Weekend Winks – Regally Southern Style

My lingering cold from last week turned into a fever, aches and a sore throat accompanied by a lovely cough that sounds as if I’ve been smoking since birth (and I don’t smoke). Missing the tail end of the work week, I slept about 40 of the 48 hours in my absence from my job.

Luckily, I had a feline tag team that took turns keeping me company on the couch, while insisting I flip from time to time alleviating the appearance of any bed sores.

I'm sick of this shit.

Ted, waaaay over this caretaker shit.

Whiska kisses

New Cat relishing his new role.

But by the start of the weekend, both decided they’d had enough.

NO thanks.

You’re still sick? Sucks to be you.

Turns out my insane adoration of cats is being passed down to my niece, Princess B. She’s never found far away from her new little stuffed love.

Cray Cray Cat lady in the making.

Cray cray cat lady in the making.

Princess B is so enamored with cats that she’s taught herself how to lick a peppermint like a feline.

Can even lick a peppermint like a kitty.

Auntie CBXB’s heart bursts with pride.

Meanwhile her stud of a twin, Prince B, is able to blow kisses with not one but two hands.

Double fisting kisses.

Double fisting kisses.

I know, I know, we have baby geniuses in our family.

While running a quick errand I came across an old summertime standard – a lemonade stand that simply begged for me to make a purchase.

Summertime staple

With proceeds going to charity, how could I resist two glasses?

What do you do when life hands you lemonade?

Add moonshine, naturally.

Add white whiskey of course!

Just what the doctor ordered.

With a little help from my ‘shine, I traipsed up to the pool in my Tory flops on Sunday.

Me and my Torys soaking up the sun.

Me and Ms. Burch soaking up the sun.

Soaking up some other fumes

While also soaking up some other fumes.

As the pool people came out in droves, I was lucky enough to have this gaggle of girls sit next to me and fill my afternoon with entertainment. Turns out I have go-go Gadget hearing (because my eyesight fails me so) and heard a discussion in regard to all things baby, as one of the gals was pregnant. Being that I couldn’t tell, and the soon-to-be mama was wearing a skimpy two piece, I’m guessing she was 26 days along.

99 problems and these chicks are all of them.

Southern bathing beauties.

The topic of their non-stop, four hour conversation was baby names. When asked what the preggo lady planned to name her unborn offspring, she said,

“I want something regal or deep Southern. Or Southernly regal.”

I could hardly wait to hear what the fuck kind of name was Southern AND regal (is that even possible?).

So in between turns on this lovely camouflaged float, they shouted names back and forth the rest of the day.


Throne fit for something sorta kinda regal…

“What about Rebel? Or wait – Charlie Daniel? Shit! Noooo – what about Jack Daniel? Oh but Bentley is so pretty.”

And while they hemmed and hawed over the suggestions, one of the gals on the float hollered – “I know – TATER!” All of the talking ceased immediately which was followed by ooohs and ahhhs.  Mom could hardly wait to share the news with Baby Daddy (not boyfriend as she kept correctly every gal pal who suggested such a travesty).

Can’t wait to see baby Tater at the pool next summer.

Exhausted from eavesdropping and laying in chlorine all day, I took my ass back to the mini manse where I finally had an appetite again. So I made the most unhealthiest of salads possible.

Not the healthiest salad.

Blue cheese, turkey bacon, eggs and tomatoes…not the skinniest salad ever.

The weekend drew to a close as New Cat staked his claim in the not at all highly sought after brown paper sack bed.

Lay on it...

Is there anything more soft and cozy than coarse paper?

Wanting nothing to do with non-comfortable beds, Ted snoozed on the couch as I tried to squeeze in behind him.

Snuggled to death. Or back to health, hopefully....

You can see how concerned he is over my health.

Damn cat being all regal and Southern at the same time.






38 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Regally Southern Style

  1. I didn’t realised you smoked! And how are Tedstar and New Cat really getting along?

    • Oh no, I don’t smoke. Ever (except when I have one extremely stressful event happen ever ten years or so…). I just sounded like I had a bad smoker’s cough. I need to clarify! Tedstar and New Cat are getting along famously! I think it’s mostly due to the fact that NC knows exactly where his place is and allows Ted to remain king.

  2. YOU DO NOT SMOKE. Do you? Still love you, but you’ll be sleeping outside haha. I have bat ears too, agree it’s cos of bad eyes. I hear stuff like I have X-ray ears or something. too funny. Southern Regal is like Honey Boo Boo maybe? Did a runner (as my son said) at the blog conference. Yup, tugboat man and I ran away to Carmel and stayed in a romantic inn. That conf was not for me for MANY reasons…but if you had been there, it would have been better for sure. Feel better, girl!

  3. Tracy says:

    OMG Tater??? Sure hope this is not a serious name. Poor kid! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. markbialczak says:

    Now I know that Tater is southern regal. I’ll have to tell my golfing buddy, the kid from Ohio, nickname of Tater. Those chicks sound Whack! Glad you’re feeling better, CBXB. New Cat was pretty precious there for a moment.

    • For one slight moment in history, New Cat was extremely precious. Then he knocked my bedside lamp on my head last night and went back to being an annoying little menace! 🙂 Your friend with the nickname Tater is going to be so upset to learn that if only he was born in the south, that could have been his legal name because it’s regal here. Too bad for him!

  5. So you’re feeling a little less under the weather? Good. Kitties look adorbs, like usual. And your niece? Darling!

  6. It always sucks getting sick. At least you had some pussies to keep you compant and play nurse. I thought all the booze you drink would kill any bad germs in your hot bod!

    • I thought germs would die swift deaths due to my liquor consumption too! FAIL! My pussies thankfully kept me well entertained or I would have gone insane from boredom. You can only watch so much TV in a day, you know?

  7. The Wandering Poet says:

    Regal and Southern at the same time?

    Elizabeth Caroline Moonpie?

  8. Regal hey, what about Ted…

    Hey, hope that bad weather slipped by Nashville ok!

  9. paws2smile says:

    Awww that’s nice your felines were worried about you … for a few hours. Lol And I feel so bad for future Tater; you KNOW with a name like that it will get teased at school. Kids can be nasty sometimes!

  10. kellisamson says:

    Nothing says “regal” like Tater, man.

  11. I was watching tv tonight and this commercial came on. Teddy and and NC need this. http://www.purrfectarch.com

  12. JMC813 says:

    You shoulda just crashed the name game and suggested Ted B. as the perfect regally southern or southernly regal or whatever the F moniker. LOL

    Teddy B “Tater” insert last name here.

  13. you know that fever achy thing is the way ebola starts

  14. SerachShiro says:

    So you hadn’t such a lovely weekend but your health has already getting better and that’s the important thing ! What a strange names to give to babies but everyone have to be let free so (poor kids), Regal or Southern are quite original ! I’m so happy that Ted and NC were taking care of you………..hahaha

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