Key West Clicks

Oh the perks of a beach vacation…

Being the lucky gal that I am, saying yes to a trip to Key West for a break in the dreary Tennessee weather was not a hard decision. What does one do while on the way to a beach destination?

Greet lunch with a fruity cocktail, naturally.

A good way to start...

Vacations require cocktails at all times.

What better way to prepare your bod to slip into a bikini than to stuff your face with fresh crab claws and french fries?

Crab Claws

Thank God swimsuits contain elastic.

Instead of racing into lycra, I thought about being tied up and roasted for someone else’s dinner after all of the noontime sodium collected in my gut.

Pig Roast

CBXB hog roast.

Checking into the hotel, I could hardly wait to see where I’d be sipping my morning Bloody Mary’s…


Balcony fail.

But the view from my vacation porch didn’t really matter much because I immediately planted my crab claw happy ass here…


Successful view.

After a hard day soaking up the sun, it was time to research the Key West nightlife. I had a difficult time deciding if this particular bar would be a good choice or not…

Should I Stay?

Should I stay or should I go now?

After an evening filled with Skinny Pirates, a sunset and me remaining fully clothed I decided to detox with yoga on the beach the next morning.



Practicing yoga under palm trees with the sound of ocean waves in the distance sounded to good to be true.

Yoga Under Trees

Little slice of paradise.

And anything that sounds too good to be true usually is, right?


Because just as the few folks who were ferocious enough to put their vacay hangovers aside and partake in yoga we were greeted with this unsightly horror…

Dog Stroller

Fucking seriously.

And while you may be thinking what’s wrong with a baby at beachside yoga (aside from everything), there’s something even more wrong with the fact that there were two (yes TWO) Pomeranian puppies in that stupid stroller (I say this as an animal lover) that did nothing but whine, whine, whimper, bark and whine every other second for the full hour.

Not this cute.

The pups resembled Ted’s adorable buddy Nigel above but quickly turned into the most heinous dogs ever with their incessant noise.

There’s nothing more relaxing than concentrating (bark) on perfecting (whine) a plank (bark bark) with two (whimper whimper whimper) upset dogs. What made these little fur balls even more annoying?Β  The fact that both their humans completely ignored their yammering while they were doing downward dogs. Yes, parents can make even the most adorable kids ugly to others. Congratulations to the vacationing idiots.

After the most non-relaxing hour of yoga in history, I started in on the day’s real matter of business.


Driven to drink by dogs and stupid humans.

So I parked it on my favorite lounge chair to begin the day’s vacation festivities.

Bloody Mary

Why can’t reading by the pool while sipping cocktails be a real job?

Drinking All Day

I would be a star employee.

Although I could never keep the fruit attached to the rim of my glass.

Lime Fail

Lime fail #27.

I would probably be the first employee ever to be fired from beachside lounging with cocktails…

No Moonshine?

No moonshine on the beach? Oops.

One of the best features of Key West is being able to stroll along the street, stop into bars and carry cocktails down to the Sunset Pier.

Sunset Pier

See ya tomorrow.

I thought the next best thing to the sunset was a band (that didn’t play anything other than Phish songs – a fail in my book) that had a dog on stage. Seeing this chillaxin’ canine melted any animosity I held against the entire species due to those yapping yoga puppies.

Dog Me

Can I have your dog? Please?

Watching sunsets and admiring dogs can leave one famished, so naturally you must cram your face full of swimsuit busting food.

Bikini Mania

Working on my bikini body.

Then have a nightcap (or three) at the World’s Smallest Bar.

World's Smallest Bar

Seriously. That tiny.

And because even in flip-flops my feet ache after walking 10 too many steps, I jumped at the first chance I could to cruise in the most gorgeous cab I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Pink Taxi

Can you drive me back to Nashville?

You know you’ve had a fabulous trip when this is how you feel about returning to ‘real’ life…

Vacay Over

Why do vacations have to end?

If anyone is looking for a sidekick for their next beach getaway, holla at me!Β  I’m an expert at drinking in the sun…







24 thoughts on “Key West Clicks

  1. Looks like you had a great vacation, apart from the yappy dogs. That pink cab was just made for you. πŸ™‚ Do I spy some delicious onion rings in that food pic? πŸ˜›

    • Oh yes, yes you do spy some delicious onion rings in the food pic. So delicious that I inhaled them in about 8 seconds! I really wanted to drive the pink cab home but since I couldn’t, I guess I’ll just have to go back to Key West for another ride!

  2. markbialczak says:

    Key West! And I was envious of you for living in Nashville to begin with, CBXB!

    Somebody (meaning you) should have spoke up at the yoga session like this: “Hey, dog owners, your noisy darlings are ruining the session for the rest of us.” I am old enough to say something like that and feel great about it.

    And, finally, here’s a phone call to a friend from the World’s Tiniest Bar in my imagination:

    You to whomever: “Don’t bother coming, the place is empty. Wait, don’t bother coming, the place is full!”

    • That’s exactly how a phone call conversation would have gone from the World’s Tiniest Bar! There were three stools and I had to turn sideways to get to the bar.

      I wish I would have said something to the dog owners but I was trying to be all ‘zen’ and relaxed…but instead all I did was get worked up and seethe.

      Lesson learned!

  3. WOW! FUN VACA!!!!! In total agreement about the pesky cocktail adorning fruit. Impressive tour de force of KW! I will keep you on speed dial for beach time! πŸ™‚

  4. We so love Key West! Smallest Bar is one of my fav spots! We stayed at Southernmost on the Beach and had an awesome room. Sloppy Joes is another great spot! Love!

  5. Man, I should definitely add Key West to my Florida bucket list before I move somewhere else anywhere else in the world. You should have told me you were in my state. You could have swung by Orlando on your way home and we could have done Disney!

  6. John says:

    Glad you had fun in spite of.the damn dogs. Did that sign say NO dogs on the beach? You should have contacted management. Welcome back to reality!

  7. JMC813 says:

    Look like fun was had to the extreme. And if you were trying to make me hungry for some awesome vacay grub, well…….Mission Accomplished. LOL. And Dogs in a stroller? Give me a F-ing break. Leash em or leave them in the room. They are not purse dogs Paris and Kim!!!! Jeezus H Christ!!!!! Did they have on cute little sailor suits too? Only thing I hate worse than yippy dogs is yippy dogs in people clothes. HELLOOOO they have fur. This is not to say ya can’t put an uptight cat in a Halloween costume from time to time. That’s just FUNNY!!! Okay friend. My rant is over. I think I need a vacation. A few more months and Tahoe here I come. Thanks for sharing the Antics CBXB.

    • Hey! I’m glad you clarified that it was OK that an uptight cat in a Halloween costume is funny, not annoying! πŸ™‚
      And I actually couldn’t agree more on the stupid clothes folks put on their pups. Although these two yappers weren’t dressed to the nines, they did have on matching bandanas….

  8. CoCo says:

    I’m so glad you were able to get away for a little vaycay! It looked soo relaxing and fabulous! What I’d do for a cocktail on a beach right now πŸ™‚

  9. kellisamson says:

    Is this where you went last year? Lucky!

  10. You are a world class drinker, one of the reasons why I heart you so much!

  11. SerachShiro says:

    Wow you had a great time there, you are so lucky, and these pups in the stroller, that I think was so hilarious to find out…………hahaha ! It must be great fun there and with some good drinks and some sun it have to be wonderful πŸ™‚ !

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