My Very Own Dick Pic


Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT ever send a dick pic. Ever.

Do not, I REPEAT DO NOT ever send a dick pic. Ever.



This not-in-the-slightest fairytale post contains a blurred out dick pic I received as a love note.


It all started with an innocent girl’s night out. My friends and I rarely get together, as everyone is busy with work, husbands and offspring (I of course, am extremely busy with my two pussies).

Ladies lovin' life!

Lovin’ life with ALee and G.

I’d recently found myself single and when our gaggle of gals ran into a group of Ohio guys at a honky tonk, my bestie G (you know, the one who almost got in a fist fight to defend my honor against an 80-year-old man) chatted up a nice fellow who had recently moved to Music City. At the end of their 82 second conversation, she turned to me giddily exclaimed, “I gave him your number!”

New Cat, New Cat your order is ready.

You bitch!

OK, so maybe I was overreacting a tad. I looked at the dude who was obviously an old frat guy (you know the look “fancy” leather flip flops, khaki shorts, golf shirt tucked in with a belt typically accompanied by swoopy bangs on foreheads – at least in the South anyway – but this guy had a shaved head) I thought it wouldn’t kill me to put my toe back in the dating pond, as dude looked normal.

And being that I’m from Iowa, I assumed we could bond over Big 10 football (even though I loathe THE Ohio State Buckeyes).  So I talked to the guy for about four entire minutes, he asked if I’d like to go to happy hour the following week and I accepted.

And soon after wished I hadn’t.

The following day I received no less than 23 texts and tried to be a good sport before turning into an extremely annoyed lady –

Nice meeting you last night! You too.

What’s for breakfast? I don’t cook.

Send me a pic! You know what I look like, I just met you last night.

What’s your last name? No Googling before our date.

Are you on Facebook? Isn’t everyone?

And on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on until I finally said (at 7:30pm) that I was going to bed.

Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, I reached out to G and my sister who both thought maybe this guy was simply nervous and overly anxious for our date in a few days.

OK, OK maybe I wouldn’t write him off – yet.

But then, I received this the following morning…

Thought you might like this.



I didn’t respond because I didn’t know what the hell to say. Who sends half naked pictures to a chick when she’s already said yes to a date?

My silence seemed to only pique his interests more.

Do you like piercings on guys?

Do you want me to pick you up at 7:30 or 8pm? (we said happy hour you stupid fuck and I might as well put my photo on a milk carton if I give you my address)

Do you have any tattoos I’ll be surprised to find?

And after forwarding everything to my sister and G, I got two similar responses:


Of course I was already in the process of excusing myself from hanging with this psycho because I was sure to be hog tied and either end up at the bottom of the Cumberland River or in one of his apartment rooms for 3.4 years before eventually gnawing through my own arm to escape.

Either way, no thanks.

Here’s how it went as I tenderly tried to turn him down…

The Break Up

Now I’m sure you’re thinking that I went easy on him as I used the word “reschedule” which I’d soon regret. But I didn’t know how much this D-Bag knew about me, having my phone number, so I went for the easing out of it approach.

Which didn’t seem to work well because this kept happening (I’ve blurred out anything associated with my job)…

photo 2

D-Bag kept sending me pictures of himself sitting at his desk, “funny” memes he’d found online and asking how I was doing. My silence was turning out not to be so golden.

The photo below came the evening that we were supposed to be meeting for drinks and I suppose it was allowing me to see just what I was missing out on.

I must say, a step up from his khaki shorts.

Oh gee, you look like 574,912 men that reside in Nashville.

photo 3

At my usual Friday night happy hour, I was laughing and showing friends what D-Bag had been sending over and over with no response from me and another photo popped up.

photo 4


He thought I might like this?!

photo 3

My initial reaction:



As the entire bar turned to look at our table because yours truly couldn’t stop screaming, “DID HE REALLY JUST SEND THAT? DID HE REALLY JUST SEND THAT? DID HE REALLY JUST SEND THAT??”

I happened to be sitting next to First Mate at the time – much to her arm’s dismay as I almost ripped it off upon seeing the penis of a complete stranger with whom I’d had a four (FOUR!) minute conversation.

Hold me. Hold me with your good arm.

Hold me. Hold me with your good arm.

I’m pretty sure I single-handedly polished off a bottle of Jager before stumbling home to pass out in the comforting paws of Ted.

Down the hatch

Please be a mind eraser. Please.

When someone doesn’t respond to your naked picture you’d think that would be the biggest hint of all time, like a neon sign blinking “STOP TEXTING ME YOU CRAZY ASS CLOWN” but it turns out this douche really wanted to get together.

photo 5

When he didn’t stop, I was going insane trying not to respond. Naturally, I was discussing this with everyone from work friends to girlfriends to my family. We couldn’t decide if going to the police would make him angry (or crazier) and if I responded, it would most likely egg him on.

