Weekend Winks – Conehead Style

I kicked my Nashville weekend off by heading to a place where everybody knows my name…(nope, not Cheers) Dalt’s where they pour the most perfect Skinny Pirate ever.

While I was waiting for my buddy (the one who likes to drive a muddy truck) to show up, I sang happy birthday (and because I’m a regular, no one even cast a sly glance my way) to of one of my fave bloggers from St. Louis, Don of All Trades who got the best day ever for a birthday – Friday!

Happy Birthday to...

No problem making an ass of myself for you, DOAT!

Wonder why I love this establishment? Because before I can get to a seat, my Skinny Pirate is awaiting my arrival. Plus, my fave bartender puts beer on ice while it waits to be poured down someone’s hatch.


My own personal heaven.

Best. Bartender. Ever.

Best. Bartender. Ever.

Upon returning to my mini manse Friday night, I noticed New Cat had some sort of feline pink eye.

Pink eye.

Not a happy place for pink.

So we headed to the vet on Saturday morning.

Caged tiger..

Caged kitty, not happy.

New Cat was so annoyed, he first turned into a parrot by trying to sit on my shoulder, then my back in order to avoid the cold vet’s table.

Replaced monkey on my back with cat, naturally.

Replaced monkey on my back with cat, naturally.

Prognosis for sweet little kit cat is a cone, oral medication, cream for his eye AND he and my precious Ted can’t be together until all symptoms have gone.


Miserable pussy in a cone.

The two twins in Iowa were having a far better day than my youngest cat, enjoying the food court immensely.

Fry attack

Niece definitely has my knack of loving carbs.

Carb overload

Fry overload exhausted Nephew.

While quarantined from his feline roommie, His Majesty Ted E. Bear basked in the sun, happy to be cone free.


Sorry. Not sorry New Cat.

Wondering how in the hell I was going to keep two pussies apart for at least a week, I was presented with a temporary remedy when my dad sent me this picture of his ‘open bar’.

Bar open.

I only have eyes for the handle of Captain.

Tedstar and I couldn’t get into the car fast enough for happy hour.

Cat cruising

All bundled up with somewhere to go.

It was all paws on deck driving us out to my folks’ place.

He needs white gloves, don't you think?

He needs white gloves, don’t you think?

Duck and pea food (for TB) and a handsome Skinny Pirate (for moi) greeted us upon our arrival. The cocktails kept flowing, flowing and flowing while we watched our pitiful Iowa Hawkeyes get beat once again in basketball.

My dad is the all time best omelet maker and we were beyond excited to hurry downstairs and eat Sunday morning.

Chef Blowhard Omelette Master

The Egg Master

Well, I couldn’t wait to get downstairs and stuff my face. Ted had other plans. Like laying in bed all day.

over his dead body

Eggs? Screw your eggs!

I prompted my fur ball out of bed by whispering sweet nothings in his ear (like, I will give you frozen peas (seriously his fave treat) for a snack if you get your ass out of bed). It worked and I inhaled all of the breakfast delight.

Better than Cracker Barrel

Better than Cracker Barrel. Seriously.

After dropping Teddy off at his own personal Disneyland complete with a private screened in porch and a large basement for him to peruse while I nurse New Cat back to health, visitors stop by back at the mini manse.


NC trying to figure out what the hell happened to Ted.

As the little beasts hung out, First Mate and I shared a bottle(s) of wine on the deck as it finally felt like spring. Yeehaw!

Wine Date!

Sunday evening shenanigans.

While First Mate and I were busy guzzling our wine, Jacey Kournikova and New Cat were having a stare down.

Hello...I saw a tumbleweed blow by

A tumbleweed blew by.

But in the end, noses met and a friendship kinda blossomed as New Cat promptly jumped off the couch acting like the dog had cooties.

Brave Jaycee

There’s like, not love in the air.

Meanwhile, Ted was trying to ruin his eyesight by watching TV too closely on vacation. All this crazy cat lady needs is a pussy that needs glasses. Jesus.

