Weekend Winks – Girls Night Out

A wild girls night out in Nashville is the proper way to kick-off any weekend, isn’t it?

Bend it like Beckham a crazy dame.

Party boots? Check. Flask in purse? Check. A gaggle of girls? Check.

While already excited to get down with some fabulous ladies, I had an extra reason to celebrate Friday night. I received notice that my college loans were paid IN FULL! While I waited to no avail for balloons to drop from the ceiling in mad celebration, I was in a tad state of shock as I was sure I’d be paying off my education for the rest of my life.

Celebrate good times!

Oh yeah! Only took what felt like 100 years to complete.

So you can bet your ass I did some cocktailing before being escorted to our party bus.

What's GNO without a pre-party cocktail?

Sharing my excitement with you. You’re welcome.

Of course the evening was zero fun. Especially after we started off lightly with Jagermeister.

Nothing a little Jager can't cure

Taking it back college style. Classy, I know.

All of the libations turned me into a lean (kinda bloated from booze, really), mean (I couldn’t stop smiling, so technically a nice) dancing machine.

Automatic dance party.

Can someone please tell the bus driver to not hit any bumps?

And the party just didn’t seem to stop even after we were told to vacate the bus.

Such a good idea

I’m not leaving until this bottle is empty. Sorry. Not sorry.

With every intention of going to hot yoga on Saturday morning, Teddy kinda took over by demanding I stay in bed.

No yoga for you.

No yoga for you.

When I tried to sneak out of the coziness of snuggles, this was the look I was given…

Are you sure? I'm positive.

Leave and you will pay.

So while I was held captive in my own bed (oh the horror) rehydrating, the Iowa twins decided on careers in which they’ll be embarking.


A concert pianist for my niece.

Dog whisperer

A dog whisperer for my nephew.

While my heart was bursting with pride over the two cuties’ productiveness, I forced my feet to hit the floor and took to doing household chores Saturday afternoon. With help from my furiend, of course.

Dishwasher extraordinaire.

Dishwasher extraordinaire.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear was a package from one of my fave bloggers, Princess Rosebud from Enchanted Seashells.

Fun in the snail mail!

Fun from snail mail!

Her hubs makes fabulous bracelets and I was lucky enough to receive one!

Bring it.

The green bead stands for wealth and prosperity. BRING IT.

I was also given a pre-Valentine’s Day gift (PVG) in the form of a t-shirt from Mama.


I wish she knew me better.

The perfect ending to a party weekend?

Watching the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead with one hand over my eyes.

Walking Dean wine time!

Walking Wine time!

I suggest watching this TV show in the light of day, not right before you wish to fall asleep (which must be why I’m bleary eyed this am).

Here’s hoping you have a fabulous week.



44 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Girls Night Out

  1. marisaporter says:

    Yeah, I’d love to say I “sparkle” after 90 minutes of bikram yoga. I’m more like a rain cloud of sweat.

  2. Girl, those BOOTS say PARTY hard, that’s for sure. They also say slip and fall lawsuit ha ha. I may be old, but I still loves me some Jaegermeister. Ice cold, holla!

  3. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    Well, goodness gracious great balls of fire! It runs in the family! haha.

  4. markbialczak says:

    The boots ‘n’ hair shot is one darn fine way to start off your Winks column, CBXB. The puss ‘n’ laptop shot practically shouts out Saturday morning. And have you ever shut the Tedster into the dishwasher and turned it on by mistake? Kitty comes clean! The twinsies choose a career path and you pay off the college education on the same weekend. Oh, the irony of it all. Happy Monday, my friend.

    • I didn’t think about the irony (mostly because I’m blonde) but now that you mention it – hey-oh! I haven’t shut Ted in the dishwasher yet but since he keeps on insisting in helping with the chore, he might find himself awfully clean one of these days!

  5. Do you ever stop moving? I mean, I know you have to sleep sometimes, but I wish I had your energy. The past Saturday, it was needed for a friend’s birthday, and I ended up in bed before midnight.

    Be ready for a gratuitous pussy shot in an upcoming post; Lou was hamming it up today.

  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    Looks like both you and Ted had a great weekend! Excellent!

  7. OOOOOH LOVE LOVE LOVE the bus idea! And that bottle of jag is just about perfection!
    Glad the Tedster talked you out of hot yoga – that could have ended badly considering Friday night!

  8. FreeUrCloset says:

    “F” me boots and jagermeister always equals a fabulous weekend, no?!

  9. Out of curiosity. The first picture….were you trying to give yourself a cranial rectal inversion? πŸ˜‰

  10. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Woo Hoo! No more college loans! Drink to that!

  11. kellisamson says:

    What an awesome girls night out! There must’ve been a whole gaggle of you if you needed a party bus! Congrats on paying off those loans – one of the best feelings ever!

  12. Well done you for paying off the loans!! A great reason to celebrate! πŸ™‚ xx


  13. curvyroads says:

    Congrats on paying off the loans! Perfect reason to party, even if you do use it all year! πŸ˜€

  14. You are one of those bloggers I normally miss anytime i go AWOL… Lovely post as always and congrats on the loan… Have a great year ahead

  15. SerachShiro says:

    Congrats with paying of the loans, and what a great beginnings picture ! Wish I had a pair of boots like those, gorgeous and have a lovely evening πŸ™‚ !

  16. Mama knows best, love the t-shirt.

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