He didn't stop.

Stop the madness!

I thought of sending a pic of me with runaway bride eyes (remember that Georgia lady and her eyes?!) and one of Camo’s menacing guns, D-Bag might piss himself and leave me alone.

Crazy bitch with a gun.

Crazy bitch with a gun. Look out.

But I refrained. I sat on my hands and D-Bag’s messages kept coming with no replies from this chick.


By this point, he’d been texting to no one for over a month and I was beyond pissed off.


You don’t fuck with an Iowa girl.

Don't mess with a girl who's been corn fed.

Nope. Don’t do it.

You don’t fuck with a crazy cat lady.

Image 6

Seriously. Don’t even think about it.

And you most certainly don’t fuck with a picture happy blogger who will be sure everyone knows that you, a gigantic D-Bag, work at the new downtown Nashville Omni hotel where you started as a Project Manager from Ohio but are now permanently residing in Music City.

There also may or may not be flyers up of him in all of his glory at the hotel.

Image 3

Bloggers mean business.

Sorry you if you can’t erase the images above from your mind.

But I just had to share because as D-Bag said…

I thought you might like it.







58 thoughts on “My Very Own Dick Pic

  1. Oof.. What a loser!

    I know this is trivial, but based on the shadow it’s casting on his leg, he might deserve a secon- nahhhhhh

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Lol, great material for a wacky post. He’s certainly not playing hard to get… really someone’s got to tell the poor sod, that is not the way to win a girl’s heart. BTW, he shaves his head b/c he’s BALD, no judgement just an observation. 🙂

  3. Gary Lum says:

    What an idiot. Take care. Stay safe.

  4. Holy crap get out the eye bleach!

    Is it any wonder why this douchenozzle was single? Block his number if you can. He sounds like a real creeper.

    Good thing you bailed on that date. You might still be chained in his basement!

  5. Jolene says:

    Did you notice he shaved his hair (on his head) for you? Haha …..yeah that’s what I NOTICED haha

    The guy obviously is crying out for attention. …..seriously why do guys think it’s ok to send pics like that? And most of all ask for a pic in return.

    Back in my single days a guy texted me “what are u wearing send me a pic”….so I took a pic of how I looked. Pjs…messy hair and a facial mud mask.

    • You know what, I’m taking your cue and sending a ‘real’ picture (mask, wet hair, PJs, two cats on lap) of myself the next time I’m asked. Brilliant idea!

      I noticed the shaved head thing too! To be perfectly honest he’d shaved most of his bod to make objects appear larger than they actually are!

      I have zero clue why guys think women would like/prefer a dick pic. What really baffles me is we already had a date planned for the same week! Just glad I found out before it was too late!

  6. Does he live on his own with his mother and is his surname Bates?

  7. Oh my lord, lol! Well, he became the subject of your blog post, ultimate payback. However, I wouldn’t worry about him being the Craiglist killer. It’s much more likely he’s in politics!

  8. Tracy says:

    Are you fricking kdding me – this guy is psycho!!! Who in the hell sends a nude photo of himself when you haven’t even been on the first date!!! I don’t care if you have been on MANY dates, you don’t send nudies in a text – this guy has some real issues. RUN, don’t walk from this dude and I would have to tell him straight out he was VERY inappropriate and you no longer wish to go out with him. He crossed a huge line!! Ok, done ranting here, I am just in shock!!!

    • Yeah, he was a total douche bag psycho! The scariest part of all is that he seemed so casual about it, which to me meant that he’d done this type of thing before. I ran as fast as I could and haven’t responded to any of his texts since I broke off the date. I’m VERY happy this happened before I met him though, as I worry about what might have took place, had we met up for that cocktail!

  9. markbialczak says:

    Dickhead got what he deserved from you CBXB. But please be careful. Idiots like that could be out for revenge. That bar you met should be off your list forever. It’s obvious the dude has no shame. Or conscience. Or judgment. Or friends. Bad combination.

    • 100% agree with you. Haven’t been to the bar since our meeting and I waited almost a year to post about him, as I wasn’t sure if he’d ever see. But it really pissed me off, so I wanted to (hopefully) get the last word!

      • markbialczak says:

        I can imagine how steamed you still are. I’m pissed off about it! Damn clown gives us men a bad name. I’m glad you got your word in against him. That steady stream of texts went beyond needy to scary.

      • Yeah, at first it was comical. But when he didn’t stop after I completely cut off communication…it got weird after a month. No run-ins with him though, so coast is clear!

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