Weekend Winks – Puss ‘n’ Boots

Nashville shenanigans this past weekend included patio party fun, pool time and a little boot scootin’ boogie downtown.


It’s the weekend, let’s drink!

Setting the festive mood in celebration of the much anticipated weekend, the patio party lights came on as soon as I walked through my mini manse door Friday evening.

Party time!

Lights, cocktails, action!

But even with the combination of music, spirits and conversation, there was nothing that could keep Teddy’s head up.


Pooped pussy.

I took Mr. Bear’s cue for a low-key evening and rested up because there was some honky tonkin’ to do on Saturday.


Bright lights in Music City.

Robert’s Western World awaited our rowdy bunch as we tried to strong-arm our way to the front row to see my fave band on Lower Broad – The Don Kelly Band (seriously the best band gaining all kinds of momentum with their 19-year-old guitar player who kicks all kinds of ass. Yes, I want to be his cougar. Meow).

The Don Kelly Band

My cougar cub Daniel Donato, Don Kelly and Joe Fick.

In our entourage, my mom and I had top tiered choices of companions.

Not one...

Not one…

Not two...

Not two…

Date three..

But three hot dates.

Turns out it was a good thing all of my dates already know and love me, because I morphed into a truck driver when it came time to eat a burger basket.


Face stuffing at its finest.

Rings off.

Serious burger eating business with all jewelry off.

Eating contest. I won.

Eating off. I won.

While I was busy perusing the bottom of everyone’s baskets for morsels of leftover french fries, my dad acted like he was with the Grand Poobah of Robert’s Western World sitting front and center, as if the band was performing for a party of one.


Two beers, please. Make them PBRs.

Two beers, please. Make them PBRs and if you don’t have that, Natty Light.

Being that it’s CMA Festival time (formerly known as Fan Fair) the downtown scene was packed with folks arriving for the events starting over the weekend. One of the fans in town for festivities was a sweet red head who told me that she wanted to emulate me – especially my hair.

I want to emulate you. I want your rack.

I’ll trade my hair for her rack.

Another lively duo we ran into were from somewhere overseas with accents so thick I could only understand that they were drunk.

Australian? Scottish? English? Talk Accent to Me.

Australian? Scottish? English? Talk accent to me.

The self-appointed Mayor of Robert’s got crafty with his photo taking skills, using the reverse camera feature to snap pics of himself and my mom.

Only problem was he left out Mom.

Selfie minus mom.

The one and a half shot.

Remember Daniel, the swashbuckling young guitar virtuoso? Well, after The Don Kelly Band’s set, he came over and asked if I was on Instagram (@cowboysandcrossbones) because I look familiar.


I told him I do stalk follow him on Instagram and naturally had to capture the moment of recognition with a photo.

Who me?

The cougar and the cub.

On our way to the car, we couldn’t help but notice all of the fashionistas hitting the streets for CMA Week.

Lovely fashion kicking off CMA Week.

Capri jeans with cowboy boots? Yeehaw.

I got a little chummy with Elvis and almost missed my ride home.

Hunka Hunka...


Upon our arrival back at my mini manse, my dad decided it would be a good idea to take wapatoolie shots.

What’s in a wapatoolie shot you ask? Anything you damn well please mixed altogether for the drinking pleasure of an unassuming shot taker.

Wapatoolie time!

My Wapatoolie ingredients!


A witch with her brew…

All cheers

…serving her finest to an unsuspecting crew…

Rest of the night blurry.

…and the rest of their night was blurry.

Smart girls like me stick to their Skinny Pirates so we can be unhungover and lay by the pool to waste Sunday away.

Got it done at the pool.

Got it done at the pool.

The love affair of Ted and New Cat continues – they’ve even taken their licking sessions to the front window for all of the neighbor’s viewing pleasure.

Head lock lovers.

Head lock lovers.

Tedstar was over me when I wouldn’t let him sit out on the porch by himself.

Pissed pussy

No porch for Teddy, no cute photo posing for me.

The felines must be monitored while lounging on the mini manse outdoor wing, as in this lovely plant…


One of my green thumbs works!

…are five eggs waiting to bust open with chicks.

Five birdies

Party of five.

All of the meows and incessant clawing at the porch door drove me to drink the last little bit of Sunday away.

Drives me to drink.

Slurpy Sunday.

And this weekend was good to the last drop.




38 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Puss ‘n’ Boots

  1. FreeUrCloset says:

    Go on girl…you are one sexy cougar…he is one lucky 19-year old ;P
    We always enjoyed reading up on your weekend shenanigans and drinking vicariously through you 😉 Even though we can still polish off a wine bottle or two on the weekend, kids slow you down, ya know? 😉

  2. You and your family are perfect for that reality show. Seriously, you guys are so much fun and I want to join… :).

  3. I have a serious daddy complex developing…

    uh, that guitarist is waaaaay young, coug’s. Make sure he takes his retainer out before smooching.

    V fun weekend – v good idea to rest up on Friday, under the twinkling lights no less.

    And do not even get me started on those fashionistas…oy!

    • If only you and Princess Rosebud could come down this week for endless posts on the fashions of the CMA Fest. I think we could produce some doozies!

      Guitarist waaaay too young – but he looks older on stage. Does that help?! Does it?!

  4. JMC813 says:

    More good times at the mini manse, Nashville, and beyond. What a weekend. Oh and that Elvis sneer you got going on is the coolest look on ya. You rock that so well. And when you disappeared to catch your ride you musta heard the announcement. “Ladies and Gentlemen, CBXB has left the building!” Awesome times friend.

  5. Drinking hard. Live honky tonk music. Bad eatin’ and pooped pussies.

    Now that’s a weekend!

  6. It is refreshing that some things never change 😉

  7. markbialczak says:

    Don’t trade hair, please, CBXB. The red-head’s nice and all, but, hey, Don’s already volunteering to come down and hang out with you and your family as is! Your on-the-rack shopping right now is good, I’m trying to say, I mean, like … er … The cub guitarist agrees, too, I think.

    Ted and New Cat are really getting along, in full view of the neighborhood. Hot damn! And your green thumb is working. Seeing my garden posts worked out for you this season, my friend.

    Great weekend for you!

  8. Jani says:

    Fun weekend!

  9. Looks like you got er done alright! Love your family. I could hang with them I think.

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