My Number Ones

365 days my twin niece and nephew have been here,

It’s now time to celebrate their inaugural year!


The first time I saw you so tiny and new,

Image 62

All snuggled up together, I really had no clue.

Image 23

What fun the two of you would be,

Image 1

or how you’d take my heart on an endless love spree.

Image 63

Whether in your birthday suits

Image 44

or bundled up in snow boots,

Image 45

I’ve fallen hard core for your kisses galore.

Image 12

Passing down my love for fashion,

Image 9

I’m proud you both can rock’n’roll, watching TV with my passion.

Image 3

Making my heart grow in size times two,

Image 4

With your constant giggles,

Image 8

and gleeful squeals,

All encompassed within your year of debut.

Image 6

As you climb for the big times and continue to grow,

Image 10

During all of the seasons that will come and go,

Image 5

I hope you always remember

that the two of you are my heart’s greatest treasure.

Image 11

Today as you party having all kinds of fun,

Image 12

I’m raising my glass to my two favorite people turning the big number one.

We love you!
Auntie CBXB and Ted


71 thoughts on “My Number Ones

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