Weekend Winks – No Name Band

A gray and rainy Nashville weekend gave me all kinds of time to explore my newest hobby…being back in a band.

I'm baaaack.

I’m baaaack.

I auditioned a few weeks ago for a cover band that will perform in the surrounding Nashville area and I got the gig. Kicking the weekend off with a rehearsal didn’t suck.

The must-haves.

Rehearsal must haves – a Skinny Pirate, plenty of water and lyric cheat sheets.

Pretty pedals

A pedal board must contain many colors of the rainbow. OK, not really but you know I think so.

Being that your worlds revolve around CBXB, I’m sure you’re dying to know the name of my cover band. And I’m also sure you’re not shocked when I convey that we have no name. My creative juices have obviously been stunted because I still own a pussy that has unimaginatively been named New Cat.

What should we call the band?

My main squeeze Teddy advocated us using the name Ted and I very gently told him there was already a movie with that title (and then he demanded to know why in the hell he wasn’t the star).

Coming up with a band name that isn’t cheesy, ridiculous or already used is pretty damn hard. Being that I’m blonde, thinking is already a challenge so this present dilemma called for a cocktail.

A four straw kind of week.

A four straw kind of problem.


Seriously? What should we name the band?!

While I was guzzling braincells away, my Iowa twins were sipping on their milk concoctions like it was nobody’s business.

Chillin' with sippies.

Chillin’ with sippies.

My niece and nephew were extremely busy being spoiled to death by my folks, who were up visiting the twins over the weekend.


And they call him Cray Cray.

Being that my dad was not blessed with male offspring of his own, he takes every chance he can to bond with little Prince B…right down to dressing like twins.

Show me the way.

Pretty sure little DeVito wins the cuteness prize among this set of twins.

Sunday morning, Tedstar and I discussed my brunch attire on the porch of our mini manse.


TB obviously gives all kinds of shit about what I wear.

I settled for the subtly of sequins before noon, naturally.

Sequins and Sunday brunch

Sequins and Sunday brunch

Keeping in form with my understated style I also wore lipstick when lunging off brunch through the local park.

Lipstick and Lunges

Lipstick and Lunges.

My friend @lilicoffin had her precious Mr. S come out on Twitter and give Ted and New Cat a purr from afar.

Ted and New Cat's new friend Mr. S.

Mr. S is clearly appalled by New Cat’s lack of a real name.

New Cat assured me he's fine with his moniker by mauling my neck the remainder of the weekend.

NC assured me he’s fine with his moniker by mauling my neck the remainder of the weekend.

Of course after loving on the tuxedo cat for more than a few moments, I had some explaining to do with my other overly demanding pussy.

Only have eyes on this prize.

Only have eyes for this prize.

I’m clearly creating my very own fireworks this holiday week…



42 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – No Name Band

  1. SerachShiro says:

    OOh I like it so much that you are in a band, do you also have put something in YouTube so I can hear your music ? What about to call the band and Iowa-Twins or Pink-Princes or SkinnyPinkPirate ! ? πŸ™‚ By the way how sweet is that lovely Mr. S !

    • I like the way you think with band names! We still have no name…maybe we will be the Skinny Pink Pirates?! Once we play some shows and if I can get some good footage, I’ll post to YouTube! Mr. S is so stinking cute!

      • SerachShiro says:

        Thanks I would love to see your band ! Yes he’s so stinking adorable πŸ™‚ ! Have a beautiful evening and a big hug πŸ™‚ !

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    Woohoo! How exciting. Any hints about the playlist? Love the twins, and am not surprised your folks spoil them. Btw, I think it is subtlety, or is the the spelling this side of the pond?

    • Playlist is ranging from The Kinks, JET, Bruno Mars, Queen to name a few. Basically we’re trying to play fun party/bar songs. And THANK YOU for the spelling correction! It is the same here as on your side of the pond. I loathe making grammatical errors – much appreciated!

  3. Rock star status unequivocally yours forever! 2 groupies in the mini-manse, 2 in Iowa, dang gurrrrrl you clearly need both the t-shirts and the YouTube! And obviously reversecommuter will be buying the VIP tkts for a long awaited meet & greet (w open bar, natch!)

  4. JMC813 says:

    Okay so much to say. Nice of Tedstar to offer up his name, but there is a certain Motor City Madman that may want to keep the Ted thing to himself. Mr Nugent of course. And with your new 4th of July nails, they have “cat scratch fever” written all over em!! LOL.
    Now to name a band is difficult. Altho, reread your photo captions. Howzabout “Chillin with the Sippies?” LMAO. Seriously tho, What kind of music are you covering, and what are a few songs from the set list? that may lead you in the right direction. I would be more than happy to throw a few names in the ring if you’ll let me. You are also more than welcome to light the fuses and throw them right back at me if they suck.
    Keep Rockin CBXB

    • I have a feeling Ted Nugent would roast my Ted up if we tried to use the name for a band….

