Weekend Winks – Summertime Blues

Summer sniffles and sneezes found their way into CBXB’s mini manse this weekend…

1,402,734th sneeze of Friday night.

1,402,734th achoo of Friday night.

Thinking that I was going to beat the snot out of a cold before it got the best of me, I turned to my old friend, vino.

A little whine for the whiny.

A glass of wine a day keeps summer colds at bay. Right?


It turns out that gigantic glasses of wine do not thwart off watery eyes, itchy, drippy noses or soothe your vocal chords that now sound like you’ve been smoking cigarettes since gracing the world with your presence.

Crusty face

Rising but not shining.

Ted and New Cat were so concerned with my minor condition that they laid on the porch all day long.

I. don't. care.

Oh you don’t feel well? We don’t give a rat’s ass.

Leaving my empathetic felines behind, I tried jogging the cold away. Until I started up the first hill of the course and turned into what felt like a two ton puppy with the drippiest nose in all of Nashville.

Panting like a two ton puppy in the Tennessee heat. Made my nose run more. Runny nose running

Runny run.

While attempting to chase my summertime blues away, the twins were mauling my mom who is always hands on when she visits Iowa.

Twin wrangler.

Twin wrangler.

Prince B received his first hair cut with the bribe of a sucker.

Getting the hair did with the bribe of a sucker.

A little sucker for sweets.

Being that Prince B not only got to visit a stylist first AND got candy, Princess B went shopping and got a haul that makes Auntie CBXB’s heart pitter patter.

Little CBXB in the making

Skulls, cats and studs? A little CBXB in the making, my friends!

Wallowing in my whiny self-pity, Ted stonewalled me when I asked him to pay me some kindness.

Shut the fuck up.

Again with this sickness nonsense? Shut the fuck up.

I turned to a cinnamon shot Saturday night, hoping to ease my scratchy throat.

Grandpa's cough syrup

Grandpa’s cough syrup on double time.

Even Cameron Diaz couldn’t believe I braved the polar vortex with my cold to see her new film, Sex Tape (wait and rent at home).


The lengths I go to for entertainment…

Knocking myself out cold with medicine, I was sure Sunday would greet me with a little healthier fun.

Can't stop. Won't stop.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

When I realized the sneezes were here to stay, I braved sweating it out at the pool.

Sweating it out at the pool

Just what the doctor ordered…sunshine and a bloody mary.

Unable to keep my eyes open and fearful of passing out, resembling a drooling beached whale at the pool, I retreated back to the mini manse where I was finally given deserving bedside manner.

Sniffles snuggled away.

Snuggling the sniffles away.

Proving that Nurse Ted is the cure for my summertime blues.






31 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Summertime Blues

  1. vudragovich says:

    Hey, hey hey, Mr Ted and New Kat were hanging on the patio so they would not get sick and you then having the added responsibility of taking care of them! Their aloofness was actually a blessing for you (think like a kat, not a sick human servant of the feline Gods that grace us with their presence…WOW! egotistical fuzz balls!)
    If you have a fervor, drink a WHOLE bottle of Southern Comfort, it has enough sugar to burn it out of you…you just will never again be able to stand the sight of it.
    Hope you keep Puffs w Aloe handy for your nose!

    • Thanks for the Southern Comfort advice! Will be taking you up on it tonight after work – and since it’s not my fave liquor, I don’t care if I never want to see it again!
      You’re right about the cats keeping their distance to deter them from getting sick. They’re so smart! And obviously, so are you, my friend!

  2. Oh misery! That pic of Ted shows that he’s all heart……..NOT. πŸ™‚ Hope you’re soon over the sneezes.

  3. Poor you! Hope you feel better SOON! I’ve heard that jager is also good to heal what ails ya. xx

  4. Jolene says:

    I hope you feel better soon!!!
    Ohhh….and word has gotten out amongst the neighborhood cats that I’m a sucker for cute furry four legged kitties. Another one popped up yesterday. …but I know where it lives, I whispered to the cute little ball that it can visit but can’t take up residence. There’s no more room!!

  5. I swear I don’t get sick because the citrus in the bud light line keeps me strong! Come, come to the dark side, darlin’ Bwahahahahahahaha!! Wait, ignore the laughter part.

    Hope you’re back up on your feet!

  6. markbialczak says:

    Take two Skinny Pirates and call me any time you want, CBXB! I hope you feel better achoo the cold away and gone …

  7. Email says:

    Hope your are feeling bette

    Sent from my iPad


  8. JMC813 says:

    Bummer summer colds are a pain. But like summer storms they usually pass through quickly. Hope your home remedies already have you feeling better CBXB. It seems that Ted and NC both have their PhD’s in “Don’t give a shit” LOL. Get well so you can keep Rockin friend.

    • Oh you must have pets that went to the same university as Ted and New Cat! You’re right – summer colds pass quickly, as I’m feeling much better today, thanks!

      • JMC813 says:

        Not at the moment, but it feels like I have had pets that dropped out of that same university because well……..they just didn’t give a shit. LOL. The dogs were all okay, but the very few cats that have strolled through were definitely University dropouts for sure.
        Glad you are feeling better CBXB. Take care

  9. 1EarthUnited says:

    Feel better soon, Ted cares! πŸ™‚

  10. VivBlogs says:

    Good thing cats can’t catch kid’s colds and kids can’t catch cat’s colds. Feel better soon.

  11. kellisamson says:

    Get well soon, sparkly lady!

  12. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  13. I’m so sorry you’ve been feelin bad, hope today is a better day.

  14. SerachShiro says:

    I hope that now you will feeling better and what a bad weekend it was for you ! I can imagine that you wanted to try all methods for healing and the best was ( I think) the sleeping one πŸ™‚ !

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