Weekend Winks – Sushi’s Revenge

Weekends are all fun and games until….you get to revisit your Friday night sushi over and over and over again…

Sake to me.

Sake to me.

It started out innocently enough at my fave Nashville watering hole, Dalts where I sipped on a few Skinny Pirates.

Typical Friday night...

Typical Friday night date with my Captain.

When it came time to eat, we ventured over to get sushi which couldn’t be consumed without the accompaniment of an assortment of sake, of course.

Sampler platter

Sampler platter of sake.

After a taste test of Japan’s finest a self-inflicted photo shoot took place at the sushi bar.


My long arms work wonders for selfies.

Sitting in front of the fresh fish I grew balls, got brave and decided to venture out from my typical sushi roll.


Jaws doesn’t seem so menacing anymore.

I ended up with what looked fish nachos minus the greasy tortilla chips.

Sushi nachos

Not cooked to perfection.

After sliding the fish down my hatch, I was feeling pretty foxy and quite adventurous giving myself a pat on my non-foodie back.

I went from this...

I went from celebrating something new Friday night…

To this. Sushi can suck it.

…to feeling like death warmed over on Saturday.

Waking up suddenly at 4am to be reminded what you had for supper is always so very exciting and fun. Especially when a certain someone just happened to make a bed out of the toilet I so desperately needed to use every 20 minutes.

Not making my worshiping easy.

Not making my worshiping easy.

In between sips of 7Up, mouse size bites of crackers and the recurring need to run to the restroom after any attempt to drink or eat, I wallowed in my mess of a raw fish hangover.

Death warmed over.

Sushi can suck it.

While feeling ultra sorry for myself on a gorgeous 65 degree Nashville day, my spirits were lifted by my two little Iowa rug rats, sending pics to their dreary old Auntie CBXB.


Ha ha ha Auntie CBXB! Sucks to be you!

Fave Hawkeye

Cutest Hawkeye ever.

The rest of my weekend was spent in the way only Tedstar could love…

Deep in recovery.

Napping me back to good health.

I’m sure Ted will keep his paws crossed I get food poisoning more often…

Cheers to a week full of bland food for me!



42 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Sushi’s Revenge

  1. markbialczak says:

    Good Lord, woman, stay away from raw fish, will ya? (And maybe separate Skinny Pirates and sake into two different nights of drinking, too, while you’re at it.) The before and after pictures may be the biggest decline in spirits and health in the history of good booze and bad fish, CBXB.

  2. fiammisday says:

    You look so happy!!!! A big kiss. Simona

  3. And that is why I only eat rolls. Hugging the toilet is only fun if you had a dynamite night before.

  4. marisaporter says:

    Oh girl that does not sound fun. Case in point: why I don’t eat sushi.

  5. After my little *ahem* problemo in Mexico, my friendly pharmacist told me to pop probiotics and let the good bacteria kill the bad guys. It’s the only thing that worked, not that that you had what i had, but it works for all kinds of similar disorders. I order you to get some! (and yogurt doesn’t have enough probiotics, you really need the little capsules) Poor you!!!

  6. Did you have a ” hair of the dog”?

  7. Ugh…I was feeling the room spin just reading about your hangover☺You need a good dose of hot tea and toast♥

  8. MrJohnson says:

    I think they poisoned you on purpose cause you were being too loud.. I’ve eaten sushi a thousand times without issues but if I hear of anyone getting food poisoned it’s usually from sushi. Damn sake, it is supposed to kill the bacteria. Another Asian myth debunked.

    • Damn sake is right! I thought the coast was clear for sure when I downed that after my sushi. I typically have a stomach of steel but apparently, I really, really, really need to stick to the rolls and avoid the fishy fish. Lesson learned!

  9. Phil Lanoue says:

    Well that just goes to show you… that’s why I live in a perpetual No Sushi Zone.
    If you were here with us this weekend you would have been feasting on thick Black Angus T Bones on the grill! Now seriously, which one sounds better?!?

  10. SerachShiro says:

    And Sushi is so delicious, did you go to the right place ? It’s terrible being in that state you was, sucks…………..take some camomile and maybe you gonna feel a bit better or maybe a few more hugs of Teddy 🙂 !

  11. oh god, that’s awful, I can’t imagine revisiting raw fish, aghhhhhhhhh! I stay away from anything that’s not shrimp, scallops or lobster! Your kitty is so awesome, she knew you needed extra special care!

  12. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    LOL! The sushi was fine until it swam back up and into your toilet!

    Sake and the Captain just do not mix woman!

  13. vudragovich says:

    While I normally “like” your posts to let you know I read them, that was just a painful read. The only raw food you should do w booze is oysters and vodka, vodka kills the germies!

  14. kellisamson says:

    Oh, no! I am so sorry!!! Hope you’re feeling back to your sassy self.

  15. Yikes! I hope you didn’t get any spicy rolls or hit that wasabi. If it’s hot going down, it’s hot coming back up!

  16. I am sending you a few veggie rolls :). Feel better darling! XOXO 🙂

  17. Hahahaha, oh that Saturday picture is great, sorry. You’re still beautiful, even when your sick though. I like that you blame the fish for your condition and not all the sake and skinny pirate concoctions. People who blame alcohol for anything can suck it! I refuse the sushi and whatever that was that you ate would never touch my lips for sure. You’re a brave woman.

    • People who blame alcohol for anything can totally suck it! This was all sushi’s fault! I swear. Because I still tasted fish on Monday morning…so YUCK. You’re one smart dude to never eat anything that resembles an all fish nacho. I for one will never be eating anything other than fried rice again. Sake on the other hand is still good with me.

  18. I think Ted slipped you something. You can’t trust a cat, just sayin’.

  19. st sahm says:

    I’m disappointed the saki and captain didn’t kill off any bad food bacteria! Clearly you didn’t have enough to do the job. Also, now is a perfect time to swim suit shop. Once you quit smelling raw shark!

    • You read my mind! I told my sister this was just the time I wish I was laying out in bikini on the beach somewhere! I was ultra upset that the amounts of alcohol in my bloodstream didn’t thwart off that pesky fish, too. Lesson learned!

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