Youth is Wasted on the Young? Bitch, Please.

My favorite Georgia dame, Ldawg tagged me in a game (on Facebook) and of course I just had to play, as I never want to miss out on any fun.  The skinny is the tagger selects an age and you answer questions in regard to that time in your life.

Here goes…
Age I was given: 22

Ringing in the 22nd.

Ringing in the 22nd.

Where I lived: Iowa City, IA

Iowa City fun times.

Hawkeyes at heart.

What I drove: a cool red Beretta (that I once had Johnny Rzeznik from the band Goo Goo Dolls in but that’s a story for another day).
What I did: graduated college with a broken leg and put my two degrees to use by bartending afterward before heading to Nashville.

Broken ankles are fun when you

Broken ankles are fun when you have cousins to carry you around.

Bar tending at its finest.

Bar tending at its finest.

"Packing" the night before I left for Nashville.

“Packing” the night before I left for Nashville.

Who had my heart: Nicodeamus – the first little fur ball love of my life.

Such a sex kitten.

Such a sex kitten.

Where I currently live: Nashvegas, Baby!

Only a pinky out will do

My gaudy Nashville style. Pinky up.

What I drive: Toyota 4Runner that has turned into a piece of shit rust bucket.

Dream come true...

Willing my ride into a Range Rover.

What I do: Have fun!

Risky Business

Fun with bubbly.


Family fun.

Titans Mania!

Fun at football games.


Fun times booblegging.

Red neck? Fabulously trashy? Ultra stupid to give me a machine gun?

Fun times with a machine gun.

Two for one....

Two times the fun.

My feet hurt, I need a lift.

Piggy back ride fun.


Lake of the Ozarks family fun.

to PM....I could get used to this.

Bathroom primping fun.

Perfecting our scare faces

Riding in the car fun.

Our work version of Santa.

Fun at work.

Snuggle Time

Fun times with the pussies.

How to turn a gay man straight...well, maybe not.

Trying to turn a gay man straight fun.

Like fam

Selfie fun.

Party Girl not pooped.

Never wanting the party to end fun.

Who has my heart:  Mr. Ted E. Bear and those chubby cheeked twins in Iowa.

Film me, Bitches.

Heart portion #1.


Heart portions #2 and #3.

Wanna play? Comment below or on Facebook and I’ll give you an age.

Cheers to not wasting any day in your life!



42 thoughts on “Youth is Wasted on the Young? Bitch, Please.

  1. Yeah, you do have a lot of fun!! I like Lake of the Ozarks fun!!! Wait, you’re on Facebook?? Why don’t I know this?

    • I like that you know about Lake of the Ozarks!! I’m on Facebook but basically just to share my posts from here, so you’re not missing a thing. The real skinny happens on the blog, Instagram and of course, Twitter. Missed you around these parts lately!

  2. VivBlogs says:

    I am having way more fun at 42 with two small kids than I ever did when I was 22. Your life looks awesome and I want to know, who’s the stud mugging in the bathroom with? Hubba hubba.

  3. kellisamson says:

    Johnny in your car? Please tell the story sometime!

  4. I have played those FB survey game a bunch of times and always come up in my 20’s. Guess I’m Peter Pan forever! That, or really immature.

  5. Thinking about being in my 20s is depressing so I don’t want to go there, much more fun to watch you in action! The babies are so adorable you could eat them, and only Ted has your heart? What about the new child?

  6. FreeUrCloset says:

    Dare we say you look better at 23 (you’re age now, right?) than you did at 22 (even though we’re digging the hair bob!) and are funner then ever!
    Cheers to not wasting a day without fun and a cocktail (that’s our motto).
    xoxo N&N

    • The bob was an experimental fail. But I can say I tried! My hair does grow very fast, so thankfully it was long for my 23rd bday this year. I’m SO down with your motto, that I’m going to use it as my own too! XOXO

  7. Life is just a series of moments to be enjoyed, enjoy all of them! You’re nuts 😉

  8. Gay best friends are THE best invention, ever. And I love that picture of The Bear, he looks so sweet.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more on the gay best friends being the best thing that ever happened to females. It’s impossible to not have a good time when we’re together. And The Bear really is a sweetie, so every now and then I throw up a cute faced photo to remind everyone. 🙂

  9. MrJohnson says:

    I hope that if you are an organ donor that no one gets your liver. Then again maybe your liver is tough as nails. Yes, you definitely have FUN! I would love to join you for one of your weekends. Please give me your address and when I escape from being a fugitive in my country I will come down to visit you and your fun buddies. I should be in your country in 10 days if everything goes well.

    • Don’t you need me to send you $1,000 to make it here in 10 days?!
      The invitation is always open for you to join in on the fun. So lemme know when you’re down south. And, now that you mention it, you’ll probably end up with my liver that I donate and live to be the ripe old age of 133. I swear mine is conditioned…

  10. vudragovich says:

    Okay, now that I have that out of my system, I am glad you learned from your early bartending days and do not do that anymore.

    I was waiting to see if you were going to have one of those shots (pun intended) where you were sneaking some in that concert…oh dear! I know how you think and where you hide your booze…does that make me a stalker or long term reader/fan?

    Well tell Mr Teddy hi from East TN.

    (also, my attention span has gotten shorter recently so thank you for all the pictures and no so many words 😉

    • Ha! You’re welcome for the low use of words. Photos can typically say it all for me – obviously.

      Some call it alcohol abuse, others call it conditioning your liver, which come to find out, is a self-regenerating organ. Yay for me!

      Knowing where I stash my concert/sporting event booze makes you a treasured reader, not a stalker!

      MEEEEOW from Ted to you and all of yours! XO

  11. Jani says:

    Being with you is always FUN! Good times and great memories!

  12. Phil Lanoue says:

    Yup, sure looks like fun to me!
    I was bartending at 22 as well. But of course in those days I would get done at 3am and be looking for something to do. Not so much now.

    • Yeah, bartending was going to be the end of me if I kept it up. I’d get home around 5am, watch a movie, eat and then sleep the day away. When I finally quit to change my lifestyle, I joined a band and did the same thing…youth IS wasted on the young! 🙂

  13. Kavalkade Krew says:

    My what a big cannon you have.

    Award season! yay!

  14. Kavalkade Krew says:

    Impressive guns also.

  15. SerachShiro says:

    LOve to look to this tag you had a lot of fun in these photos ! And like you sad, Nicodeamus was right a sexy kitten (in the way she was posing …….hahaha ! What a nice Range-rover you have had and it seems a very cool car to me, when I was younger I had a really wrong car it looked like a mud Brown, mini fiat tank ) ! And that family fun picture of you was beautiful, all in perfect harmony 🙂 🙂 !

  16. There was enough fun there to last me all year…exhausting! I must say, every woman deserves a little “machine gun fun!”

  17. You have the best photos. 😀 I have fun just looking at them.

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