Weekend Winks – Double the Trouble

Memorial Day fun in Nashville included a visit from the Iowa twins, our version of camping, a little swimming and all kinds of fun.

About to scream for their ice cream.

About to scream for their ice cream.

Upon announcing my niece and nephew’s arrival, His Royal Highness Ted decided he’d camp out in his Juicy Couture Pussy Palace the entire three-day weekend.

I'm find here, thanks.

Glamping at its finest.

When the twins rolled in on their first trip to Nashville, we did everything that 72 hours could handle…


Sitting back and enjoying the trip.

Starting off with a dip in Gpa’s newly installed swimming pool that took four hours to blow up.


Classy swimming.

I snuck in an arm workout coordinating all of the bubbles for Princess B.


Bubble mania.

Of course we took a break every other hour for snacks and beverages.

Snack time

Gold fish and apple juice are now my faves.

Princess B played dress up in her newly acquired sequin jacket and stolen fedora from her bro (she thinks she looks better in it).

Dress Up

Sequin lover in the making!

Happy hour consisted of cocktails and cartoons.

Happy Hour

Happiest hour of the weekend.

Cocktail time also called for Prince B to hand feed me crackers off of the floor with his grubby little paws.

Hand fed

I could get used to this.

Taking after his auntie, Prince B got down with double fisting apple juice.

Double Fister

One just won’t cut it.

All of the sugar consumption led to some snugglin’ at the supper table.


A close cuddle for the chance at an earring yank.

What three-day weekend would be complete without a bit of yard work? We told Princess B she was in a parade, so she wouldn’t think she was doing an actual chore.


Fake mowing at .0935 mph.

A little baking left the babies ready to rest for their long trip back to Iowa.

Chefs in the kitchen

Emeril and Betty Crocker rockin’ in the kitchen.

When I came back to my mini manse and filled Ted in on the weekend shenanigans, he could barely keep his head up.

Tired out Ted.

Worn out by twin stories.

In my short absence hanging with twins, a neighborhood bird decided to start her family in a plant on our porch.


Three’s a crowd.

Now I just need to keep my nosy duo out-of-the-way for the birdies to fly the coop.


Anxiously awaiting a hatching…

Here’s hoping your short work week is off to a fabulous start!







28 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Double the Trouble

  1. SerachShiro says:

    You had to be so happy to have them there !! How gorgeous and natural beauties they are, so sweet and Ted in one of the last photos…………hahaha ! Take care about these little birdies, you can’t fight against animal feelings (Tedstairs & NC) 🙂 🙂 !

    • The birdies are still in their eggs – surely they’ll be hatching shortly! The twins are just the cutest little things I’ve ever laid eyes on and I can’t stop bragging about them – as you can see!

  2. st sahm says:

    Blue’s Clues and booze. Perfect.

  3. Hmmm the twins make me feel old :). Perfect fun weekend with the family!

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