Weekend Winks – The Big One

This Nashville girl logged an 18 hour round trip to celebrate my niece and nephew’s first birthday in Iowa over the weekend.

Super Princess on her big day.

Princess Supergirl…well worth the drive.

One times two.

First birthday times two.

Never knowing what January will bring to an Iowa winter, we were greeted with freshly fallen snow upon our arrival to the Hawkeye State.


Appreciate it, Mother Nature.

And for those Southern folks who often glaze over in a blank stare when I talk about a snow blower, here’s what one looks like in action…

Snow blower Winter lawn care in the North

Northern winter lawn care for driveways and sidewalks.

Trying to be a cool kid at the twins’ table, I joined in on the hottest new accessory.

Eating like a bebe

Does this bib clash with my leopard?

My dogphew kept constantly reminding me that he was still alive and kickin’ (since he only gets a portion of attention since the arrival of the twins a year ago) and took every chance he got to bowl me over. Literally.

Insistent. I started in a seated position

This cuddle started in an upright position.

We headed to the mother of all grocery stores, Hy-Vee (please, please, please expand to Tennessee) and stocked up on our party faves for the big first birthday party.

Iowa's version of Will Ferrell in elf.

Iowa’s version of Will Ferrell as an elf.

I died and went to heaven when I walked (skipped, jumped, sprinted) through the liquor aisles at the grocery.

Holy Heaven.

Holy Heaven. AND you can buy on Sundays.

Watching my sister prep the birthday cakes was tough as I sat pondering how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop

Big help

Wine, sippy cup and a sucker. Party on.

I finally got off of my perch and aided in the most difficult kitchen task of all – holding cake pans waiting to be placed into the oven.

Expert pan holder.

Expert pan holder.

I should have stayed sitting on my ass, as I almost immediately sustained a head injury crawling around on the floor after my niece.

Sustained head injury

Hard headed woman.

Party day started with three super heroes rolling around in my bed…

Party day

Supergirl, Captain America, Might Dog and a powerless Auntie CBXB.

As I frolicked in the packed bed, party prep was underway.

Pops in place

Cape adorned pops in place.

Mighty decor

A party try fit for Superman.

Most important elements

Kryptonite corner. My favorite place.

The stars of the day jumped into their birthday best.

All gussied up...

All gussied up as Supergirl.

Captain Smiley Pants

Captain Smiley Pants

Even my dogphew got into the groove…

mighty Dog

Mighty Dog. Mightily embarrassed but oh-so-cute.

We set up a super hero tattoo parlor, morphing the average every day grandpa into an extraordinary man of steel.

This will only hurt a little bit

Clark Kent at 60.

Super Gpa

Super hero transformation complete. Obviously.

Running out of room in the freezer, we had a moment of panic until we realized it was beyond cold enough to keep our extra party goods on the deck.

Extra freezer. The outdoors.

Thanks for keeping our ice and hash browns frozen, Mother Nature.

It was then time to disrobe and dismantle birthday cakes like tiny wrecking balls.


Demolition success!


Double fisting.

The sweet super heroes even shared cake with their mom when she went in for a birthday kiss.

Birthday Kisses for mom

Thoughtful twins.

Thankfully there was no need to dispense a cleaning crew, as Mighty Dog was around.

Who needs a Swifer when you have a real, live vaccum?

Who needs a Swiffer when you have a real, live vacuum?

While my dogphew got the baby chairs so clean they sparkled, the kitchen sink was turned into a make shift bathtub.

Bday rinse all eyes on moi, pretty please.

Princess wanted all eyes on her….

Please no.

…while our little Prince was a tad more embarrassed.

It was time for gifts after the Great Cake Incident and no one was more excited than yours truly to try out the new toys much to my niece’s dismay.

Mine. mine. mine.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

She took about three seconds to realize that this was her party and no one rides her trike. Not even fun Auntie CBXB.

It's my party...

It’s her party and she’ll cry if she…well, you know.

After giving the trike back, it was time for our nine-hour trek home with a final destination that ended up like this…

Sleeping the holiday away.

Home sweet Teddy.

Who knew recovering from a first birthday party could be such a hard task?



32 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – The Big One

  1. FreeUrCloset says:

    Oh you had me at “Supergirl”! — a girl after my own heart, and forget Chris Evans, that is one major Captain America baby candy! Between those two adorable munchkins, the handsomest dogphew (please don’t tell Mr Pretty Kitty I said this about another dog), and lets not forget the awesomest Kryptonite corner ever, this is one fabulous party fit for a super prince and princess! Happy Birthday to the two cuties. Looks like Ted’s happy to have his fabulous mommy back, bibs, tattoos and all. 😜 XOXO Nensi

  2. paws2smile says:

    Haha! Love the dog costume! And that’s the nice thing about living around here (I’m in S. Dakota), during these months you come in your car & your soda will always be nice & cold! 🙂

  3. That party just wouldn’t have been the same without your invaluable help in the kitchen. What cute little super heroes, and dogphew looks so cute in his outfit. btw, that bib is really stunning on you. 🙂

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