Weekend Winks – Cat Woman Style

Much to my unembarrassed delight, it seems as if I’m becoming known around the streets of Nashville for my crazy cat lady status.


This is Ted and I love him more than most humans. Deal with it or move on.

Last week, I was in the pharmacy (you know, where actual people get their medicine) picking up a prescription for my recently acquired sick ass stray kitty, New Cat.

Hi. I'm expensive. And I like it that way.

The most expensive stray cat in the history of my mini manse.

Wanting to put a paper bag over my head when I heard “New Cat, New Cat, your prescription is ready,” over the loud-speaker in Walgreens, I assured myself that this couldn’t have been a blip in the pharmacist’s radar of unusual medicinal refills.


I went to pick up my own personal prescription this weekend and, well, I got a handwritten note from the pharmacist accompanying my refill.

Yep. Seriously.

Making last impressions whether I want to or not.

The lady at the register commented that the pharmacist must remember me from a previous visit. Oh, no shit Sherlock?

My Iowa twins thought the story was simply hilarious.

Because they're happy...

Can you believe our aunt is such a jack ass? Hee Hee.

Ma came in to soothe nerves and further extend the celebration of my birthday month week.

Like mother, like daughter!

Cheers to cray cray and birth dates!

Of course I didn’t mind being a tad spoiled…


I wish my mom knew me better.

Gift helps

Thank God I had Tedstar to aid in the unwrapping of every piece of ribbon.

Due to all of the glitter on the gifts, I was able to shine bright like a diamond the rest of the day with the copious amount of pink sparkle on my jeans.

Not at all upset with the glitter.

Wishing these jeans were for real.

Taking my upgraded fancy pants out and about, we invested in a few birthday cocktails.

Still a celebration

A glass for the birthday. A bottle for the crazy.

Perusing through my gifts the next morning, I got a little tangled in my new Beats by Dre headphones.


Taking headphones off for blondes is hard work.



Possibly the best birthday gift of all this year? A long-lost scrunchie (yes I said scrunchie) that I wear to bed nightly reappeared with my mom after her last trip to Iowa (I was for sure my dogphew ate it).


It’s a birthday miracle!

All of the tangled excitement and scrunchie fever had me exhausted before noon.


Thanks for the over-partied recovery mask Enchanted Seashells!

Here’s hoping you have a week filled with non-crazy cat ladies and lots of springtime fun.





38 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Cat Woman Style

  1. Yep its official you have been handed the baton!

  2. markbialczak says:

    I think the pharmacist was being flattering to you, CBXB. He called you Cat Woman, not Cat Lady! Score!! Happy end of birthdayweekmonthyear.

  3. Perhaps it was an invitation to dress in latex the next time you pick up a prescription?
    Anywho…birthday prezzies were wrapped perfectly and I hope your hair is not still attached to the cool new headphones!

    • You know what? I’m so wearing a black latex cat woman suit the next time I roll up into the Walgreens. I might give the 70-year-old pharmacist a mild heart attack…
      The hair is untangled but some is still attached to the new headphones, which is to be expected with yours truly.

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    If your vet has a sense of humor see if you can get them to give some prescription for your pet alligator. Then see what they write on your receipt at Walgreens.

  5. Yes, but your are the Sexy Crazy Cat Woman about town! There’s a big difference. You don’t want to be that other cat lady!

  6. paws2smile says:

    Hahaha! Hilarious! And pink Beats by Dre?!? How awesome!!

  7. JMC813 says:

    Gotta say I am totally on board with making birthdays last all month. And seeing as how my B-day is Oct. 4th I can rock mine almost all month long. Also, who says Halloween is not a gift giving holiday? Hello!!! Oct. 31st is STILL my birthday people. LOL. I think the Walgreen’s lady was having a bit of fun with ya. Next time she does that just say ‘Thanks Pill Lady’ . Be well and once again….Happy Birthday for a few more hours.

    • I squeezed every last ounce I could out of the month. And completely agree with you – gifts are a MUST for born in the month of Halloween babies. I’ll be sure to send you one this year!
      I’m busting up into Walgreens with your suggestion next time. I’ll keep you posted on how its received… πŸ™‚

      • JMC813 says:

        I am sure it will go over like a mild sedative. I have yet to meet a pharmacist with much of a personality. LOL. Be well friend

  8. LifeOfBun says:

    IIICK you had glitter all over! Now if that’s not happy times I don’t know what is.

  9. kellisamson says:

    No denying you are the Cat Woman now! And how cool are your parents to buy you Beats?! Are they interested in adopting a 30-something? πŸ˜‰

  10. VivBlogs says:

    Gurrl, just wait till you get a reality show. How is Teddy dealing with the new pussy?

    • Teddy is tolerating the new pussy. But mostly in the “I’m way too old for this butt sniffing shit” kind of annoyed big brother way. The fur has flown but in small amounts, so that’s good..I hope!

  11. SerachShiro says:

    What a story about the pharmacist calling you cat woman (if you were living with 25 cats, you only are the proud owner of two πŸ™‚ ! Loved your outfit, very gorgeous, have a great Wednesday ! Xxx

  12. Haha wow this is too funny! xx

  13. Hey, I have to pick up a prescription for Blitz at Wal-Mart after work. So far no one has called me the “dogman.” At least to my face anyway. Some how “catwoman” sounds better than “dogman.” At least Catwoman is a super villianess, so she’s at least super.

    • You do have a point there, my friend. I do happen to take my “catwoman” moniker with a heart full of pride no matter how embarrassing I should really be!

      • That’s right, stand proud Catwoman!
        BTW, I go get Blitz’s Rx at Wally World and I also pick up several boxes of Gas X (like Beano). It is a secret ingredient for Blitz’s homemade dog food. Yes, I know high maintenance dog and no I don’t like making dog food. So I’m walking through the store heading for the avocados when I run into an ex-employee. Did I mention that I had to fire him last year. So we made small talk while I’m standing there with an armful of Gas X. I think Dogman would have been an improvement. :/

      • STOP IT! I bet you the ex-employee thought his karma was rockin’ when he saw you with an arm of Gas X! I love that Blitz is just as high maintenance as Ted when it comes to their diet. I’ll always think of you as Dogman, not Gasman.

      • Thanks……I think. :/

  14. I like your Beats by Dre headphones, great gift!

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