Will You Be My Mani-tine?


A Valentine mani.

No holiday passes CBXB by without the need to paint my nails gaudily accordingly.  So here’s my stab at melting hearts with my mani this week.

I used a trio of colors to achieve my look:


Salon Perfect in Silver Plated, Sally Hansen in White On and Orly in Star Spangled.

After applying one swipe of base coat, I painted two coats of White On and let it dry a few minutes.

Step One

Then, I put a thick coat of Orly’s Star Spangled on the tips of my talons.

Add the red

To take the gaudiness up a notch, I applied a thin line of Silver Plated in between the red and white hues. Followed by one swipe of my all-time favorite Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat.


Then I did what any grown woman does after painting her nails.  I started matching my nails to Valentine’s decor.

Image 59

Be mine.

Be mine.

And why stop at decor, when you can color coordinate your mani to the wine you’ll be guzzling?

What pants?

The cork in this bottle reads “Who wears the pants? I wear the pants.” No one tell Teddy!

Now I just need to get a matching wine glass (or two – you know, one for each manicured hand).



41 thoughts on “Will You Be My Mani-tine?

  1. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Color matching to your drinking. I’m impressed.

  2. You’re about as close to ornate manis as I tend to get, so I really enjoy when you post them. 🙂

  3. FreeUrCloset says:

    Ooh la la…love the mani. Being able to match the nails to the wine bottle and glasses is a testament to your talent and creativity ;P
    Happy love week friend! xoxo N&N

  4. LOVE the name of the fine valentine vintage!
    The mani is appropriately festive, although personally I am digging the plain white. By the by, phenom talons my bloggie buddy!

  5. You and your nails really have a sense of occasion. You never disappoint. 🙂

  6. Phil Lanoue says:

    You are always so seasonally color coordinated!
    What’s Ted’s V Day outfit going to be? Will he be appropriately mortified over your choice?!?

    • I am searching for angel wings so he can be Cupid. But no bow and arrow for the ferocious feline (as we all know he’d use it on me). You should have seen the dude’s face at Pet Smart when I asked if they had wings for cats.

  7. markbialczak says:

    You nailed the color for this holiday, CBXB.

  8. Tracy says:

    O love your mani’s!!!

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