Weekend Winks – Babies and Booze

Just passing time away at a baby shower.

My version of a baby bottle.

Is there any better way to spend a Nashville weekend than hanging with cats (naturally), friends and cocktails?

Of course there’s not.

Much to Teddy’s annoyance, we’re still housing the little fur ball that we rescued a few weeks ago. I’m affectionately calling him New Cat, so as not to fall in love with the sweet boy as I try to find him a more permanent home.

Is my shadow still here?

Beyond annoyed with his new shadow.

In great effort to hide from his newest best friend, Ted tried to obstruct himself in a mound of pillows.

Hide out

So not invisible.

My two favorite people turned one last weekend and at their super hero themed party, I acquired a temporary tattoo…

My favorite pair

Super Girl with her sidekick, Captain Cutie Pie.

…that still resides on my forearm one week later (I swear I shower).

Temporary my ass.

Temporary my ass.

Sporting my Incredible Hulk ink, I headed to a baby shower for my gal pal Coco (the Shit Dip recipe creator) who is expecting twins this spring.

Baking twins 'til April.

You can barely tell she’s baking babies, can you?

Seeing an assortment of friends, mostly all moms or mothers-to-be made the afternoon fly by.

Which one of these is not like the other...

Which one of these is not like the other…

Two non moms.

The two non-moms.

To avert anyone from thinking I was carrying anything other than alcohol in my belly under my billowy shirt, we made signs to ease minds.

Twins for one. Skinny Pirates for another...

Twins for her. Skinny Pirates for yours truly.

As the shindig wound down, it was time to clear out the wine bottles and of course I was more than happy to put my expert gulping skills to use.

Sombody's got to do it.

Stand back and let a classy professional kill it.

While I was downing all of the vino east of the Mississippi, my Iowa nephew was eating all of the watermelon west of the river.



I love spending a Sunday parked in front of the TV, gussied up in my finest pjs, snuggled down with Ted. Which is why my body almost went into shock as I went against my weekly ritual to watch the Grammy Awards at a viewing party last night.

Stop. Grammy time.

Stop. Grammy time.

Joining a fine trio of fellas at the party, we decided it was time to bring our band out of retirement and grace the over saturated Nashville music scene with our presence again.

You’re welcome Nashville.

In celebration of our revival we had a hard time paying attention to the awards show.



But when we turned our attention toward the big screen, it tended to look like this….


Um…was that Madonna?

Which made this morning all the more fun as I groggily got myself up for work.

But as I left my mini manse, a certain pouty pants of a Bear had a friend helping him bid me adieu on his favorite perch.


Peacefully sharing the view together…

Think my resident fur ball is falling for New Cat?



47 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Babies and Booze

  1. SerachShiro says:

    You had a great time I see like always and that belly of your fiend was …….omg ! Seeing your nephew eating the watermelon, how πŸ™‚ cute and funny, hahaha and I love New Cat, can’t you keep him, I think also Mr. Ted is already friends with him ! ?

  2. vudragovich says:

    Mr. Ted appears in full disdain of New Kat. And if you look at that last photo, there is not even a friendly tail extended. I hope Mr Ted does not notice the pixels you are wasting on “that other thing” invading his photos πŸ˜‰ But New Kat seems nice enough, I also notice he laid on your paperwork, I am sure he knocked off your desk (very kat like skills)

    • You’ve got a keen cat eye! Not only is Ted in full disdain (as I still look for a new home for New Cat), our newest addition did manage to sit right on my paperwork that he ever so gracefully knocked off the table…!

  3. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Teddy does not look amused there. He is plotting that cats demise.

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Love the two kitties sitting together although I can sure imagine the Tedster not being initially thrilled.
    Those belly contents signs were hysterical!

  5. Wow, New Cat is real cute, but I can totally see Teddy not being amused about the addition….

  6. Aussa Lorens says:

    Ha, poor Ted. Also! There is an epidemic of twins going on around you, watch out.

  7. kellisamson says:

    are those really your old band mates? Is it really happening?! I am squealing!

  8. Tedstar not loving your new house guest?

    • Tedstar is beginning to warm up to the new house guest. Slowly. And I think he is secretly enjoying showing a younger cat ‘the ropes’ but of course he would never want me to know this. (I caught him giving New Cat a quick bath this morning).

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