Oh how I love my heels.

They’re fun to prance around in, add height to my shortish frame and clickity clack when I walk all over the office (driving co-workers to want to put their head in a pencil sharpener) announcing my presence before my booming voice can do it for me.

Love me

Fee-fi-fo-fum I’m stomping around just for fun.

I especially love when I score a pair of Sam Edelman’s at TJ Maxx and must showcase immediately.

TJ Love

Yep. I’m a Maxxinista.

Thing is, I often feel like I can do regular tasks while wearing my stilts.ย  For instance at work, I needed to move the kitchen table to make room for another chair.

Why take my heels off when I could look fashionable while performing an ordinary chore?

Tough table

No table is too tough for my stiletto adorned feet.

As I was moving the chairs here and there….

Tough Table

Three’s a crowd.

…I accidentally stepped on the top of my left foot with the right heel of my fabulous pumps and this happened…


Down the rabbit hole with no Alice in sight.

As I ungracefully hit the concrete floor, my eyes were greeted with black ceiling tiles once I was able to open them after being clenched shut due to the precise pin pointing of pain I inflicted on my own foot (which would be blonde moment 1, 568,209).


Hello Blondie. You’re an idiot in your shoes.

Before I could glance around, making sure I made an ass out of myself for my entertainment only, I felt my eyes get watery.

NOT crying. I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

While the coast was clear of anyone being around for the assault on myself, I collected the small amount of my dignity remaining and turned my attention to my throbbing toe.


Yep. Definitely stilet-toed.

Still hobbling around at work, there’s nothing twenty a few cocktails can’t cure over the weekend, right?

Nothing a drink can't fix!

Oh Teddy! Mama needs a refill!

I wonder what would happen if I stumble over my own two feet in my house slippers?

I’ll keep you posted.



52 thoughts on “Stillet-toed

  1. marisaporter says:

    Yikes. Why I don’t wear towering heels. And also why I do tip toe chair pose in yoga….which I’m SLOWLY getting better at. No ankle strength to speak of – this would be me. Ouch!

  2. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    As they say – beauty is pain!

  3. Tracy says:

    I admire you for even wearing those. I could sit and look pretty, but walking around all the time – no way! Getting old(er) sometimes is not so fun!

  4. markbialczak says:

    That looks so painful! I am so glad I am a man!! Sneakers, loafers, golf shoes, bowling shoes, dress shoes, all flat as can be. Get out the special Skinny Pirate slippers, CBXB.

  5. girlseule says:

    Looks painful! Lucky you have cocktails, always a good cure!

  6. Owee!! Guess you won’t be wearing those shoes to do furniture removals again. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  7. Poor you, yes a drink (or 20) is just what you need. As someone who’s not blonde but has broken toes, ankles, wrists…it looks like a little bone might be broken. Awesome shoes, I’m a Maxxonista too, and proud of it!

  8. this sounds like an event from my day. are you sure you weren’t recounting an experience you witnessed! hahah loved the story. comical and totally ME. I could relate on all accounts. when you ever come to Vegas again you’ll have to join me downtown so we can clumsily gallivant around together. =)

  9. Nancy Brown says:

    Love this blog! LMAO! Be very careful you’ll end up with feet that look like mine. God forbid!

  10. Ouch!!! I am sure the cocktails will help in the healing process ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great weekend! xx

  11. whatwewear says:

    ohhhhhh no what a tragic tale, good thing the cocktails were handy!
    those are dangerously fabulous shoes!!

  12. vudragovich says:

    I agree with the first comment “OUCH!” Maybe a warm kitdie laying on it would help with blood flow for faster healing?

  13. Ouch!! I love wearing those CAF shoes but they are so uncomfortable. I like your martini glass. I have a slight obsession with polka dots :).

  14. Phil Lanoue says:

    Careful wearing those slippers, they can be dangerous!
    Has Ted’s bartending improved?

  15. Mitzie Mee says:

    Everything feels better, when you’re wearing heels! Cheers to stilettos!

  16. Aussa Lorens says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks so painful ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Yick.
    I hope you heal up quickly and that you have some sassy flats to get you by for a few days.

  17. stylentonic says:

    After a few cocktails everything looks better sexy! xxx

  18. kellisamson says:

    No, no, no! Yikes! Reminds me of my old mantra, “Style before comfort.”

  19. SerachShiro says:

    Awesome shoes but pay attention the next time because that hurts !!! What a picture the one of you almost crying, I feel so sorry for you ! โค Do take not 2 but 3 cocktails I think you will need it ๐Ÿ™‚ !

  20. Kaufman's Kavalkade says:

    LoL. Why wear such shoes? At least you didn’t lose a toenail, I guess.

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