Weekend Winks – Two Times the Fun!

Being that last Friday was my two year blogging anniversary, it called for a weekend of celebrating (as I have hit a dry spell on things to celebrate….c’mon Halloween)!

Happy CBXB

Balloons courtesy of my buddy Camo.

What better way to kick of a celebratory Friday than a Skinny Pirate at my beloved Dalts?

All Captain, splash of Diet.

All Captain, splash of Diet.

Blogoversaries taste so good!

Blogoversaries taste so good!

It was also a mini celebration for Camo‘s birthday, which was over a month ago but still…

Camo's bday one month late. I just like to stretch events out.

I really like to streeetch events out.

A wake up call came bright and early for my Iowa twins, as Princess B had places to go.


Get up or I’ll sit on your head.

But she needed to get to the splash park, so a rude awakening of Prince B was appropriate.

Splash parks to get to!

Early play date!

Worth the rude awakening.

Totally worth the sudden awakening.

Being that Princess B takes after Auntie CBXB, I was headed to my mini manse’s pool on Saturday and low and behold it was empty just for me.

Private pool!

Private pool!

I settled in to enjoy the absent screaming kids, radios on either side of me (one playing pop country, the other hip hop) and dudes who try to strike up a conversation even though I am clearly reading (this is the equivalent of someone trying to speak to you on a plane when you very noticeably have earphones in).

Am I the only one?!

Am I the only one in America who hasn’t yet read this book?

As the afternoon carried on, the pool filled to the brim with fellow residents and it was time for me to make an exit for a few cocktails.  While out and about, I just happened to run into First Mate which makes me love that Nashville really is a big, small town.

Quenching my losing thirst.

Fancy seeing you here!

Sunday was filled with Iowa treats my folks brought back to me from a recent trip.

Crazy for sweet corn

Crazy for sweet corn –  six ears consumed in one sitting.

Accopmanied by my two other Iowa faves - AE french onion chip dip and their equally delicious cottage cheese. *swwon*

Accompanied by my two other Iowa faves – AE french onion chip dip and their equally delicious cottage cheese. *swoon*

Trying to unwind with my weekly magazines in the tub, I got an ass to the face.

Trying to relax in the bath.

Flicking drops of water at my noggin with every whip of his tail.

After failed attempts to shower me with my own bubble bath, New Cat tried his best version of puppy dog eyes, while sitting on my reading materials.

Seriously. get out of the tub.

Seriously. Get out of the tub.

When I finally did emerge with pruned skin, Ted assumed his evening position with me on the couch, while New Cat was still in the bathroom (he’s such a smart pussy).

Sunday night maul.

Sunday night maul.

Here’s hoping your week is off to a fabulous start!




32 thoughts on “Weekend Winks – Two Times the Fun!

  1. kellisamson says:

    How are you enjoying the book? It’s a crazy story.

  2. geetikawalia says:

    Your kiddos are super cute! 🙂
    Geetika | geetikawalia.wordpress.com

  3. FreeUrCloset says:

    Haha, partying, cocktails and junk food! Sounds like you’ve got a great start to the week! Have a fabulous one!

    XOXO Nensi & Natasha

  4. Aussa Lorens says:

    I need that t-shirt.
    And a cocktail.

    • I’ll pick you up a shirt at the Iowa gas station (because I’m classy like that) next time I’m there. What size are you? And I’m always at the ready to pour a heavy handed cocktail, girlfriend!

  5. Phil Lanoue says:

    That tail in the suds shot (stupid iPad auto correct tried to make that shit) is an instant classic!
    Looks like you had a great weekend and after reading about it I feel the need for some serious unwinding. Do I have to wait for next weekend?!?

  6. Well it was an extra day off for me yesterday, so what better way to kick off the working week than with a “skinny”

  7. Bubble bath, Gone Girl, gorgeous pool for one, skinny pirates a plenty – meeeeee oh my, quality weekend girlfriend! Uh, I need a water park like your niece & nephew’s…STAT!!!!!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Monday!

  9. Love your weekends. You love that AE dip!! Try French onion with Doritos!! So good cuz, Doritos. No pic of you cramming a fat piece of beef in your mouth? Prude.

    • There, there DOAT. I refrained from showing a pic of me cramming steak in my mouth because I will be dedicating an entire post to my unclassy eating tendencies! And yes, that AE dip is insane! I will try with Doritos the next time I get a tub – because I ate the one in the picture in about 24 minutes….

  10. markbialczak says:

    Yay for your weekend, CBXB. Splash of diet is enough for the Captain.

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