Weekend Winks – Leading and Loving It

My Nashville weekend kicked off at my fave watering hole, Dalts.

Fun times

Wishing Friday nights were fun.

While we were busy whooping it up and throwing jazz hands down at one end of the bar…


What’s a Friday without a jazz hand?

…the other end of the bar was hosting the worst date of the year…

Date nightmare.

Very clear chemistry.

…and the men were lining up to ask me out.

Can you see me now?

Can you see me now?

Does it shock anyone (anyone?) reading that I had another birthday celebration?


Showing off the silver bag while being photo bombed.

We then able to played around the world with my gifted sake, homemade apple brandy, my Skinny Pirate and a Miller Lite. Did we miss anything?


Fabulous foursome.

My fave bartender, Marjia even got in on the photo fun by posing with my buddy’s sixer – and yes, that’s how they serve him.

Marjia the Bartender

Perfect presentation.

While I slept Saturday morning away, the Iowa twins were basking in the glory of a new play set.

Play on.

Play on.

My niece also proudly displayed her pink cowboy boots that came from Auntie CBXB…

Shit kickers

Shit kickin’ after my own heart!

Seeing the fun she was having parading in her boots, I decided to prance around in my Prada kitten heels.

Prada Prance.

TJ Maxx score of the century.

Upon returning back to the mini manse, I had a fun surprise awaiting my arrival.


Who doesn’t like a Nordstom bag hanging on their door?

Which ended up being a belated birthday gift well worth the wait – a pink Alexander McQueen scarf.

Wish knew me better.

Wish my friends knew me better.

Turns out while Mama was away, the cats played and broke into an outlawed bag of food. This bag was in a closet that the little monsters pried open and drug to the kitchen. Being that it is not Mr. Ted E. Bear’s $60 prescription duck and pea food, he’ll surely be getting sick any second. Little beasts.

Gone too long.

Gone too long.

On Sunday I went with the slicked back no bangs look, as I am waffling on whether or not to grow them out. Thoughts?

No bangs Sunday

Bangs or no bangs? #firstworldproblems

What good is a weekend if you don’t sweat out the toxins before shoving more in?

Walk it out.

Bloody Marys for me after a jog.

My new mantra greeted me at mile marker four.


You know it.

As the end of my weekend came to a close, I tried to finish the 391 loads of laundry seeping into all areas of the mini manse. Ted was a gigantic help.


Folding laundry is exhausting.

Here’s hoping you have a week’s worth of clean clothes and cocktail to keep it fun.







39 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Leading and Loving It

  1. stylentonic says:

    Life is for you dear! Love the heels! xxx

  2. FreeUrCloset says:

    What a fabulous watering hole you’ve found! No wonder your weekend winks keep getting more and more entertaining! Happy B-Day sistah .. please let us borrow your bartender and friends (with amazing fashion sense) around our B-days #firstworldproblems

    XOXO N & N

  3. Kavalkade Krew says:

    Oh, I like bangs. And I like all one length. And I like bobs. And I like feathered. And I think I’m pretty easy to please actually.

  4. Kavalkade Krew says:

    I was scrolling down really fast and thought I saw the word “breasts”. I went back but it’s not there.

    I am terribly, terribly disappointed.

  5. And I thought I had a busy weekend…

  6. kellisamson says:

    Keep your sassy bangs!!!

    • Thanks for the vote of the bangs! I’ve had them for so long and love to switch up my look but have been getting so many comments when I wear my hair off of my face, it got me to thinking if I was wearing the wrong style for me!

  7. fortheloveofgloss says:

    1. I’m loving the no-bangs look on you. Give it a whirl!
    2. Those heels ARE the score of the century.
    3. I so want to go drinking with you.

  8. SerachShiro says:

    I saw you had a great weekend and Miller Lite seems great (it’s a kind of a beer ?)! The pink cowboys boots of your niece are very nice and I 🙂 love your Prada Kitten heels, so elegant !

  9. Your pictures always make me smile! I got a 7 mile run in yesterday to purge myself of toxins, but I think I’d have needed to run about 983 more miles to complete that purge. I like to order beers like your friend, but mine come on ice in a bucket. Do they not do buckets at that bar? That’s a deal breaker maybe, if not!

    • I’m sure Dalts can arrange an ice bucket for you. Although, I still need to be sure they carry BLL! My short miler of a run did nothing to detox me (but it did make me feel better), so I’m with you on needing 983 more miles to do any good. Are you running in Nashville in a few weeks?

  10. markbialczak says:

    What a weekend. Again. Why am I not surprised that you have a bar buddy who gets served by the six-pack?

    Cat food thievery: I guess the New Cat ordinary food was too much for Teddy to resist. Would you have been madder if the two rascals dragged out the bouquet duck-and-pea? Betcha yes.

    And, time to dry no bangs for a spell. Better to see that beautiful face of yours, CBXB.

    • Thanks for the bangs compliment Mark! It’s such a small change but I always resist anything that doesn’t resemble exactly what I’ve been doing forever. What a wuss I am!

      I would have been so pissed if they’d gone to town on the pea and duck – you’re right my friend. Although Ted hasn’t has been paying the price for overindulging in ‘regular’ cat food.

      Wonder if he learned his lesson? Probably not, as I always have another Skinny Pirate….

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