Far too close! I don't need a cat that has to have glasses.

Loving on some Animal Planet.

The rest of my evening consisted of New Cat conveniently stripping off his cone and hiding it from me. You can imagine his delight when I not only retrieved the cone and strapped it around his neck but also gave him his meds and slathered cream on his eye.

Baby Love

Cones cause exhaustion.

It’s safe to say we’re not best friends at the moment.

Hopefully you have a pink eye free week!


53 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Conehead Style

  1. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Poor New Cat! I always laugh when they wear those cones. Could you imagine if people had to wear them? It’s always fun when the parental units cook us breakfast!

    • Yes the cones are hysterical. Poor little New Cat has been walking backward because his new accessory is freaking him out so. I hope his eye clears up soon, so he can be normal again. Human douche bags should be required to wear cones.

  2. You really are hard to keep up with! Lol. Your dad has so any skills. For real, get that man a blog!

    • The problem with my dad getting his own blog is that he’d be out of a job (because he wouldn’t be able to stop), develop carpal tunnel due to his incessant blogging AND not be able to fit through any door if he got any followers (big head due to blogging). But he is a man of many talents. I am partial to his moonshine shot abilities and his omelete skills!

  3. MrJohnson says:

    You might as well officially name the black one New Cat or Nucat or Ency (NC)..haha

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Oh no! Our very own 16lbs. of fun Ripley has developed a red runny eye as well. Must be sympathetically contagious.
    Isn’t the vet on a Sat. morning the most funnest place ever?!?
    I usually bring coffee. Yeah an Irish Coffee.
    You had one hell of a weekend. I already can’t remember what I did this past weekend. Either I had a really good time or I’m just getting old.

    • I think you had a really good time over the weekend and just can’t remember it due to bourbon aiding in all of your fun. That’s it, right?
      This red eye junk better pass quickly because I’m supposed to take NC there this Sat for a check-up. And I’ll be taking a hell of a lot more than a cup of Irish Coffee this time!
      Hope Ripley starts feeling better!

  5. OMG, my Angel Boy’s bday is March 23; no WONDER I heart you so! Poor pink eye pussy cat. You are a good mom!

  6. SerachShiro says:

    You sure have a friend behind that bar and poor New Cat, he must be feel terrible whit that cap ! You have a great dad and than also one who make one of the most best omelets in the world, I think next weekend I take the plane πŸ™‚ !

    • C’mon Girl! We’ll have an omelet waiting for your arrival – AND I can make you Jell-O shots for later in the day. πŸ™‚ Little New Cat is still feeling miserable and looks pitiful in his cone. But hopefully it helps him get better! XO

      • SerachShiro says:

        Hahaha, you are so hospitable and I would love to come and drink a Jell-O shot together but now I can’t, maybe for the future πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ! Send my cat blessings to New Cat and hope that he would feel better tomorrow and a warm hug to you and teddy πŸ™‚ !

      • We’ll take the hugs and well wishes for New Cat. And a rain check for your future visit!

  7. John says:

    Pets are a hole that one pours money into, yes? He got pink eye just to piss you off and stick his claws into your bank account… heh…

    • Oh the black hole of money sucking! Yes! That is the perfect way to describe our little balls of fur. And this one keeps digging and digging and digging into my pocket. He certainly chose the correct cat lady’s door to come crying to on that cold winter night! πŸ™‚

  8. Oops, sorry I almost forgot! Happy 23rd Birthday!

  9. markbialczak says:

    Well if Don says you must sing happy birthday to yourself, I chime in with … DID I MISS YOUR BIRTHDAY? I gotta keep stuff like this in my calendar or something. Or look at my Facebook page notifications. Or just randomly wish folks happy birthday and have them shoot back quizzical WTF? messages to me. Anyway. Nice weekend except for New Cat’s pink pussy eye poking out of a cone. Dad’s breakfast looks yummy. No wonder Ted stayed over, CBXB.

  10. My brain is still trying to come to grips with your comment, “Miserable pussy in a cone.” :{

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