Only in A-mani-ca

Being that subtlety isn’t my strong suit, I had to up the gaudy ante by splish splashing my love of America with a patriotic mani for the Fourth of July.

Sparkle AND shine.

Sparkle AND shine.

To achieve this look, I followed a base coat with Orly’s Star Spangled (fitting, yes?).  After allowing the two coats of red to dry a few minutes, I applied Aruba Blue by Essie on the tips of my nails.  With a quick swipe of Silver Plated by Salon Perfect (which I purchased at the Dollar Tree and can’t find a website to link here – probably because of where I bought it…) in between the red and blue hues followed by one brush of Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat, my patriotic mani was complete.

Surely Uncle Sam's choice of polish this time of year.

Surely Uncle Sam’s choice of polish this time of year.

Be careful with the backyard fireworks this weekend friends! Don’t worry about me as I’ll be sitting back and admiring my mani work, watching someone else light the wicks and run for their life.

I mean, where else can I unabashedly tell others that my nails are “jewels, not tools”?

Only in A-mani-ca.



39 thoughts on “Only in A-mani-ca

  1. Fabulous Mani! I Love it!! It’s perfect for the Fourth!!! And – of course – admiring while NOT doing anything to chip them!!!!

  2. markbialczak says:

    Put the right Melissa song in your band’s set list and it can be red, white and blues, CBXB. Just thinking promo material here. Always working for you, I am.

  3. Those look damn good. You could open up shop.

  4. Gorgeous! Out of curiosity because it seems to be the thing with half of my friends these days…. Have you tried Jamberry?

  5. Oh, these are magnificent. I wish you lived closer. I’d come to you for my manis. 🙂

  6. FreeUrCloset says:

    Fabulous! I have to try out the Seche Vite dry coat…heard it’s the best stuff! xoxo

  7. Your talons are ridiculously gorgeous and now completely surpass the patriotic bar!!!!!! Bravo blonde awesomeness!

  8. JMC813 says:

    Now I have the chorus from “West Side Story’s” America dancing through my head with on major overhaul. It is now A-MANI-ca!!!!!
    Thanks for that CBXB. Oh well. God Bless America, and God bless you friend.

  9. Tracy says:

    How pretty! I just chopped all my fingernails off, makes it easier for me to weed in the flower beds. Can’t stand dirt under the nails!!

  10. John says:

    Looking awesome!!

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