      We’re doing covers from The Kinks to Bruno Mars to Linda Ronstadt. Mostly a rock-ish tinged sound but trying to hit a wide audience, as we’ll be playing mostly in bars/weddings/events, not frat parties. I would love any suggestions! I mean, there is always New Band…..

      • JMC813 says:

        The Kinks I will sign off on. I can even get behind the Ronstadt stuff. We’ll just pretend I didn’t hear the Bruno Mars thing cuz I know you have to do contemporary stuff that everybody knows so I am gonna let it slide. I wish you nothing but success.
        New Band……LOL. You crack me up

      • Now, now, I know you don’t like Bruno but his songs are catchy so thanks for letting me off the hook! And we’re only doing one song per artist, so your ears wouldn’t bleed if you saw a show. Just sayin’!

      • JMC813 says:

        Oh don’t worry. I was just teasin. I have no problem with a set list comprised of a variety of different artists. Whether I listen to them or not. Musicianship is more important to me than genre. Just cuz I don’t listen to it doesn’t mean it is not good. I am however, disillusioned and disappointed in the overall lack of musicianship in the music biz today. So I must applaud you for doing music the way it was intended. Played LIVE!!!!! I love that. No hiding behind technology. Just go out, plug in, play out, and leave them wanting more. That rocks CBXB. I am stoked for you.

      • The more we converse, the more I realize we’re kindred spirits! I loathe bands/artists that don’t play live. And I refuse to ever record any song that I can’t repeat during a live performance. Musicianship is completely lacking in the biz today, which is why we’re only doing a handful of tunes from the current decade!

      • JMC813 says:

        I am so glad to hear you say that. While there are still a few contemporary artist’s who are willing to forego protools and auto tune in the studio to create actual music, they are a dying breed. It is so cool to see so many of the bands I grew up on still playing live and refusing to compromise. We are indeed Kindred Spirits. Musical Soul Mates so to speak. I wish the kids today could be exposed to music the way we were. Being a musician opened SO many doors for me. I am a metal head thru and thru, but in the pursuit of personal mastery of the guitar (NEVER HAPPENED BTW LOL) it opened my eyes, ears, and brain to EVERYTHING from classical and jazz, to the heaviest of the heavy music. I am so appreciative of those opportunities to expand my musical horizons.

      • JMC813 says:

        BTW, Just happened to notice in another comment that you are covering a QUEEN track? OMG which one might I ask? You singing lead vocals and brave enough to cover the vocal mastery of one Freddie Mercury? Much RESPECT CBXB. SO much respect.

      • Oh hells yeah we’re doing Queen! And while I may hang my head in despair upon performing well below Freddie Mercury levels, we’re either doing “Fat Bottom Girls” or “We Are the Champions” at this point. Which do you think? Or is there a better Queen song to cover?

      • JMC813 says:

        Definitely “Fat Bottom Girls”. But being from Nashville I think you may be missing the obvious. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” seems like the perfect fit. A little less straightforward Queen with a very Elvis groove to it. A good choice for those wedding gigs too.

      • Ooooh! Nice suggestion! Adding it to our playlist for sure.

  5. Now you’re singing in a band? Your sexiness just shot up even more!

  6. markbialczak says:

    You did not ask, but I will offer band name suggestions. Without hearing the sound. Or knowing the genre. But I do know you, who pretty recently told me you did not like to hear the sound of your own voice (and now you’re singing a band, say what, my confuzeledom?!).


    New Band. Sizzle Reel. Schwarzer and DeVito. The Iowa Twinsies. My Dad and Nephew Wear Purple. Go Lunge in a Park. Have You Ever Met a Skinny Pirate. I Was Blonde Before You Were. My Ted’s a Cat. Rainbow Pedals.

    There are 10.

    No charge. What, you get what you pay for, huh? πŸ™‚

    Have fun with rehearsals. I can’t wait to hear clip, CBXB!

  7. I agree about the youtube channel, its so easy to set up!

  8. You really look the part with all that bling., but just be careful not to open your mouth too wide and swallow the microphone. πŸ˜€ Cute pics of your dad and little DeVito.

  9. I know, you need to upload some videos! You need a YouTube channel.

  10. John says:

    Can we hear you singing? Love the kitties!!

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