Snow Day Shenanigans

What a light snowfall looks like above the Mason-Dixon line

I'm a lotta help. But I look cute.

Helping Dad shovel the sidewalk. The broom was a big help.

Growing up in rural Iowa, no one batted an eye when several inches (or feet) of snow, high winds and freezing temperatures were included in the forecast for the next day. No one rushed home early from work clogging up the streets, made a mad dash to the grocery stores buying all of the milk and bread in sight and no one abandoned their vehicles on the side of the road due to the frozen flakes falling from the sky (as people tend to do in my current state of Tennessee).

Anytime winter weather is in the forecast, the South freaks the fuck out.

No shit.

Hurry! Get all of the bread you can get your hands on! One quarter-inch of snow is predicted! Photo from

Where I grew up, school was never, ever cancelled the night before predicted winter weather – which often included blizzards, sleet, hail or subzero temperatures and wind chills (in Tennessee, entire counties and districts will call off school if any meteorologist utters the word “snow” during the weather segment).

Getting a snow day in Iowa was about as possible as Martians landing in the community park.


I wish I may, I wish I might, please let the snowfall cancel school for my delight.

So it was a rare treat when the phone (that was connected to the kitchen wall – oh the good ‘ol days) would ring in the wee hours of the morning announcing that school was cancelled (mostly because the buses couldn’t make the trip to get kids in the country).  Instead of sleeping one moment more, my sister and I got our asses out of bed like it was Christmas morning, adorned ourselves in all kinds of snow gear and headed out to play in the wonderland of white (usually with our cousins, the Morris boys, who lived right across the street).

It takes this kind of snow to shut down schools in Iowa.

It takes this kind of snow to even think about shutting down schools in the North.

Documented below is one of the funnest snow days in history (well, my history).

First we got to sled in the road, which felt like we were breaking all kind of societal rules.

The dog.

How ’bout my mom’s shit kickers? So warm in subzero temperatures.

Second, my sister and I built snowmen complete with cute, cozy accessories (mine came off of my body).

Sacrificing my warmth for a fashionable snow man...or maybe snow gal with the pink stocking hat.

Sacrificing my warmth for a fashionable snowman, naturally.

Then, the Morris boys thought it would be a good idea to dig through the snow to Timbuktu.  I would rather have made snow angels and bedazzle my handmade snow creatures but of course I agreed to help excavate (as I had a cute shovel I wanted to put to use – and by I, I mean my cousin Derek. My fingernail mantra has always been ‘jewels, not tools’ apparently).

Can we live here?

Can we live here?

I thought it was nothing short of a winter miracle when my dad and Uncle Lewis came out to play with us, constructing a snow fort out of a drift in my backyard, complete with a tunnel – diverting the dig to faraway lands (thank GOD – I was getting tired of being the project manager).

All these years later, I long for a true snow day to build (well, rather sit on my ample derriere and watch my cousins, dad and uncle construct) a fort.

But then again, I live in a state that has snow days with no snow.

Anyone want to road trip it to Iowa?



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50 thoughts on “Snow Day Shenanigans

  1. kellisamson says:

    I’ll road trip it to Iowa! Or Montana. My childhood in the Adirondacks was just like that. Oh, how I miss real snow, guaranteed to fall each year, and the people who know how to drive in it! These pictures are so cute!

    • Thanks! It’s the driving in this ‘weather’ down here that drives me bonkers! I didn’t realize how conditioned I was until the first snow fall in Nashville. Whoa, baby! I’ll meet you in Montana or Iowa anytime!

  2. What fun pics! I’m not jealous of your snow, though. 🙂

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    I have friends that live in MI and IL that laugh when they close schools here in SC because it’s too cold.

  4. So many cute snow day pictures… I love the snow shenanigans here in NY, an excuse to stay home.

  5. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Bunch of wussies in the south. A few inches of snow and you all panic?

    Jeez, what happens if you all get a real blizzard one day? Do what I do. Stay inside and drink.

    • Oh I see you do as I do. Stay inside and drink! Isn’t that just a grand plan?
      And yes, we’re wussies in the South. Although I will say there are only about four salt trucks for the whole city. And people here have trouble driving in the rain, so you can imagine that light snowfall is cause for mass hysteria.

  6. JMC813 says:

    Let me know when they invent WARM snow. I love the beauty but HATE the cold. It’s good to be Californian. LOL

  7. Nancy Brown says:

    Love the blog and the snow 30 degrees be nice.

  8. Dang, you were a cute little munchkin! No wonder you were such a daddy’s girl. He never stood a chance.

  9. SerachShiro says:

    Love everything what has to do with snow, I think I’m just a romantic little girl in that and 3 years ago here in Italy schools were shut done for almost 2 weeks and we had an amazing time (me and my kids) it was if we were on vacation and every day we went out to play and walk out in that beautiful wonder winter-land even if the vans didn’t anymore delivered any vegetables at the stores I loved it !

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