Being Known as the Fun One…

Being known as the ‘fun one’ just might be the death of me.

Hang on.

All laughs and games until you can’t feel your crotch.

While I was visiting my Miami Mini Me and her fam over the Fourth of July, we took their boat out and about. What I thought was going to be an afternoon full of watching the kids with water toys, instead turned into yours truly being a full participant.

Coaxed by cute faces (and a little begging) and with the gracefulness of an elephant, I hoisted myself up onto the Aquaglide (which does anything but glide) while blind as a bat without my prescription sunglasses.

All smiles at first, not knowing what was to come...

All a blur of smiles from my point-of-view.

I plopped my ample derriere in between MMM and her brother, (my ex-Mini Boyfriend as he used to be in love with me but has grown up *sigh* and is into peeps his own age. How appropriate).


If I hold my hands up like this, will they act as a spoiler for the float?

As we started at the slowest rate possible, I was thinking this ride wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Hee hee. Faster!

That all you got Driver?

Settling in, thinking this was smooth sailing, I heard my MMM shout “FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!”

Wait, seirously? You want to go faster?

Wait, seriously? You want to go faster? SHUT UP!

Being that my ass is the size of the Grand Canyon, I was able to hunker down, keeping us on the water.


Me and my mad ass skills.

But then came the water to the face. More specifically, to the eyes not protected by my prescription sunnies.



As you can see, the beautiful lake water is the color of fluorescent moss and slightly stung when hitting my eyeballs. I couldn’t remove my arms that were strategically placed around each kid, therefore unable to shield my face (more importantly mouth) from the lake liquid.

Doesn't taste well, either.

The water tastes as good as it looks.

After being further blinded by the lake as it crept into my eyes and unable to take deep breaths due my soggy lungs, we started to lean.  Not wanting the Aquaglide to win, I hung on for dear life. That is, until I realized my ex-MB was underneath my rear end and I feared smothering him to death.

Descent into the green lake. DO you think the lochness lives in here?

Look closely for the tiny feet under my not-so-tiny hiney.


Bracing myself to do a water cartwheel, while not knocking either kid in the noggin.

Inevitable capsize

Inevitable capsize.

The first thing I did after gulping down even more of the lake like it was a gigantic Skinny Pirate, I looked around for both kids, immediately realizing it didn’t matter because I can’t see a damn thing without my glasses on. Then I thankfully felt MMM grab my shoulder and she assured me that my ex-MB was near the boat being picked up.


As I was wondering how I could possibly climb the ladder up to the boat due to the lack of feeling below my waist, MMM oh-so-sweetly asked me to ride with her again.

Oh sure, I'll stay on and do it again.

Oh sure, I’m fun! Let’s do it again. KILL ME NOW.

And away we went….



Thankfully most of the bruising has faded away from my backside. And more thankfully, my folks already have grandkids, as I’m not sure anything will ever be the same below my belly button.

But at least I’m known as the ‘fun one’.




35 thoughts on “Being Known as the Fun One…

  1. KERSPLASH!!!!!!!!!!! That was one freakin’ fun capsizing great trip! Forever and a day you are the fun one!!!!!

  2. You’re definitely a good sport. But I can’t help wondering, Who are these people, anyhow? Are you going to inherit lots of money from them? (Just kidding… love is better than money, trust me on this!)

  3. Kaufmans Kavalkade says:

    The fun one. Just another nickname. Haha. Rock on.

  4. JMC813 says:

    As long as I have been following your wacky adventures there has never been any doubt you are always the fun one. Where’s the fun in lack of risk taking right? That is what keeps us young friend. And “if you don’t end up getting hurt once in a while your not trying hard enough. If you get hurt all the time you’re not doing it right.” (I use that phrase for my bicycling and crashing) If you don’t crash your bike once in a while you aren’t riding hard enough etc……….. See I am just a big kid too. It is a great way to stay out of trouble, stay young, and still get to play with toys. LOL. Keep Rockin CBXB.

    • You crashing a bike is WAY different than my ass getting bruised by nasty lake water! While being fun does involve risk, it’s always well worth it, isn’t it?! Aren’t you going to Tahoe soon?

      • JMC813 says:

        Fun is usually worth the risk. I have a few more “weighing the options” moments as I get older, but still find myself pulling the trigger on the fun gun more often than not. LOL. Don’t ya love my way with analogies?

        And YES!!! I just have one more week to struggle through at work and it is OFF to Tahoe!!! Good on you for remembering. Be well and have a great weekend CBXB. Rock On

  5. markbialczak says:

    The price you pay to be the fun one, CBXB. Good God that water is an awful color. Sort of looks like the bruise on blonde’s butt!

  6. You are so funny, you in the lake and me not surfing, we would make a great team and both blind as bats for sure. I actually wore swimming goggles over my contacts but refused to let tugboat man take a pic of me–I think he actually never wanted to be reminded of what I looked like. NOT sexy. Not. at. all. lol

  7. Jolene says:

    Omg you are a lot braver than me…..were you sore the next day?

  8. Tracy says:

    OMG – you are brave!

  9. Hey, don’t worry about the lake water. I’m sure Captain Jack is the proper prescription to cure that. As for your bottom..sorry can’t help you there. :0

  10. omg! you’re a trooper!

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