Rules for Kick Ass Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays of yesteryear taught me some extremely important lessons that I adhere to even today, as I prepare to celebrate another year of fabulous fun.

Huff. Puff. and Blow.

Huff. Puff. Blow.

1) Always take a peek in a mirror before a photo is snapped, forever capturing the loveliness of you on your special day or you may end up with something like this….

My most gorgeous birthday photo ever.

Hello Gorgeous.

Seriously. Stare in the mirror and give a rat’s ass or you’ll be gazing at your lovely self in something as beautiful as a crocheted vest.

Crochet nightmare

Fashion at its finest accessorized with wispy bangs.


Own advice not taken. Clearly.

2) Upon receiving presents, always act like you’ve just received the Even if you have no clue what it is or have no intention of ever wearing/using/displaying/eating/drinking.

Always act surprised.

Holy shit! I love it! No, truly I do.

3) Insist upon holding fingers up to commemorate which age you were celebrating when photos end up in albums.


I’m this many today.

Even if you’re not quite sure how old you are, own whatever you are saying which will demand more attention on you.


If I say I’m two and a half, I AM TWO AND A HALF, ya dig?

4) Cake matters. Choose your design wisely.


Everyone wants a piece of Scooby.

Then insist someone hand feed it to you.

Keepin' it classy. As usual.

Keepin’ it classy. As usual.

5) Practice your ‘birthday face’ so you can look adorable in all photos.

Mug for the camera.

Oh who me? Why yes it is my birthday. I’ll just hold this pose for the rest of the day.


Adorableness fail.

6) Be sure to have a themed party. Even if it involves you looking like an ass clown.


Send in the clowns.

7) Dance, jump and twirl to your heart’s content, acting as if you have one ounce of rhythm somewhere in your being.


Shake, rattle and rollin’ accepted.


High kicks accepted.

Head banging also accepted.

Head banging also accepted but you’ll regret it in the morning. Trust. me.

8) Noisy favors are a must. Especially if party goers are under the age of six.

Blow it out.

Blow out birthday party.

9) Always go with the celebratory flow.

Go with the flow

Balloons in my hair? Sounds like a good birthday look.

Or at least let someone catch you when the flow gets to be too much for you to stand on your own.



10) Never, ever, ever, ever turn down a birthday shot. Ever.

Why thank you

Birthdays taste so good.

Cheers to a year full of the happiest of birthdays for all of us!






46 thoughts on “Rules for Kick Ass Birthday Celebrations

  1. I hope you had a fantastic birthday Megan! πŸ™‚

  2. SerachShiro says:

    Love all these so wonderful memories and recent photos, so fun ! The first picture is one of my heart, very sweet and the one were you had the pose for the rest of the day was totally laugh…..hahaha πŸ™‚ ! You are a perfect entertainer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !

  3. Love those pics! That martini cup glasses fabulous :)! It’s still your birthday darling, so Happy Birthday! XOXO

  4. elkee says:

    Wow! You must be my Caucasian twin cause I used to have that exact same crochet vest thingy and wore it with the same color blouse you are wearing it with…….weird….. Oh and I have been wanting to buy that Johnny Cash T-shirt forever!

    • The Johnny Cash T-shirt is super fabulous! And since we once had crochet vest with some kind of blue shirt underneath it, you must get the Johnny T so we can once again be twins! Then we can both wear them as we mix cocktails in bar bathrooms!

  5. Ms B. BAD says:


  6. stylentonic says:

    Happy belated birthday dear! Big big kiss! Love the cocktail shades!!!! xxx

  7. LifeOfBun says:

    Happy happy super-late birthday!! You’re the op jack-of-all-traits, look at you headbanging like a pro. It’s weird to not see any heels, pink, sparkles or cats anywhere in that pic! ΓΆ

  8. kellisamson says:

    You know how to have fun! Happy Birthday to my favorite sparkly girl! xoxoxo

  9. I hope the birth week and birthday are amazing. I’m sure Ted and NewCat will get you something fabulous.

  10. Joe Bradshaw says:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous! Loved the crocheted vest almost as much as the ” Holy shit! I love it! No, truly I do.” Awesome photos and courage sharing them! How many years are you? 22and a half yes half? You made me laugh! I hope you had many laughs and much joy on your special day!

    • Thank you Joe! I’m glad you can appreciate the fashionable crocheted vest as much as I did. Such a fashion forward gal I am. Happy to make you laugh! And I’m still giggling from all of the birthday fun this week….which of course is going to bleed into the weekend!

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