Is This Heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

Miracles do happen.

Miracles do happen.

Living in Tennessee, you can’t buy booze or wine anywhere other than a liquor store. I found this out the hard way, searching for a bottle of anything one Sunday afternoon shortly upon my relocation to Nashville (the horror of having to drink water with supper).  You also can’t buy anything other than beer on Sundays after 12pm, which makes one have to pre-plan for any and all Sunday situations (hard for this blonde brain of mine).

If you’re a regular reader, you’re well aware that I’m fond of a cocktail (or five) and often partake in libations with family and friends.

Keeping it classy.

My own version of Kevin Costner keeping his $10 handle of vodka classy with his plastic bag decanter.

One of my favorite pastimes when visiting my home state of Iowa is perusing the most fabulous grocery store of all time, Hy-Vee. With sparkling clean floors, produce that appears to have been grown in the backyard and Chinese food that would put PF Chang’s to shame, there’s not only a helpful smile in every aisle…

My version of grocery store Heaven.

Grocery store heaven.



Unofficial spokesperson for the booze section of Hy-Vee. Which is why I’m wearing sunglasses inside like an asshole.

In Iowa (as in many other smart states), you are able to buy liquor, wine and beer any and every day of the week. You can get it at the grocery store, gas stations, Walgreens, Target, Walmart or a liquor store.

Image 2

Just a regular Sunday. Milk, bread, vodka and eggs.

I forgot how easy one stop shopping could be as I twirled my way through the rows upon rows of libations, calling my name for their inclusion in my shopping cart. It’s my own personal field of dreams.

Image 155

If you build it, I will come.

As if picking a gigantic bottle of wine up with my gluten-free crackers wasn’t enough to send me over the edge of bliss, I can also shop for my all time fave collegiate sports team…the Iowa Hawkeyes, while on my way to the check out.

Hawkeye stuff

Intoxicating spirits and team spirits all in the same place?! Be still my beating heart.

While Tennessee is thisclose to passing a bill that would allow wine to be sold in grocery stores (which would be fabulous, of course), I’m lazy and want it all in one place. Because even if this bill passes, I still have to make an extra stop for my beloved Captain, vodka and moonshine.

However, I will still be tickled pink (what other color could I be, really?) if it turns out Tennesseans are able to buy wine at the grocery in the near future.

It's a double fisting miracle!

Double the pleasure. Double the fun.

Until then, I will be dancing in the heavenly Hy-Vee liquor aisles with reckless abandon.

Until you hear “clean up in rum aisle” over the loud speaker.



29 thoughts on “Is This Heaven? No, it’s Iowa.

  1. SerachShiro says:

    Oh you were in candy-land :), you bought maybe also some for back at home ? ! Here in Italy we don’t have that problem if you want alcoholics you can get it not only in a liquor shop but in all kind of Supermarkets and also on Sunday !

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