They Call Me Captain

It’s funny how a nickname can commence.

CBXB as Captain.

The Captain.

I’m sure my parent’s hearts burst with pride knowing that I’ve obtained a substitute moniker that refers to my favorite rum, Captain Morgan.

Possible love of my life.

The spicy love of my life – other than Ted, of course.

I’m not sure the exact moment I fell head over heels for Captain but when the mix of this piquant rum and Diet Coke crossed my lips for the first time, the love of a Skinny Pirate was born and I’ve had one in hand almost ever since.

Double down

Documenting my liquid affection.

You see, Skinny Pirates are just the perfect accompaniment to any life situation…

Sneaky sneak.

Sneaky sneak time movie fun.

Keeping me cool in the pool

Keeping me cool in the sun.

Go Hawks

Cheering me through Iowa Hawkeyes game days like it’s my religion.

Holiday tradition

Creating Griswold family style traditions.

Keep you cool

Quenching my thirst after work outs.

Puts the ho in my down at country shows

Putting the ho in my down at country shows.

Fancy Captain

Following me from fancy places…

fancy place to low class spaces

…. to low class spaces.

Double fist, so don't leave out

Even when I try to cheat, Captain just can’t be beat.

Easily swallowed through a sippy cup.

Easily swallowed through a sippy cup.

Holiday helper

Skinny Pirates also help loosen the holidays up.

No hands

No hands needed to drink this libation.

Captain helps me sparkle

And my Captain keeps me sparkling on every occassion.

Good time Captain

There when I celebrate small life successes.


An inspiration for making Mani Mondays a bit excessive.

Selfie helper

Always keeping me company at the bar.

So what if my dream boat is a fake pirate?

So what if my main squeeze comes from a glass jar?

As you can see, my favorite libation is never far from my reach and Captain is suitable in addressing me.

The Captain

In fashion with Captain.

As my favorite pirate says, “To live, love and loot!”

You’d better cheers with me or this Captain will give you the boot.



32 thoughts on “They Call Me Captain

  1. You and the Captain make it happen. Boom.

  2. Mitzie Mee says:

    That rum is actually really tasty, but I do not drink a lot of Skinny Pirates, -when it comes to coke, I’m all in (i.e. I’m a regular, not diet, coke drinker):)

  3. st sahm says:

    Your hair is so long and glam!

  4. I used Captain Morgan Spiced Rum in my Fire Tongue Punch shenanigans….pretty tasty!! Greetings from South Africa!!

  5. You and the Captain do make a very handsome pair. πŸ™‚

  6. Did you bedazzle the Captain?
    Love the sparkly French mani by the by. Your poetic license is far from expired my friend!!

  7. markbialczak says:

    No pirates were injured in the making of this blog post. πŸ™‚

  8. Got a little Captain in ya?

  9. MrJohnson says:

    Lots of great moments and there’s still so much you need to do together. Maybe some Captain on top of your pancakes or a replacement for soya sauce.

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