Weekends Winks – Oscars and Ice

Cocktails, shopping, cats and Oscars added up to fabulous Nashville fun this weekend.

Shop 'til you drop.

Shop ’til you drop.

After a low-key Friday night (trying to avoid a repeat of Sushi’s Revenge), Mama and I headed to the Mall at GreenΒ  Hills (small slice of Nashville heaven) where we decided it would beyond cute to get matching t-shirts at Juicy Couture on Saturday.

Go duck yourself.

We don’t give a duck. Nope. We don’t.

All of that shopping lead us to Cheesecake Factory where we quenched our thirst with strawberry martinis.

Feels so good when it hits the lips.

Feels so good when it hits the lips.

Upon review of my purchases at home (how could I go shopping without getting a pair of shoes?), New Cat (yep, he’s still here) claimed one of the boxes for his very own bed (as I’m sure you all know Ted has every other nook and cranny of my mini manse under his paws).

Bed in a box.

Bed in a box.

I hunkered down to be a tried and true crazy cat lady on the leopard couch.

Snuggle Time

Three’s definitely a crowd.

Pussy love. Cat fight.

Pussy love, slowly turning into a cat fight.

While I enjoyed a sunny Nashville morning, my twin cutie pies in Iowa were busy watching their dad shovel snow in zero degree weather.

Below 0?!

Beautiful March day.

Cold doesn’t have any impact on their adorableness, of course.

All dressed up!

Ready for the Academy Awards red carpet!

Little did I know, snow was in the forecast for Sunday night and hundreds of shoppers greeted my appearance at the grocery store. Like, lines 22 people deep. At 11am. On Sunday morning.

Apocolypse is coming!

Forget the bread and milk. I need booze!

BLoddy Mary me.

Which is why I stopped for a bloody mary on the way home.

With a warm belly full of vodka, it was time to head to my mini manse and get prepped for the Academy Awards.

Fancy snacks. WEll, champagne is fancy.

Me and my fancy snacks.

Because I have the hand strength of a 92-year-old, it took a good 45 minutes trying to pop the cork off the champagne bottle. Much to Teddy’s delight, I finally got the damn thing open.

Willing the bottle open.

Party time!

After averting a champagne crisis, we got down to business devouring the classy chocolate chip cupcake (and I must say for being gluten-free, dairy free, and soy free was pretty freaking delish).

Cat cake sharing.

Cat cake sharing.

While admiring all of the glitzy gowns and glamour, my friend Tony supplied me with a pic of what I need the floor of my closet to read…



You know all of those folks freaking out at the grocery store? Well, they were right as this morning the city has shut down due to snow and ice.

Shut down the city.

Ice in the city.

While they’re enjoying their bread and milk, I’m enjoying my Skinny Pirates.

Now who do you think is having the better snow day?



32 thoughts on “Weekends Winks – Oscars and Ice

  1. Nancy Brown says:

    You are having a better day off! Next, year I am going to be watching th AA with YOU! I better get a duck shirt to wear for the ceremonies

  2. Ok, time for a reality check. You aren’t getting rid of “New Cat.” He is now a regular. He needs a name, so why not have a naming contest! You could even have a big naming party when you bestow it on him. See how I did that. The whole party thing, because I knew you would like it. I will now submit the first submission! Wait for it…….”Not Ted”!
    I think Ted will agree with me, that it is purrfect. ;D

  3. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    So glad the snow stood south of NYC and gave it all to you guys this time. Enjoy!

  4. markbialczak says:

    Teddy and New Cat are fighting about your awards. Teddy wants best cattress. New Cat just will not settle for best supporting cattress. By the way, if you do want a name for New Cat, may I offer … Oscar? Keep the ice in your drinks and not under your feet or tires, CBXB.

    • You seem to know cats well, even though you don’t have one! That’s exactly what the big cat fight was all about! And, I love the name Oscar – think I will have a naming contest. That’s your submission! I’m inside and away from the ice – thankfully!

      • markbialczak says:

        Oh, I have been a cat owner, CBXB. When my daughter was 8, we got Dusty. My daughter turns 24 in April, and she’s still got that cat! My dear wife Karen and I had Mo, and Puffball, and Toby, all gone to kitty heaven. Now we’re sticking to just Ellie B, aka Dogamous Pyle, though, you are right about that.

      • Oh I knew you had Ellie B! How sweet your daughter still has Dusty! I love that cats can live to an old age and be with us for so long. Now I see how you knew what was going on over here in Nashville!

  5. FreeUrCloset says:

    Stylish mother, stylish daughter — you both had us at Juicy Couture … now ya speaking our language πŸ™‚ We could use a mom and champagne/cupcake date too.
    PS: Better give that kitty a name soon or you might end up with a ‘d*^k in a box’ situation 😜… Unless he likes the name ‘New Cat’ lol.

    XOXO N & N

    • ROTF!! Maybe I should simply call New Cat “Dick”?!
      Ma and I will roll out the red carpet, keep champagne glasses to the brim, have cupcakes aplenty and visit Juicy Couture anytime with the two of you! XOXO

  6. Looks like New Cat is getting comfy and cozy at the abode. Just keep him. Seems like he and Ted are getting along–love-hate style in a sense–but at least there is love.

    • Thankfully there is love, you’re right. Kinda reminds me of siblings growing up under one roof…love/hate/like/kinda love/hate/dislike etc….! Yes, New Cat has found a home. Now for the name….!

  7. Phil Lanoue says:

    I’m sure you, Ted, and New Cat are making the most of being snowed and iced in!
    That Bloody Mary looked good!
    Humm… just checked and yup I got all the fixins right here. Excellent!

  8. Weekend Winks – The Oscars, The Captain, Ice, (and out of control)?

  9. You win! You always freaking win!!

  10. Oh that ring! Love it. Your mom looks beautiful! I wish I could have a bite of that cupcake.

  11. SerachShiro says:

    Ooh that strawberry-martini looks delicious ! The photo of you and your mum is beautiful love it and what a lovely crowd are you (Ted, new cat and you)! The twin is always beautiful and they are so sympathetic and you girl know how to prepare for the Awards πŸ™‚ !

  12. kellisamson says:

    Awesome weekend!!!!! I am laughing that new cat is still around and that you think it’s temporary! mwah ha haha!

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