How My Pussies Party

Thrilled out of his ever loving party mind.

Partying down with my fave pussy.

Last weekend, I found myself hosting a Girl’s Night In, which boasted ladies, snacks and all kinds of cocktail consumption. While my little fur ball of a stud, Ted is quite used to a noisy group of gals (and loves all of the fawning that comes his way during such escapades), this was New Cat’s first experience trying to be a charming ringmaster.

Of course when NC went looking for advice on how to behave and what to expect during the evening, Teddy’s bitchy lips were sealed.

What's going to happen? WHAT?!

What’s going to happen? WHAT?!

Not wanting to miss any of the arrivals, New Cat acted as if his face was super glued to my front window.

Anxiously awaiting arrivals

Are they here? Are they here? Are they here?!

My feline version of Joe Cool played greeter as he sat and mauled all of the stylish ankles as soon as they walked in to our mini manse.

While Ted greeted guests as he does at every party I host. Host with the most.

A host with the most. And you bet your ass he knows it.

Shenanigans soon ensued and us girls were greasing our dry throats with much-needed shots.

Party time. Down the hatch.

Down the hatch.

Not wanting to miss a single second of the action, Mr. Bear took a seat front and center.

I demand a milk shot.

I demand a shot of milk.

He wooed all of the ladies acting as if he was just one of the girls while pretending to converse with the group.

Little pussy talk among girls.

Doling out love advice.

It got to the point where no one could get a word in edgewise, as my Baby Back Bear wouldn’t shut the fuck up…

Can't stop. Won't stop talking.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop talking.

…until we coerced him into some tequila.

Drunk kitty.

Drunk kitty is a quiet kitty.

Not giving two shits that his brother was nailing it as a ladies man, New Cat needed a snooze between cocktails one hour in to the celebration.

Catching a cat nap between cocktails.

This party hosting business is exhausting.

However, as the evening progressed Mr. Tuxedo’s second wind appeared and I found these two in a lick-a-thon in my closet.

Second wind. Lick-a-thon in my closet.

Spiffing each other up for the girls.

After I broke up the love fest, my pussies explored the festivity goods like feline versions of Lewis and Clark.



And did they ever find some treasure.

Fancies Chick-fil-a bites

New Cat tried to pilfer chicken nuggets…

Carb Cat.

…while Ted decided to go for the carbs with bean dip.

After stuffing themselves silly, passing out was inevitable.Β  But much to NC’s dismay, our boisterous group ignored his attempts to obtain beauty sleep.

Someone shut these bitches up.

Someone shut these bitches up.

Mr. Tuxedo (who isn’t the brightest pussy on the planet) went into hiding, hopeful that a curtain would grant him peace and quiet.

Getting peace and quiet behind the curtain.

Not-so-sound proof solution.

Ted tried with all of his might to keep his green eyes open while listening to the chatter head into the wee hours of the night.

Snuggling up to a frame, trying to keep his eyes open.

So my cat, not wanting to miss a minute of fun.

Of course when I briefly mentioned getting out his party hat to help keep him awake, Mr. Bear mysteriously disappeared.

Takes after his Ma, little party animal.

As you can see, the party hat thrills Ted out of his ever-loving feline mind.

Maybe my pussies don’t really want to party after all…the horror!




36 thoughts on “How My Pussies Party

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  2. Such a riot. Ted, way to go to for the bean dip! They are so amazing. You need to buy a GoPro and set up shop, catch those lil buggers on video when you’re not around.

  3. SerachShiro says:

    The doling out love advise photo it’s amazing and fun, he was really having an conversation with your friend, dear Ted πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ! LOve this post and all the photos, I suppose that TedStar and NC were thinking they were in wonderland ! πŸ™‚

    • Tedstar and NC are still coming down off of their party high! Although now I’m having to make up for being gone this past weekend! They are demanding all kinds of attention. I can’t get anything done around my mini manse!

  4. Doritos now chips and bean dip! I know what I am having tonight.

  5. To live the life of a spoiled pussy……

  6. Aussa Lorens says:

    Gah, I need a Girls Night!

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