Who Let the Super Fan on Stage?

Oh the sentences muttered around yours truly.

Asshat alert!

Asshat alert!

Living in Nashville, chances to see fabulous live music always present themselves. This past Friday Willie Nelson, along with Alison Krauss and Union Station played at The Woods at Fontanel.


The Woods concert prep on a gorgeous Tennessee day.

It’s Nashville’s only amphitheater and a pretty kick ass venue.



Arriving just as the sun set, I was immediately put in my place among the riff raff at the venue. While I wasn’t important enough to be a Big Deal, I was above being a Groupie and found myself among the Blue Collar folks.

Blue Collar all the way.

Blue Collar all the way.

While settling in to hear Willie croon my fave song “Crazy,” (did you know Mr. Nelson wrote Patsy Cline’s biggest hit?) I was enjoying the crisp spring weather along with a Skinny Pirate. Typically at live shows, I’m on my way to losing my shit the second the first note creeps out of the speakers but at the start of Willie, I was uncharacteristically calm.

Cool kid concert attire.

Cool kid concert attire.

Calm that is, until my eyes spotted a t-shirt that I needed and somehow sweet talked its male owner out of (he went to his car with his girlfriend, mind you, to get another shirt).


How would my life have been complete without this top?

As the evening wore on, I found myself falling in love with Willie’s unmistakable 81-year-old (yes – 81!) voice and when the encore was complete, I found myself not wanting the evening to end.

Ask and you shall receive.

One of my buddies asked if I was coming up on stage as they loaded out equipment.

Which way to the party?

Who, me? The stage? RUN!

I almost ran right into the Big Deal trailer park (due to the twinkling camper lights calling my name)…

Big Deal hangout.

If you’re behind the barricade, you’re a Big Deal.

…but was kindly strong armed directed to the stage.


I belong here. On stage. Duh.

Holy Shit!

Now who’s the big deal?

Being that I work in the music business, it’s never cool to show any emotion while experiencing anything out of the norm. So there I was on stage in a stolen Shotgun Willie shirt, a plastic concert bag of swag and my mouth hanging wide open.

Jewels not tools.

Co-workers ignoring my fanatic ass.

Asshat alert!

Who wants to claim this fool?

Luckily for me, my buddies decided to throw me a bone but not before one of them uttered…

“Who let the super fan on stage?”


Dork sandwich.

You can always count on me to make you look cool.



31 thoughts on “Who Let the Super Fan on Stage?

  1. I was at the venue two years ago and I wanted to shoot myself by the time I got out. Getting out of that place took over an hour, I was going nuts. I’m pretty sure I was talking in tongues in the car.

    • Oh I feel your pain, Girl. Which is why I stuck around in my Shotgun Willie t-shirt, acting like a dumb ass as they struck the stage! There is no good way in or out of that place for mass traffic. Awful!

  2. SerachShiro says:

    You were lucky to go that Woods concert and it must have been a very beautiful event ! How great of that guy to (give) you that shotgun t-shirt, yes you can always try 🙂 ! Love the two photos of you where one of them you are smiling with your mouth wide open and the other with an expression of your eyes just a little bit (fun) dangerous………….great concert time you’ve had girl 🙂 🙂 !

  3. I’m still jealous after seeing the Instagram pic of your storming the stage. I saw Willie for the first time last year. Amazing. Just simply amazing. One of the greats, and I’m pleased to see him in concert.

    Another great performer that I had the opportunity to see: Ray Charles.

  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    You got a stranger to give you the shirt off his back– while his girlfriend looked on? I feel like I should rub you for good luck or something.

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