait to hear about your cat rescue…mine is going pretty well, although no home found yet. New Cat has been very busy sleeping, meowing his brains out, and sleeping again. Poor little guy!

  21. Congratulation on this latest step toward Crazy Catladyhood! You make crazy catladies all over America proud! The rest of us just chuckle.

  22. CoCo says:

    omg someone is totally trying to turn you into a crazy cat lady!

  23. SerachShiro says:

    Beautiful post and you had a great Christmas holidays I see πŸ™‚ ! That little tiny cat is so sweet, hope that you will find someone who will care for him because you’re right that it becomes too expensive even if I think that Teddy wouldn’t mind to have some company ! πŸ™‚

  24. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Crazy Cat Lady here you come! You have a really good soul. I would have taken him in too.

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